Investigator from Haiti

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hola Familia,

Well it was great talking to everyone. Everybody is looking good!! I can't wait to be back celebrating Christmas with all you guys!! Well there ain't much to talk about since we said it all yesterday!!! Love you guys, talk to you next Monday!!

Elder Chambers

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey Familia!

How is everybody doing this week?? It is getting pretty close to Christmas now, is everybody excited?? I would bet so! Is the Christmas tree up and everything? Did you end up putting lights up this year or no? That is good to hear that Dad is about done with the car now, hopefully it will get pretty good gas mileage.

Yeah so we had a few problems this past week. Kayd's tooth was killing him this week, we didn't get to work as hard as we usually do. But he had an appointment on Friday and the Dentist took the pain away, he has to have his surgery this coming Wednesday, but he is doing a lot better now. We also didn't have time to make it out to Zacualpan this past week so no baptisms this week! Sad! But we talked with them today. They came out to Tulancingo and we went to Pachuca with them. 4 years ago the government took their kids away from them for some reason or other, but we are helping them get them back. They should have them back by June. But we told them that this Thursday is the day! They are going to come to Tulancingo to get married, have their baptismal interview and get baptized! We won't be baptizing in the pond but it doesn't matter to me, I'm just happy for them that they are gonna get baptized.

Elder Falslev and I had a pretty crazy experience this week with a little old lady!! We went to this house Sunday morning to take some investigators to Church and we knocked on their door and out came this old lady. She asked what church we were from and then started on her rant. She told us to take our lies elsewhere and to stop fooling her neighbors!! (About 10 families live behind every door) Obviously we laughed and refused to leave the sidewalk. She finally went back in and we knocked again for our investigators. Then she came back but this time with a broom stick handle in her hand. She said get out of here or I'll hit y’all! Oh man I couldn't believe my eyes. I would have liked to see that old lady try to hit me but we left without putting up much of a fight haha! Our investigators never made it to church, which was a little sad. We will have to figure somethin’ out about that!

Everything should be good for skype with the info that you guys sent me. Next week I'll send you a phone number in case it doesn't work. We will be talking to you guys in the afternoon. Our Church gets over at 1 and we will probably be baptizing after so I will let you know next week what time would be best.

Tomorrow we are going as a mission to the Temple. That should be pretty good to do after not going for awhile. I think I will probably be getting the packages tomorrow too. We'll see if I can wait till Christmas to open it up. haha That's funny that Dillon went over to our house to watch the game! How is he doing. I haven't heard from him in a while.

I think that's everything new going on. Hopefully I have more exciting news next week! Love you guys! Gotta run!

Elder Chambers

Pics next week for sure!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hola Familia,

Well it has been another great week here in Tulancingo. Elder Falslev and I are receiving lots of blessings. Every day we see miracles together. Our Zone baptizes 11 this last week, leading the mission. We are happy to be out here, there are a lot of good missionaries here in the zone. Did I tell you that Elder Garcia is a District Leader here in our Zone?

Well to answer all the questions. That pond were we took the picture, yes, it is where we baptize in Veracruz. We have went out there once a week since I got here. Really only one couple is progressing. They are really excited, they should be able to get married and baptized this coming week. Yesterday they made the long trip again and came all the way here for Church. Every other week they come here and the other weeks they have their own little service in this barn thing out there.

We also were able to baptize Omar. Sorry I forgot my camera today so you'll have to wait for pics, but it went really good. I baptized him, he was really happy!! The water heater wasn't working tho so the water was freezin cold! But it still was a good baptism. One of the most miracle baptisms that I've had in my mission!!

How is everything going with skype? Are you guys going to have it for Christmas? I hope so, I'm not really sure how it all works. I did get that calendar last year. It was pretty cool, I remember getting it and thinking that I would never finish it, but now look here we are in December already.

That's good that you all had a good time at the ward Christmas party! Did Santa look any fatter this year or has he lost weight haha. That's funny that Lacey got a ticket!! I remember when I got my ticket!! Dad got so mad at me!! hahaha I was careful only to speed where there was no cops after that!! haha.

It's gotten hotter here. Sometimes my face gets sunburnt still, but they are saying that it is going to get colder in Dec and Jan. How is everybody in the family doing? I haven't heard much from anyone. Oh and bad news about the Solis Family. I guess the Dad left them. He has been gone for a few weeks now. I don't know how they are going to live. The wife has a job but doesn't get paid very good. I hope the Bishop will help them out. The wife and the kids are now really strong in the Gospel, I know that they will be blessed. The hermana Angeles called me on Saturday and I was able to talk to all of them. It was good to talk to them again.

Well that is all for this week! I love you guys! Thanks for the emails!

Elder Chambers

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello Fam! November 28, 2011

Everything is great out here in Tulancingo. My comp and I are getting along pretty good hahaha. Thanksgiving sounded amazing! I wish that I would have been there to celebrate with you guys!! Falslev and me were thinking of buying some green beanz, cream corn, mashed potatoes, and Turkey at the Waldos here for Christmas. We didn't get much of a Thanksgiving, we went to the city for the meeting with President but we ate a normal lunch. The only Thanksgiving thing that we got was some pumpkin pie that President bought us.

The work is going great. Saturday we were able to baptize Angi, she was really really happy. We also went out to Zacualpan again this week, we are teaching a couple out there that is ending a divorce so that they can get married. We are hoping to be out there in the pond baptizing the 11th of Dec. This week me and Falslev were a little sad cuz we didn't have many investigators in Church. But a true miracle showed up to church. His name is Omar, he is the son of a member here in the ward, he is 18 years old. I guess he was out of town for like a year, and just last week got back. He never ever liked the missionaries or the church. But finally decided to read the Book of Mormon a few months ago. He found a part in 2 Nephi that really hit him. He now knows that the B of M is true and is totally ready to accept everything now. We taught him in a classroom there on Sunday and put a baptismal date for this coming Sunday. He accepted everything and is really excited for his baptism. Hopefully he will go on a mission someday.

Christmas is coming soon now. We are hoping to be in the water that day! That would be sick! You'll have to let me know how the Christmas Party goes this week, I'm sure it will be great. I hope my letter was good enough. This week it has been super super cold here, especially yesterday. I thought for sure it was going to start snowing any minute but it didn't! Man it was cold. How is the cold back home, is it horrendous yet!?

Shaun and Brad look good. How did they do with their homecomings? Duke is looking fatter!! He can't be getting overweight!! Somebody gotta walk him dangit!! haha jk. Dad's truck looks really big. He just needs some tires like mine on it to get the optimum gas mileage of 8 miles to the gallon haha. How is Kandy doing? I'm sure she's just sittin out back chillin!

Well that is all for this week!! Love you guys!! Thanks for the emails.

Elder Chambers

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hello Family,

Well this last week has been a great one. Tuesday we all went to the changes meeting and we got a big surprise!! One by one they announced the changes of all the zone leaders. And for the last zone, there were only two left, me and Falslev. So we knew we were going to be together before he announced it. But when he did announce it everybody freaked out cuz everybody knows that we are cousins.

It takes forever to get to our area, we are 2 and a half hours from the temple maybe a little more. It is really cool out here. On the way we passed through Pachuquilla. Ya the church that you guys found is our church. We live really close in the street carillo puerto. The ward is a little weird but their are some really cool members that are working together with us in the work.

I'm not quite sure what we are going to be doing for thanksgiving. All I want is to see the Cowboys game that comes on every year, but I won't be able to do that haha. On thursday we actually have a meeting with Pres. all the zone leaders. Maybe sister hicken will have a little thanksgiving meal made, who knows. We have to go back to Mexico for it, 2 and a half hours.

We should be baptizing this coming Saturday. A girl named Angi, she is 21 years old. She is really cool. Falslev and his comp found her from a members refrence. but she wasn't sure if she wanted to be baptized. We taught her our first day together and she started crying and said that she felt like she needs to be baptized now.

We also have a part of our area in Veracruz. It is called Zacualpan! Man I haven't ever seen a place like that. It is forever away though. We only go once a week for one day. It is another 3 hours from where we are right now. But it is the straight up Jungle. It is the prettiest place I have even seen! It is just all green green green!! Mountains and trees and everything. There are houses just in random spots of the mountains. We went there Thursday, the people are really humble it is just hard for them to go to church, because it is so far away! 3 hours! But we had two investigators from there who went on Sunday. Out there we would baptize in a little pond thing!! Hopefully we can.

Ya we should try the skype thing, there is a member here who has it who will let us borrow it. So we have
to make plans for that. That is good that Dad likes his new job. Sounds like it is cold back home. Here it is hot in the day and super chilly at nights.

I am super excited to be with Kayd we have just been laughing a bunch every day. But I am determined to have a lot of success together. I want to make this a time I will never forget! Oh and that is awesome about Jeff.

Well that is all for now! Love you guys!

Elder Chambers

Kayd says hi

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hola Familia,

Well how is everybody doing this week? Everything is good here in the mission. There's not to much new stuff going on, it seems like every week I am writin the same stuff. It has been a really good week for us here in our area. We got some sweet refrences from some members here and they are awesome. They are two ladies, one that's pretty old probably like 75ish and her daughter who is about 40. They are really excited. The older lady can hardly see but she is always excited about her baptism when we go. She just smiles and says I'm ready!! haha We are also teachin the Dad of Yatana. He is cool too. We are going to marry him and his wife this Saturday so that he can get baptized. We are also teaching the son of Jose Luis. He is 30 something years old. He can't walk though, about a year ago he was on drugs and fell from the 3rd story and really messed up his legs. He is getting better but it is a slow process, they don't have money for physical therapy, or a way to take him so he is just there in his house all day every day. But he also is excited to be baptized, we'll have to see how we can do it, because he can't stand up.

We are seeing lots of success right now, but the only bad thing is is that I won't be here to see it all happen. They told me last night that I have changes!! I won't be able to see everybody get baptized this week! Oh well. I am still pretty excited about changes! Who knows where I will end up. I hope I don't have a comp that is about to go home. It makes me start thinkin about home too. But yep tomorrow I will say goodbye to Anahuac.

What else is new? Well, I don't remember if I told you guys about the crazy scientist guy in our area. We found him when I was with Soza. He says that God revealed to him this math formula to prove that God's power is always increasing. He is really crazy!! and he's really got somethin for me. He is always calling me to explain more of his formula. Every now and then he goes to Church to explain his formula more in person. This Sunday he was there again and brought pages and pages of stuff he had been working on. I don't understand any of it hahaha. He wants me to take it all back to Utah and show the scientists there so that he can win the nobel prize hahahaha. He is going to miss me I'm sure.

How is everything back home. Sounds like it is pretty cold, it is staying pretty much the same here. It's still short sleeve weather haha. How is everything going with Dad's new job? Were there enough pictures for the Eager Elder thing? I know Kayd got his package, it arrived the same day mine did. I will keep an eye out for the packages on the way. Who knows who will be my comp when the get here. It will be an interesting day tomorrow!!

Well that is all thanks for everything, love you guys! Elder CHambers

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hola Familia,

Another week down!! And we're into November!! It doesn't surprise me much that it has already snowed back home! It looks like you guys got alot!! haha I knew it wouldn't be long before the snow hit! Everyone looks good in their costumes, especially dad haha, he is perfect for the luchas.

Yep it is already almost time for transfers again! Can you believe it, they will be the 15th of November but I'm pretty sure that I will be staying one or two more cycles here. I'm almost positive that I'll be Elder Reyes last comp. He is still doing good, but it will be hard his last cycle.

Thank you everybody in the fam wrote me this week. I would love to write everyone back personally but I won't be able to this week. Today we had a zone activity and we went to the pyramids again. We all met in the subway and from there we were going to take a bus, but the bus never passed by. So we stopped a convi that was passing by and rented it! The only problem is that the convi's only fit about ten people in them and we were 30 missionaries. We all piled in like crazies!! All thirty of us. It was crazy, we were packed in to the roof, one Elder even fainted because there was too much weight on him hahahahaha. Oh man and it took an hour to get there. But we made it! At the pyramids we had a member guide us that knows a lot of history stuff and he related it with the church. It was pretty interesting.

The work is going slow right now. We have a few possibles for this week but who knows if they will decide to do it. We are working with them. This week was the confirmations of Jose Luis and Gerardo, they are both really excited! We are thinking of calling Gerardo as our ward mission leader. Right now we don't have one and he is really cool!

I have the book of mormon ensign, just so you know. And the chex mix turned out good last time. I haven't thought of anything else that I need, just the electric shaver and that should be good. Heidi sent me jerky and it was really good! Reyes didn't seem to like it though haha.

Well that's about it for this week, I hope you enjoy the pictures that I sent!! Good luck with everything you guys have to do this week!

love, Elder Chambers

P.S. JB stinks!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hey Family,

Things here are good. It is always great when it comes Monday to read what is happening back at home and hear how every one is doing. I'm sure that it must be getting colder by now, heading into November. It is getting colder here too. This past Sunday the time changed here, so we got an extra hour of sleep. It was a lot easier to wake up. I remember last year when the time changed I still didn't know a thing of Spanish.

That is a pretty crazy story about Ethan, I think that everyone knew he would end up being AP. haha It was neat to hear about Cody and Braydon too. I'm sure they are doing a great job as well. This week my comp and I baptized two dudes. Jose Luis was finally able to give up smoking! He is a champ!! Even though his wife still doesn't want to be baptized he told us that he wanted to be baptized more than ever! His baptism was really cool. We also baptized Gerardo. He is the Dad of the family that we have been teaching. He also is amazing! We went and married him and his wife saturday so that they could be baptized. Then when we got to Church on Sunday only he was there! He said that his wife and daughter didn't want to go. But he said, but me, ya I wanna do it, that's why I'm here! So he was baptized all alone, no one was there from his family to see him, but it didn't matter to him. I know he will be blessed for having so much faith.

Every person that we baptize puts an amazing example for me. Before coming here to the mission, I didn't understand how crazy the world really is. Especially here in Mexico. The LDS Church here is something so contrary to what everyone is living here. But there are always people willing to leave behind their old lives, and start a new one in the Church! It is seriously awesome to meet so many people that want to follow God so strongly in their lives.

I ended up getting the package from the primary, I got the Eager Elder. We are having fun taking pictures with it wherever we go. I think this next Monday I will be able to send some pics to Heidi for the Primary. They also sent me some beef jerky!! It's really good, but my comp doesn't seem to like it that much! I also got a letter from Grandma Chambers the other day.

Well family I've gotta run, but invite everyone this week to read the scriptures every day without missing! Even little whit!! I know you will be blessed by doing it and recieve answers that you are looking for! Love ya Peace out!

Elder Chambers

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hola Family,

Hey everybody, how are things back home. Thanks for the emails and everything this week. Things here in the mission are going good. Once again another week has really just flown by. I can't believe that it will be halloween soon! Sounds like the spook alley thing will be awesome! The front yard is also lookin pretty spooky haha, looks like you guys still have quite a few pumpkins. What is everyone going to be for haloween?

Not much has changed here in Mexico. This week has been another quick one. My comp actually got really sick and Wednesday we couldn't even work. He had bad diarhea and a bad cold. We actually tried to go out and work that day but, my comp had a little accident in his pants hahahahahahaha. Oh man it was funny. We didn't do too well with finding new people this week but we were able to baptize a little girl named Yatana, her Mom is supposedly a member but not registered in the church, so we had to fill out a form for her and it counted as a baptism for the mission. Jose Luis had his interview but didn't pass. Turns out he has been smoking all week. He told us that he had dropped it but I guess not. So we are working with him and his wife for this week. We are also working with the family Gutierrez. They are all ready to be baptized we just have to get them married this week. The Mom has been really sick so we haven't been able to do much with them.

This week we went on divisions with the assistants. Their area is really cool, I like it alot. I went over there and we had alot of success, it was a good day. I like doing divisions because it can keep you focused, cuz sometimes with your comps you start to get lazier after a little bit of time. So ya divisons are good to keep you going!

That's good about Mitt Romney, he will probably go far this year. Hopefully he can pull it out and win it all! That would be dizope!! Who else is in the runnings, when are the elections going to be? Am I going to get to vote? Well sorry this letter is so boring but it's all I got!! Love you guys!

Elder Chambers

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hola Familia,
Hey Everybody!! How is everything back in the States!? I don't hear much news from there. Here everything is good, the time is going fast, this week I will be at 15 months. The time goes faster the harder you work. That's too bad about the calves, I thought that Yoda was actually going to sell for more, oh well. So I imagine without any animals back there the field is lookin pretty empty huh?

This week we were able to find success again. We had 8 in Church yesterday, some new peeps and some of the same. This week we should have anywhere between 2-4 baptisms. And it's looking like 3 on the 30th. This week we went to visit a family that me and soza had been teaching that never progressed because they couldn't get married. The wife had lost all her identification papers in a flood. We went and taught them and she was able to make new papers that next day. They will be able to be baptized not this Sunday but the next. They are excited and progressing really good. The Lord has kept blessing us.

We were also teaching Jose Luis and his wife again. His wife told us a pretty cool story. She said that about two weeks ago she was washing dishes and had alot on her mind. When she started to talk to God out loud asking him what she needed to do in her life. Then 30 minutes later we showed up at her door! The night before we had been praying to know where to go to work that day and we felt like we needed to go to that street. And what do you know, we were sent to answer her prayer.

We have also found another family, we are going to baptize their little girl this week. The Mom is already a member but inactive. Her and her husband also need to get married, we also have plans to marry them and baptize the Dad the first week of November.

It is so cool to be a part of such a big work. It is even better when we see miracles and start to see success. It is truly a blessing to be doing what I am doing right now in my life. Every day I strenghten my testimony that God has called me to be here in this mission and that there are people waiting just for me.

Not much else is going on here. Today we played soccer at our Church house with a few missionaries of the zone. It was alright. Then we went and ate some big burritos!! Oh how I love the burritos here. They aren't too common here in the city but I love em. My comp is from Guanajuato Mexico, he is really cool, we get along good and are working hard. He was baptized when he was 16 years old, he now has 20.

Hope you guys have a great week love ya!!

Elder Chambers

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hey everybody!! Another week down and gone here in the work. It is always so surprising to see how fast the weeks pass by. Tomorrow I will have a year in Mexico, woo! Hahaha but it feels like I have been here longer than that. Everything just feels so weirrd here in the mission! It all feels like one big dream.

So changes also have come and past and well, me and Falslev still aren't comps. I got a new zone leader, I have to show him how everything works. His name is Elder Reyes. He has been really cool so far. But he also is going home soon. He has the same time as Soza, so in December he is going home. I will probably be the one that kills him, (his last comp). I am pretty sure that I will be here until December or February.

Me and my comp worked really hard this week and we seen a lot of blessings as well. Although the baptism of Carolina didn't work out, we still had success this week. Carolina still has trouble with the whole Joseph Smith thing, so she said she needs more time. We invited her to the church again but she didn’t go. We will probably drop her. This week when me and my comp were planning we said a prayer to know exactly where to work the next day. We then picked a street and the next day went to work there. We were contacting peeps and knockin’ doors there when I seen a house where me and Soza had once went to teach an older couple. We had dropped them because the guy there couldn't stop smoking. We decided to visit them again and much too our surprise, the guy there (jose luis) had just gotten out of the hospital the day before! He had a heart problem, and now has to stop smoking. We shared a message with them and once again put a baptismal date with them for the 23rd. They are excited and progressing again. This week we also received a reference from the Bishop, it is a family of 4. The Mom and the kids are really interested and the Dad so-so. We also have put a baptismal date with them for the 23rd. The only real challenge with them will be to get them married. But we had a good day in Church, all in all we had 8 investigators there and they are all progressing for the 23rd of this month.

Well not to much else is new. Elder Garcia is training again, and got moved over by where I started my mission. Elder Falslev also got moved up to Zone Leader. He is really excited, He is in the Zone Tulancingo. Maybe some day we will end up as comps,who knows.

How is the weather back home? I'm sure it is getting colder, it is getting colder here too. Some days I have to use a sweater. I heard that there is a hurricane somewhere on the Gulf, so right now we are getting rain. It has rained the last 3 days. Let me know what happens to the cows this week! Well I gotta go! Thanks for all the emails! Love you guys!

Elder Chambers

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hey Family!!

How is everybody doing this week? I hope that everyone can get over the colds that they had. My comp has also been sick this whole week, I thought he was gonna get me sick but so far so good haha. I hope that everyone got to watch conference! It was a great one! Sunday morning was just awesome for the investigators that we had there and then the Priesthood session was also great. What a blessing it is that we have to be led by a Prophet, and listen to his voice every six months!! We went on the subway to get to conference and on the way I couldn't help notice all of the people there that didn't even have the slightest idea that in just minutes prophets and apostles of God would talk to the world. Probably even if they did know they wouldn't care. I can't believe that world these days.

It was nice to hear from all of you. I always read your letters even though I don't have time to respond to everyone. Well tomorrow is changes! I will be getting a new comp here. I am pretty excited to see who it is. There is talk that Elder Falslev is getting moved up to zone leader and that he might come with me. But who knows we will just have to wait and see tomorrow. Today I also got a call from the sister angeles the wife of the Solis Family back in Azteca. She is doing good, she called to see how I was doing. She is now secretary of the Relief Society and her daughter is President of the beehives. Her husband is still struggling but doing a little better. He has trouble getting to Church because of his job. I also talked to him. He sounded happy, hopefully he can get everything figured out to go to the temple!

I will be on the lookout for the packages that the Primary sent. It will be neat to get that and take pictures with eager Elders. I was thinking, and if you do end up sending something, there are some stuff I could use but if not don't worry. It would be nice to have my electric shaver, I'm not sure where it would be but it would be nice. Also some more socks, but the gold toes ones that are a little bit thicker, they don't seem to get holes in them. and well that's it, if you do end up sending something.

This week was a little bit harder. We didn't end up finding so many, but we did get some good references that we are going to try and visit today. The sister Karolina from last week is progressing as well. She has lots of questions every time we go but she said conference answered alot of her questions. I love conference! She told us that a few weeks before we showed up at her door she had been praying to know if her baptism was valid in the Catholic Church. Then we showed up. I don't remember if I said that last week or not. But she is progressing good, she has a baptismal date for this up coming Sunday if everything works out right.

The rain season is over here and it is starting to also get colder. Not quite as cold as back home but colder than it has been. I can't believe the summer is already gone and that winter will soon arive!! Get ready for the snow back home hahah! Sounds like the cows are doing good, I seen the video of them last week. When were you thinking of taking them in?

Well that is all the new news that I gots!! Hope you guys have a great week, love you guys!

Elder Chambers

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Family, September 26, 2011

Hey everybody what's up? It was nice to receive and read all of your emails again! Sounds like this week has been a good one back home. Things continue pretty much the same here in the big Mexico City!! This week has passed by fast! This next Tuesday the 4th is the changes meeting. Today they already told my comp that he will be training, they tell the trainers early because they have to go to a training before. So it looks like he will be moving out and I will be gettin a new comp! I'm pretty excited. I think that we needed a change to keep things interesting here. Sometimes we fall into a routine and it can be hard to get out of!

As far as the work goes, well little by little we are having more success. This week we had divisions and the Elder that I went with really needed some help, so I worked really super hard with him so that he could see how to really work. I was trying to help him see that the Lord really will lead us to the people that are waiting for the Gospel. We didn't have many appointments that day and I felt bad for that. But the next day we went to an appointment that we had put and we found a really good family, well a mom and her two kids. The kids are eight and three years old. The Mom about a year ago separated from the Dad because he had drinking problems, and now is struggling financially. She seems excited to be learning about the Gospel, she was especially wondering if she needed to baptize her three year old. But we helped her understand a little more about baptism. She went to Church with us and seems to be excited.

And well as for Gregorio, things went south with him. Last week we explained Tithing (the last thing that we had to teach him). He explained that he could not pay a tithing because he earned too little. We tried explaining to him that he needed to trust a little more in the Lord and that all would be good. Then the next time we went to visit him he was like a totally different person. He shut his heart to us and to the Gospel. He said that he didn't want us to go back and that he wouldn't be going to Church anymore. It was hard to hear it but there was nothing that we could do. There is an opposition in all things and if we don't learn how to rise above it, we will not accomplish anything in this life or the one to come. We were so close with Gregorio but he has his agency and we gotta respect that.

Also I heard that I will be getting another Grandson, Elder Garcia is going to train again! He is really excited. I haven't heard much of Navarro, the last time I talked to his District Leader he told me he had problems. Hopefully he will be able to get his act together! haha That's awesome that you guys got to go and see Mason. I knew that he would do a great job. How is he adjusting to normal life? When I talked to him on the phone he didn't really seem to have an accent. Have you heard much from Dillon? What is he up to these days?

Well just to answer your questions. I haven't got the letter from Steph yet, I got one from Grandma Chambers the other day. Havent heard from Kenz in a long while! and I honestly don't need anything for Christmas, I am doing just great. Might as well just save your money haha. Well I gotta run, nice talkin to you guys, love ya!

Elder Chambers

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hola Familia, September 19, 2011

Hey everybody what's up? Already another week done and gone! It has been a pretty good week here in Mexico. This week it was the Independence Day of Mexico, it got a little bit crazy haha. Well actually it wasn't too bad, just a lot of people got drunk and the next day everybody was on hangovers haha. There were so many fireworks! But not the cool fireworks, just ones that make noise. But they really make noise!! They set off car alarms when they go off! It sounds like a bomb!

This week has been another regular week here. We have been out contacting all day every day just praying to find people to teach, and not just people to teach but people that are really ready to progress in the Gospel. Lately we have seen many blessings from the Lord. We were able to baptize Alma. She got really nervous before her baptism and started to cry. We gave her a blessing and she felt alot better. The baptism went great. We had a priest here in the ward baptize her. Her whole family also went to Church to see her, maybe that is what they needed to get activated again. The brother Gregorio is also progressing great! He is excited about the Gospel! He is 69 years old, oh man every time I talk to this guy he just makes me super happy! He is really funny even though he doesn't try! The pic with the guy on the steps is him. And also on Sunday Julio came back to church, that is the guy with the dreads. We had dropped him but he came back on his own. We are going to meet with him this week and see what's up.

That is awesome that you got two of the calves in to the auction. How much smaller are the other two? I think that from the two we made pretty good! The Cowboys game also sounds awesome! I wish that I would have seen! It's about time that Romo takes charge like that! Hopefully they can keep it up this year without injuries. How is Dez Bryant doing?

I can't believe that Mason will be home this week!! It kind of makes me homesick to think about it. But don't worry I'll keep going strong here. Changes are in two weeks, the 4th of October. We are pretty much sure that my comp will be having changes. I think that it will be good to get a new comp and see what we can do here.

What else? What else is new? That's hilarious that Kelly loaded up in the middle of the night from the camp hahahaha stinkin Kelly!! How is the whole family doin? Chambers and Spackman? I haven't heard much from anybody. Well be sure to let me know how Mason's farewell goes on Sunday! I gotta run, Love you guys!!

Elder Chambers!

Monday, September 12, 2011

What's up Family!!

Hey everybody!! I'm writin a little late but it's not because I had a nap! We had a zone activity, it was all really stressful to plan and stuff but in the end everything turned out good. Sounds like everyone had a great week!! That's good to hear! When I hear that everyone is doing good back home it really helps me to stay focused here in the mission! I can't believe that you guys still have the calves, it's getting a little late I think.

Things are pickin up here in Anahuac. We are teaching right now a 14 year old girl named Alma. Her Grandparents are inactive members, supposedly she is in trouble with her parents so they sent her to live here. She actually showed up to church the first time all alone and looked for us. We went and taught her and I asked her to be baptized. But much to my surprise she gave us a solid no. hahaha but we felt that we should keep going with her. She had some forgiveness issues to work out with her family and friends. That was two weeks ago, then Thursday, when I reminded her about her baptism and how she felt, she said well you want the truth? I don't want to wait longer I want to be baptized now. It was really cool to see her conversion, she has a strong testimony. She was going to be baptized yesterday, but of course there has to be opposition in all things and her Grandpa told her to wait a week because he wasn't going to make it to Church yesterday. So looks like it will wait till this coming Sunday.

We also found a guy that was a little bit drunk and we told him to stop drinking and we took all his coffee away from him. We didn't think he was going to progress very well seeing that he was drunk and all. But what do you know, Sunday he showed up, normal as can be. He said that he hasn't drank since we left and coffee, well, we took it all so he couldn't drink that either. We will be working more with him this week to prepare him for a baptism as well.

That is cool that you guys could see that Aggie Game! Sounds like they are finally good this year!! And what happened to the Cowboys!!! They are really letting me down! haha That's also cool that you stayed at the Sharp's Cabin! They are so stinkin rich!! I helped a tracy a little bit putting in their yard and it was just crazy how big that cabin was!! It also has a great view! Did you guys end up going down to the beach at all??

Too answer your questions, no our apartment doesn't have carpet. Carpet is really rare here, it is usually all vinyl or tile. And if it is carpet it is really really thin and crappy. So far we haven't well I haven't gotten robbed at all! Knock on wood! haha I'm sure it will probably happen but I'd defiantly say it was more dangerous up where Tyler was in Chihuahua. The area where we are right now is pretty calm. The only thing that really bugs me is the stinking fireworks that they light off at night, it's just like super fire crackers and they are really loud and annoying!! I can't stand them!! I got the recipes but haven't made the cookies, I'm just too lazy and we usually don't have time to cook much.

Well I think that's about all for this week!! I love all you guys!! Have a great week!!

Elder Chambers

P.S. odis hair rules!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hola Familia Hey everybody!! Thanks for the pictures and emails!! Looks like everyone is doing great! I seriously cannot believe how fat odis looks!!!! My comp said he looks like a cow! Hahaha! All the kids look a lot bigger too, I'm sure that when I get back it I won't harldy recognize anyone!

Well one more week gone here in the mission! Haha and no we do not have Labor Day here, haha just P-Day. It seems like we do the same thing every P-Day. Clean the house, then play a sport or somethin, take a nap, then write you guys, then it's off to work at about 6. Today we went and played basketball with the assistants and Falslev. It was pretty fun, Kayd is probably the best basketball player here in the mission. It was fun. I also heard a rumor going around that me and Kayd could be comps soon. Hopefully that one is true haha it would be really cool.

That's too bad about Chip, but I think it will be better without him haha. He never did like me!! You guys should have sent him to the Tongans!! Or at least to Saifolois family haha Saifoloi said that horse is really good. I haven't tried horse here but I've tried a few weird things! One being pig feet soup!! Oh ya tasty haha.

Yesterday it started raining like crazy here!! It went on for a few hours, we finally ended up going home because it was just crazy. Then we noticed that it was gonna flood haha! We started moving everything up to the second floor the water was going up really fast. I guess the drainage systems here suck. They get filled up fast and then all the water just stays. We got some buckets and started taking the water away from our door, it was about to go in but after all it didn't end up getting into our house. After the rain we went with a member to eat. He came and picked us up in his car and we drove to his house. The streets everywhere were crazy, it was above the sidewalk in some places just right inside the houses. Today we seen a newspaper headline and in some places the water got chest high! We were lucky that it wasn't that bad haha.

The work is still going slow, we are trying a few things to change that. When the work gets slow I start to focus a little more in my personal studies. I am about halfway through the Book of Mormon in Spanish, and finishing up 2 Samuel in the old testament. We learn a lot everyday here in the mission. I had heard something about Moroni going down with a fight haha but I don't remember where.

That's great that Dad is keepin Kandy runnin!! She's got to be in top form for when I get back haha. That truck is the best!! Well I gotta run. But I hope that everyone has a great Labor Day!! Talk to you next week!! Love ya

Elder Chambers

Monday, August 29, 2011

What's up Family???

Hey Family, how is everything going this week? The weeks sure are passing by!! I can't believe that this week September is already going to start. This week has been another normal week here in the mission not much new to tell everyone. It sounds pretty normal back home as well.

Well we were going to have a baptism yesterday, but Julio didn't come to Church so who knows what is going on with him right now. This week we were able to find various new investigators but for some reason or another not many made it to church on Sunday. I am really trying to find ways to love my area but it gets harder and harder as we continue to not have success. But I know that there is something to learn here in Anahuac. In fact almost all the mission is really struggling right now, I don't know what is up.

This week we were able to teach this 93 year old lady named Juana. She is really funny! She forgets stuff after about five minutes, I think we have told her that her baptismal date will be the 11th but she never remembers haha. When we ask her and she doesn't remember she hits herself in the head haha. She is a really nice old lady, but when we went to pick her up for Church she wasn't there.

My comp is going home in December. I can see that everyday he starts thinking more and more about home haha it kind of makes me start thinkin too, but I still have quite awhile to go. We're pretty sure that we will have changes this next cycle, hopefully I don't have a comp that will be going home soon.

The weather here is good. I think it still reaches up to about 80 degrees here, it rains about every evening but not as hard as it used to. I'm pretty sure that in the next months it will be around 70ish and sunny everyday. Haha The weather is actually really nice here in Mexico.

Well be sure to keep me updated on everything new going on back home. Haha I can't believe Kelly broke his hand golfing hahaha! But I gotta run! Love you guys!! Peace!

Elder Chambers

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hola Familia,

Well how is everyone doing this week!? I hope that all is well. Everything here is going good and normal nothing too exciting has happened.

To answer all of the questions that you guys had, well the guy with the dreads is going to wait until this Sunday to get baptized, and no he doesn't have to cut his hair haha. Rocio stopped progressing, we couldn't get ahold of her any more, maybe we will try to visit in a few weeks. Tomorrow is changes meeting!! I love the changes meeting! Everything just goes crazy! But me and my comp don't have changes, we will be together another six weeks. I heard that Elder Castro is going to go up as Zone Leader.

On Saturday we got to go and enter into the Temple. Elder Soza had a convert that went through. It was really cool! It's been quite a while since I entered the Temple last. The last time was December! It really helped me get focused again, the Temple is just awesome! Hopefully I will be going again this next year with my own converts.

This week me and my comp had a dog come after us haha. We entered into this neighborhood thing to go to lunch, and down by this alley way we saw this Pitbull sittin on the corner. Well it was sitting in between some cars. So we tried to pass it to get to lunch but it seen us and before we new it, it was busting around the car to get us. Haha me and my comp got pretty scared haha we started to run and I almost pushed Elder Soza over haha. But then the chain caught and it couldn't come after us any more haha. I'm glad that it had that stinkin chain!

What new has happened at home. Have you sold the cows yet, or is there any news on them? How is Lacey doing? I heard about her little fiasco haha! I'm glad that everything is good now! Dad also told me about the Cowboys, I guess preseason has already started! How is the team looking this year? Hopefully they can do a little better than last year. I can't believe that football is already starting again, school is also about to start! That is crazy! Lacey will be a Junior right? and Whitney is in what grade? Oh man everyone will be alot older when I get back.

Well that is all for this week. Love all you guys! Peace out!

Elder Chambers

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey everybody, hope that everyone has had a great week!! Everything is sounding great back at home. I seen the videos that you guys sent me, everything is looking really stinkin green back home!! That is something that I miss a bit, everything here is concrete haha. But it's all good.

Things here are going good, the days pass by fast. Every day at 6 we wake up and do exercise, then when we get back at night we do a little bit too. We are thinking of buying a gym pass and going every morning to do good exercise. I'm slowly gettin back into shape haha. There is no way I'm comin home a gordito!

This week was mas o menos here in the work. We worked hard and everything but couldn't find to much people. The guy with the dreads is sick! He is really excited about the Church, he will probably get baptized this Sunday or the next. We also found a lady named Rocio this week, she told us that she would like to go to Church so Sunday we passed by her house in a taxi and she was outside ready waiting for us. She also looks like she is going to progress. That's all we really have right now, all the others that weren't progressing we had to drop. Sometimes it's hard to leave the people, but we can't be wastin time with people that aren't ready to change their lives right now.

I'm sure that the campout this week will be fun, be sure to tell everyone hi for me. I remember the last time that you guys told me you were going on the Chambers campout I was still in the MTC. This past year has went really fast. The cows have also really grown, you'll have to let me know when you sell them and how much they go for.

Oh and if you guys can tell Grandma Chambers that I am getting her letters, tell her thanks. And Grandma Spackman asked me when we go to the Temple. We only go on Christmas or if converts are going to enter, that's the only time we get to go in. But we are always there outside, actually tonight we are going to go there to pick up some stuff.

That's great that you guys are reading the scriptures again!! D&C has got some crazy amazing stuff in it. Sometimes I read it and it just planches me!! (Planch is like cuss you out) I don't know how to explain it that good. But it's really makes ya start thinkin that you gotta do better.

Well I hope you guys have a great week!! Thanks a bunch for the vids! They were tight! Love you guys Peace out!

Elder Chambers

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hey Fam!

Hey everybody, how's everything? Things here are same ole and ole! Haha how was the camp out? That is something that I will definatley want to do when I get back haha just go somewhere and relax! How is everyone in the family doing, what are you guys up to? I can't believe that it is almost back to school time again!

This week has been another fast one. Me and my comp went on divisions with the assistants on Thursday. Everything went good. Once again transfers will be here before we know it haha we have 2 weeks till transfers. I think that my comp is going to a new area, and I will be staying here in Plazas and Hacienda.

This week we struggled to get people to Church. We had quite a few lined up but not one made it on Sunday. We were trusting them to show up but it looks like we are gonna have to go pick them up on Sundays to make sure they go. But halfway through sacrament meeting a lady showed up and wanted to talk to us. She told us she was from a different ward but she has a boyfriend that lives in our area and he has been going to her ward for a few weeks. We told her to go get him and bring him. So she went and got him, haha this guy is freakin awesome. He walks into Church and he's got dreads down to his butt haha. Everyone was like, what the?? Haha But he is really cool and he likes Church, he plays in this reggae band. We are going to go and see him tomorrow.

I can't believe Tyler is already home! It seems like just last week I was there watching him open up his call and look for Chihuahua Mexico on the world map haha. I'm sure he's got some pretty cool stories.

I haven't heard anything about the people back in Pachuquilla. I imagine that they are still all going I will try to get in contact with them. Just yesterday I seen Elder Castro in the Subway. He is doing good I think that this next cycle he will get moved up to zone leader.

The mission is really different from what I thought it would be. I don't really remember what I thought it would be but I know that it's different. Haha before I thought that all missionaries were super spiritual and that they knew everything, I thought that all missionaries were perfectly obedient but I can see that that isn't true haha. It is quite the experience being here and learning what I am learning!

Well that is about it, I hope next week to be writin on Monday haha. Peace out!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hey Fam!

What's up!? How is everything in Benson!? Well now we're into August! Where did July go? It really flew by!! Sounds like everything is going great back home! What are you guys planning on doing the last weeks of Summer!? Oh and I forgot to ask, did you guys see Transformers 3? How is it?

Well this week alot of stuff happened haha. To start off, I had the best experience ever! I got to kick a rat!! hahaha So we're out contactin and the garbage truck is passin right, and then the workers all start runnin around. And I seen that they were chasin a rat. Then what do you know the freakin rat just starts comin right at me hahaha. But don't worry, I wound up and sent it flying in the other direction. Then it got up again and got hit by this lady with a broom! Haha but it still kept runnin, but then the dudes crushed it with a big rock!

Oh we also found this crazy scientist guy. I don't remember if I told you guys about him yet. He has scitzophrenia or however you spell it. But he is crazy into math! He told us that God revealed to him a formula. I guess it proves that the power of God is always expanding haha. He was explaining it to us and Me and my comp couldn't hold in the laughs haha. But I don't think that he even noticed. He gave me the formula so that I can give it to an American Scientist and win the Nobel Prize hahaha. Oh man and sometimes he calls us just to explain the formula more haha it's crazy!!

This week we also had a zone leader meeting with President, we have one every month. It was really good, President also lined up some really good food to eat. Their is this chicken stuff that is called Tinga that I just love!! But the meeting went good, every time two companionships train all the others so one time that's what I will have to do.

This week we were able to baptize Carlos. Everything went good, we are really trying to have the members baptize and confirm the people so that they can get excited about the work. We also taught a lot of lessons this week but not too many made it to Church on Sunday. It looks like it won't be for another 2 weeks till we're in the water again. We have a family that we are teachin right now but they couldn't go to Church yesterday.

Well I guess that the Solis family was having some problems back in Azteca. I guess the husband didn't want to go to church anymore. But I wrote him a letter and Falslev has been workin with him and he went to Church these last two weeks. I think everything is good now!! I'm glad Falslev is there watchin over all my converts haha.

Well, I gotta run!! Always remember that from small and little means great things are brought to pass!! The Lord has many blessings ready for you all if you guys put in your part to receive them!! Love you all!

Elder Chambers

Oh and the enchiladas here are really really different, they are eaten with chicken and a lot of salsa haha! And my church is the church that says armas, I think that the house spot is on!

and I went on divisions with Garcia again that's what the pic is. The other pic is of the zone leader meeting and the other is the baptism of Carlos.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hola Familia,

How is everyone doing?? How is it back in Utah? Now in less than a year I will be back in Utah getting back to normal life haha. The other day for P-Day we were able to watch the RM hahaha Oh man that guys life really sucked haha! I'm sure it will be quite the transition back to normal life! How is everything going, is it getting hot yet or no? Before you know it summer will be gone and you will be back into the cold.

Things here are going great still. This week we were able to keep finding alot of people to teach. On Sunday we baptized an older lady named Raquel. She is pretty cool, I didn't find her but I've been helping to teach her these last two weeks. For this Sunday coming we are going to baptize a kid who is 17 years old. He was going to get baptized this last week, but turns out that he had to have a special interview with President so we had to wait. But now he is all cleared up and ready for this Sunday. This week we were also able to find a sweet family of 5. It is a mom a dad and three kids, the oldest is 10 years old then 6 then 2 years old. Sunday was there first time at Church but they seem really excited about baptism. We are also teaching this 22 year old guy who also looks like he will get baptized in 2 weeks. We have been doing really good me and my comp, but the rest of the zone is really struggling. I don't know really what to do, we are putting an example but we can't do much else. It seems like the zone is really just dead right now and they don't have excitement for the work! We'll see what we can do this week to bring up the zone!

As for getting the boundaries of the mission and all that, well I have no idea how to get it. Maybe you can try emailing the offices here who knows. All I know is that we lost 3 zones and got 1 new one from the North mission, so the mission got a little bit smaller. But they are sending lots of new missionaries here now to make up for all that we lost. They are also opening up a lot of new areas to have somewhere for the new missionaries to go. It seems that lately they have been sending a bunch of so-so missionaries here, alot of the new ones that we just got ended up going home. Elder Castro was training one that went home.

Well we have continued here eatin a bunch of food! The members just give and give, but we are doing good exercise in the morning. I even bought me this strap thing that goes on my stomach to make it sweat more. It works really good. Hopefully we won't get too fat here. I also seen that Captain America came out, just around the corner from our house is a movie theater place. So we always are seeing what is just coming out!

Today we were able to play a little bit of soccer. My comp is pretty good too, we went and played with Garcia and some other missionaries. Well that is about all, if you care at all my favorite food is enchiladas haha. Well love you guys gotta run!! Have a great week!!

Elder Chambers

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hola Familia!!!

This Thursday looks like it will be the big half way point in the mish!! Haha pretty exciting!! How are things going back home? It looks like the cows are growing good, Napolean looks the biggest. Transfers meeting was just crazy! Everyone was just going everywhere! Elder Castro is training again, Elder Falslev got sent over to where I was with Saifoloi, and Elder Anderson went to Falslevs old area!! Gotta love transfers haha!!

Well this week has been just great!! I am out of Azteca and I am now here in the Stake Anuhuac! It is quite interesting haha it is just a few metro stations down from my last area so it isn't too different. My comp is Elder Soza, he is from Chihuahua Mexico, but he has lived a lot of his life in the states, I'm pretty sure his family lives there in Arizona. He has been here in the mission for about 18 months and speaks fluent English haha. Oh and did I tell you, I got bumped up to Zone Leader? Hahah it was quite the surprise. I am learning a buttload from my comp every day. This last week we had pretty good success and I only expect better this next week! Our zone has been kind of famous for not baptizing that much but we are here to change that! I am super excited to be here.

But I would have to say, the best thing about being a zone leader is definately the house that you get! Our house has 2 levels, it is pretty big. We also have a bunch of weights and stuff so maybe I can finally get some good excercise in. We also get a heck of a lot more money, I swear we have went out for tacos almost every night this week!! We also went one morning and had a mcdonalds breakfast haha. I'm really going to get fat if I keep this up haha. We also found a Walmart here close to the house so guess what we found!? Yep, the one and only Mountain Dew!!! We bought two twelve packs today haha. They cost alot more here because they are so rare it was like 10 bucks for the 12 pack.

This week in la obra misional we found a bunch of people to teach. We found alot of people that The Lord has been preparing to hear the Gospel. Some have economic problems, others, family problems, and others are just starting families and stuff like that. We are trying to help each one of them, depending on their situation. It is really something neat being able to work with another Elder who actually knows what he is doing. The work progresses so much faster and smoother.

Oh and I forgot to tell you guys that Elder Garcia is a District Leader in my zone, so I'll be the one that gets to cuss him out if he ain't doing his job haha. Other than that I don't really know any other of the missionaries here in the zone. Elder Navarro went out to Teotihuacan where Elder Castro was with the pyramids, Navarro became Senior Comp over some new American guy, he was pretty happy about that, maybe it will motivate him a bit.

Well I'm not really sure were the heck we live at, I still am learning the streets and everything. We have two wards under our dirrection, I really like it. It gives you two chances for investigatores to come on Sunday. But it kindof is a long time at Church haha. Well I hope that I answered all of your questions. I gotta run, we are pretty busy today doing a bunch of stuff. I love you guys and pray for you all the time!! Have a great week!

Elder Chambers

P.S. We have an oven there in the house, can you send me the recipe for chocolate chip cookies!!?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hey Everybody!!

How's things going back home!! Everything here is going great! The work is moving forward! Grandma sent me some pics of Landree and Sammy's baptisms, those were pretty cool! She also sent me a pic of a huge racoon that they killed, I always remember that game Grandpa used to play were I would sit on his lap and boom he would run over a racoon haha. I don't know if you guys remember or not.

Well our baptism this week didn't work out the Lady couldn't stop smoking in time. But she is all good now, she isn't smoking at all so this next Sunday will be her baptism. But the only thing is, is that I won't be here for it. Haha Yep, I've got changes. I still don't know where I will be going just that tomorrow I'll be somewhere new haha. I am pretty excited for it, Elder Falslev also has changes.

Well, let me start out by telling you guys about our miracle this week. So me and Saifoloi were just walkin down the street this week and a guy passed in a car and started shootin a gun..... no just kidding. The dude just passed and said Elders!! Then he pulled over and went to his trunk and said come over here. So we went over there and guess what he had!!? The Nectar!! That's right he had a full case of Mountain Dew Baby!! He pulled out two and gave them to us!! Oh man what a miracle right!! hahaha It's rare to find Mountain Dew here in Mexico but what do you know some random dude gave us some haha!!

I had to go and say goodbye to my converts yesterday, it was really hard with all of the families. They were crying. But they are all gonna stay strong they are awesome! I can't wait to find more in my next area!! I have a feeling that I'll be moved out of the city, but I've kinda been likin the city, it's just so crazy here!!

Oh and I did get the package that you sent! Thanks for all the stuff that was half gone! But I guess it fits because I'm almost halfway done Baby!! haha You guys have got to be sure to lock up Kandy! I don't want her gettin stole! So what else is new back at home!? How is the weather going? I imagine its summer time now and everyone is back to shirt and shorts right? Sounds fun. I can't believe Daniel already has his call! I didn't know he was that old! That will be a cool mission though!!

Well sorry I feel like my letters get shorter and shorter but gotta run, Love all you guys!! Keep doin what you doing!!

Elder Chambers

P.S. That's cool about the convert baptism, before my mish I don't remember seeing many.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hola Familia,

Yaaaaaa 4th of July!!!!!! Oh wait, nobody here is celebrating! Here it's just like another day. I figured that you guys would have probably went over to Uncle Robby's and had the famous hot dogs and hamburgers with the firework show after! Haha I miss all that fun stuff. Here the independence day is in September, so I'm sure it will be crazy over here. To answer the questions that you had.... The peeps in the pic with me and the cake are just some members here in the ward. And the other kid in the pic of the baptism is a kid that we baptized who was 8, it doesn't count as a baptism for us we just helped them out and baptized him.

Well it seems like every week less and less stuff happens here haha. This week was just another normal week. The family that we found ended up moving away so they aren't here anymore. We did find another family in the week, but when Sunday came around they weren't there. Right now we are working with a lady named Gloria, she is all ready for baptism she just has to drop smoking. Sometimes it is reallly frustrating working with people who just can't stop but little by little she is stopping.

That's cool that you guys got to go to a Beach Boys concert. Was it any good? And how did the campout go, out there in the field? Sounds pretty exciting! I'm sure Duke will be right there by your side the whole time! That's great that you guys are finally getting some hot weather! Here we continue with the rain, It actually isn't too bad, I just hate carrying around an umbrella. We look like Jehova's Witness peeps!! They always walk around with there stinkin umbrella! There are so many JWs here in Mexico, I would probably say there are more of them than there are Mormons. But we're tryin to change that!!

This week I got to go on divisions with the one and only Elder Solheim. It was kind of neat, his Spanish has progressed alot but it is still pretty dang bad. I don't know if he'll ever speak Spanish decent. This week we also got taken by the Bishop to a Chinese Buffet. It was pretty dang good, I love Chinese food!

Well the new mission officially started up this week. About 70 Elders from our mission got moved over. We also had some of our highest baptizing zones get moved over to the new mission too. It will be interesting how these next few weeks go without those areas! The whole mission has been struggling to baptize lately. President wants us to have a 100 baptisms a week as a mission but we are only reaching about half that. But it is really a blessing to be here were it is practically a rule to baptize every week. Even though it is a lot of pressure.

Well I gotta run but thanks for the emails and stuff you guys are great!! Have a great 4th of July!!! Peace out! Love you guys

Elder Chambers

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey everyone, what's up? How is everything going back home? Everything is going good here in Azteca, I've been here for quite a while now. I'm thinkin that I will probably have changes in 2 weeks but who knows. I heard of an Elder here that has been in his area for 9 months. I've really liked this area but I think a change would be good. You can only walk the same streets for so long.

This week was so so here in the work. We did end up baptizing Zamira. We were really thinking that it wasn't going to happen because she ran away again and didn't come back until Friday haha. But everything went good. As for our other investigators, well we don't have too many. We are really contacting alot these days, trying to find new people. The ward here isn't too much support. But Saturday we did find a really cool family but they couldn't go this last Sunday to Church, but hopefully this next they will be able to go. The lady told us that not to long ago some people kidnapped her husband and asked for a ransom. So they had to give up everything to get him back, right now they have nothing, but at least they got the guy back. They are super humble and look really prepared to hear us, we'll see what happens this week with them.

In other news, The Rain Season has come. This week it has almost rained everyday, I have been usin my raincoat and umbrella alot. But I'm not likin the rain to much cuz we just have to start knockin doors, it doesn't work very good. They say that it will stay like this until September.

Also, The United States played against Mexico in the Gold Cup Final Saturday, but they ended up losing. We ended up buying hamburgers that night and the game was playing there so I got to see the first half of the game. The U.S. scored to quick ones but Mexico then scored two. All the people thought it was neat to have two Americans there watching the game with them. Haha but then we left and the next day we heard that Mexico won 4 - 2. Oh well.

Ya, today we went to this mall thing. We went with Elder Falslev again haha, and we seen all the movies that have came out. I seen all the bilboard things for transformers, Pirates, Cars 2 and some new Jim Carrey one, something that has to do with penguins. Haha I'm sure it will be hilarious. But more than movies, I have missed music, it will be crazy to get back and hear everything that has came out in the last two years.

Well, that is all that I can think of right now. All is well here in Azteca, we'll keep working and lookin for people to teach. But gotta run. Love you guys! Peace!!!

Elder Chambers

P.S. The pic is with my new suit but it looks black in the pic, it is just a dark brown!
P.S. Tell Grandma and Heidi Happy Birthday for me. Feliz Cumplea├▒os!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hola Familia,

This week was just another week here in the mission. Not too much exciting stuff went down. This week our baptism that we had ended up falling through. The girl passed her interview and everything just fine (Elder Falslev did the interview). Then Sunday morning we got a text from her Mom saying that she never came home last night. She ended up not getting home until the afternoon. Her parents were pretty mad, I don't know what she was doing, but we talked with her and she is going to be baptized this next Sunday.

The work is coming along. Our whole zone struggled this week, I think because it was Father's Day, everyone struggled to get people to Church. We actually had a really cool lady named Lucia ready to go to the Church but she wasn't there when we went to pick her up. We'll have to see what happened with her.

The Rocky story was pretty funny, but he totally deserves it! Hahah he was always the most stuck up cat i'd ever seen! Haha I don't regret that one time me and him had it out and it ended with him being punted from the deck. hahaha! I was actually just talkin with Elder Falslev today about that story! Today for P Day we got to go to a regular sized field with grass and play soccer. It was sweet, it's super rare that we get to do that because all the big fields here cost a lot to use. All of the free ones are just dirt. But it was good to play normal again. It reminded me of high school ball a little bit.

So last Monday night I got a big surprise. I was starting up my District Class and guess who walks in, haha yep good ole Presidente Hicken! Haha I about pooed my pants I was so nervous. But the Class ended up going really good, it was about the Atonement. President actually gave some really good comments in the class.

So how did Dillon's farewell go? I'm sure it was great, I wish I could have been there to hear it. Doesn't Tyler get back in July? Man the time has went by super fast. Then mason will be getting home in August or September or something like that! How are the calves doing? What time were you guys thinkin about sellin em? I hope the price of meat skyrockets hahaha.

Well I know this is a short email but it's all I got for this week! I'm sure something exciting will happen this week and I'll let you guys know Monday. But until then, take care! Love you guys!

Elder Chambers

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hola Familia,

Well, another week down here in the mission, it is amazing how fast the time seems to go! Sundays come and go like nothin! Everything sounds great back at home. I can't believe that Riley is going to the Dominican Republic! That will be quite the experience over there. Has anyone else left for the mission lately?

During the week we had a great blessing. Last week we had an investigator that when we got done teaching her all the lessons she still didn't want to get baptized. So we stopped visiting her and everything, but this Thursday I got a call and it was her calling to tell us that this Sunday she wanted to get baptized!! It was sick! Because we weren't going to baptized this week but we had a miracle and we were able to baptize.

Right now we don't have that many investigators that are progressing but we have been able to baptize. This week we should have another baptism of a 15 year old girl, who has a sister that we baptized earlier here. I think the Gospel will really help her in her life. Some people in the ward that new her before said that she used to cut herself from depression, but she seems really happy with the changes in her life.

This week we also had a lesson with a pretty crazy dude! He used to work for the Mafia as a drug dealer here, but he said that he didn't like it but he couldn't get out. Then someone killed his boss so he took the opportunity and ran. He told us that he has a family of 5 and is out of work right now. He smokes marijuana just to feel better and he drinks alot too. He has had so many problems that now he doesn't even have faith in anything. We invited him to Church and told him to pray but I don't think the message really got to him. He will probably keep living that way for the rest of his life.

I did get a package this week. It had the DVDs and the papers about Quetzelcuatl. Thanks for the info it is pretty interesting to read. I haven't been able to try out the DVD yet but I'm sure it will be great! There is a lot of stuff there. I don't really need anything right now, if you send me batteries I think that rechargeable would be the way to go here in the mission because the ones we buy here only last about 3 days.

Today, me my comp and Elder Falslev and his comp all went to the downtown area. We mainly went to buy a few things. I really wanted a new suit, so what do you know, I bought me a suit. It was pretty cheap too. I bought it for about 65 bucks, it is dizope! It is dark brown pinstripe! I'll have to send you guys a pic next week. The only bad thing is is that I gotta buy brown shoes now to match but because the suit was cheap I still got some money to buy me some shoes. So that's what we did today, pretty exciting!

Not much else is going on, I seen in the papers in the street that Lebron lost again to the Mavs. Hahah I don't think that he will ever be able to win a title. All the other sport news that I know is that Mexico has been doing pretty good lately in soccer.

But that's all for this week, have a great week all of you! Always be obedient in everything that you do, all blessings come from obedience! Love you guys! Peace out!!

Elder Chambers

Monday, June 6, 2011


What's up Family!!? Well this week has been super super crazy, I don't know where to start! Haha that's crazy that Dillon got home, does he look any different or the same? Mason will also be gettin home just in about 4 months. Haha and Kayd just hit his year mark I think! Wow the time is going by pretty fast.

Well enough of that. On to the changes, well first off Elder Navarro now isn't my problem, he is off and out of the house haha. But guess what. His new companion is. . . Elder Garcia ahahahahaha. They are companions now, Elder Garcia also got made a new District Leader! And well I got a new companion too, and he's not Peruvian and he's not Mexican and he's not Columbian and he's not Austrailian. haha He's Hawiian! Haha yep Aloha! My new comp is named Elder Saifoloi (Sie-foe-loy). He is the bomb, he has been here in Mexico for one month haha, so he is still working on his Spanish. We talk alot of English, now I don't have my accent. Haha this week has reminded me so much of my first months here in Mexico when I didn't understand anything. The other day we were at this house and the lady asked him how much time he has been here for and he said "uh me gusta" hahahahaha. But we are workin on the Spanish. He also likes to eat! He can put it away! He is always hungry hahaha. But everything is good, he is a hard worker.

This week I also got pretty sick. My stomach felt aweful for a few days, I felt like I needed to ralph but it wouldn't come. But I'm over it now so everything's good. It hasn't been as hot here lately I think the rains will be coming soon but they haven't came yet.

But yep in our zone there are three districts. I am the District Leader of one, Elder Falslev is the other and Elder Anderson is the other. It is pretty cool, we all had a meeting the other day. They also anounced who is going to be in the south east mission. I'm pretty sure Elder Solheim is going. Me and Kayd are going to stay here in the east.

There is another hawiian in our zone in kayds district. Named Elder Pukahi and he played football for Montana haha he said that he knows Kenzie haha. We were talkin about him the other day. Elder Pukahi can also eat a ton!! We went to Burger King today and my comp and him got like 5 burgers and 5 fries hahaha!

Well we got to baptize Carlos yesterday (the 14 year old), he was pretty happy. I baptized him but my camera didn't have batteries so I don't have any pics yet of me and my comp. Maybe next Monday. But we only had one new person come to church yesterday. She is named Samira. We baptized her sister when we first got here and the other day she found us in the street and said that she has been reading the Book of Mormon and really likes it. So we went to her house and hopefully she will be baptized on the 19th. But this week we will have to really focus on finding people.

But that's all for this week! I gotta run but be sure to tell Dillon hi for me when you see him! Love you guys!!

Elder Chambers

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dear Family,

I hope everything this week has went just great. This week has been a little rough here in the mission. The girl that we were going to baptize decided to wait a little bit, but hopefully she will get baptized this next Sunday. For this next Sunday we have a 14 year old boy progressing, he is really excited. The others that we were teaching all fell through. One couple got into a big argument on whether to be Christians or Mormons and now they are in a big fight and don't want to hear anything haha. And we haven't been able to get ahold of the others. But oh well, that's the mission for ya.

As far as I know I will keep being District Leader here in Azteca, because, I don't have changes. But Elder Navarro does have changes. Tomorrow we gotta go to The Temple and I will get a new comp. But the nice thing is that this time my comp is a brand new greenie. If I had to train again I would have cryed haha. It's a lot of work. So we'll see how changes go tomorrow.

Other news, well, there hasn't been much news here. Everything looks pretty wet back home! I think it will be rain season here pretty soon, I don't know if it will be worse or better than the heat. It is so hot right now, all the people are saying that it is the hottest that it has been in years! Haha just my luck to come here in the hottest year ever haha. But what can ya do!?

The cows look good, what month do you think that you will sell them? Do you think that they are 800 pounds yet?? I don't think so. Hopefully they will sell good. I haven't heard anything about those tornados, sounds pretty crazy. We are so lucky to be guided by a prophet in these latter days. Only a Prophet of God would have led the Church to the great land of Utah. Not to much crazy stuff happens there. But they do say there is going to be a big earthquake. But that is why we have food storage. I think that we are prepared.

That is great that Mom will be keeping her job. The Lord has always blessed our family. I can't believe that Dillon will be home tomorrow! That will be awesome to see him and hear about his experiences. Be sure to tell him hi from me. The missionaries here always leave on Saturdays in the morning. A group just left haha they were always talking about what they were going to do when they got home. But that is all for this week, you guys are the best!

Love Elder Chambers

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey everybody! How has the week been? I hope everything is going fantastic there back in Benson. Things here in the mission are getting better, in the mission you will have highs and lows but for the most part, the attitude that you have affects whether you are in that high or that low.

The pics that you guys sent me are hilarious, I can't believe that you all got stuck! It must be super wet back there! But trust me! Kandy never fails!! She almost died gettin me to St. George but somehow she made it! Man I really miss driving and listening to music, but oh well, the only people who get to drive here are the secretaries and trust me, I do not want to be in the offices. Don't forget to wash Kandy good, I think Lacey would be a good volunteer to do that haha.

The work is coming along slowly. Transfers are this next Tuesday, we'll see if we are lucky haha. We are going to baptize this next Sunday but for the next we have about 6 progressing, we'll see if I'm here to see them get baptized. We didn't get to baptize Gloria, we put a date for their interviews and they didn't show up, we were just waiting and waiting. Until I called them and them daughter said her Mom was showering. I asked them if they were coming but they aren't going to baptized, you can see that they really just don't have that desire to do it. I'm sure that if we baptized them they would soon be inactives. So we are going to let them go, they didn't come to Church Sunday either. But for the most part we had success with 7 new investigatores there in Church.

This last Thursday we worked and then at 9 we went back to the house to rest. Shortly after someone knocked on our door. It was the Brother Huerta. He is a member that is super cool, we usually eat dinner and stuff with them. It is the guy that took us to the pyramids with his family. But I could tell that something was wrong. He asked to come in, and started to tell me what was up. I will never forget the words that he told me he said "Que cree Elder, tengo un buen de problemas...... mi esposa me dej├│." In English is I've got a bunch of problems.... my wife left me. He told us that he got back from work and his wife and kids had taken the furniture and were gone. I didn't know what to tell him. He was crying really hard, it was so wierd to see, a family so cool that in such short time now is ruined. He has a 15 year old son that 1 month ago left the house and has really gotten into drugs and stuff. But I never thought that his other 2 kids and his wife would leave him too. It was so sad to hear his story. We can never let anything stand in the way of the family, not work, not school, not church callings, anything! The next day he and his brother found his son and took him to this rehabilitation center. But his son didn't go willingly, he put up a good fight, when brother huerta told us the story of how they did it I was pretty surprised. His story included stealing a motorcycle and driving it, which the brother huerta never has done, being chased by the police and then having his son scream that when he got out he was going to get his gang to come and kill his dad as he was being carried into the prison place. I'm pretty sure mexico is one of the craziest places in the world!

Well that was our shocker for the week. Not much else has really happened new. The brother Delgado, who we baptized a little bit ago, him and his wife now have callings in young mens and in the young womens. They are super cool, I'm almost positive they will be goin through the Temple in a year. The other two families are really cool too. Hopefully in this next cycle I can find one more family, because after this cycle I will have a year and then I won't be here when they go through the Temple and stuff. I was able to talk with Garcia, my first son, and he is really struggling with his comp. His comp doesn't want to work and is really disobedient. But Garcia is going strong.

Mom will do great in her first classes that she has to teach. I remember that my first class that I taught as District Leader was the best one. I think because I was so worried to teach other missionaries that I prepared the class really good. I've never been a good talker or teacher but when you open your mouth the Lord really does put the words in your mind.

Well I gotta run that is all for this week! I hope everything is going great back home! Read the Scripts and say your prayers! The basics are the most important!! Love you guys!

Elder Frijolezzz.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey everybody, what's up? Not much has changed here, Mexico is still Mexico and we continue workin hard. The weather has continued to be HOT, it is just awful if we have days when we don't have appointments. We have to contact all day, it's pretty fun haha! But they say that it is time for the rain to come, for these next few months it should be rain rain rain. That should be interesting haha, my comp doesn't have a raincoat.

The next transfers are not till the 31st, I'm really hoping to have changes. My comp really frustrates me. But if we don't have changes, oh well right? He really makes the Sisters mad here, he doesn't like any of the food so he just doesn't eat it. You can tell that the members really get mad with him. I mean come on put on your big boy diapers and eat the food!

But anyways, this week has been kind of rough. We didn't really find anyone cool that went to Church. The only peolple that we have that we are teaching right now is a Mom named Gloria and her 3 kids. She is a single Mom. We are hoping to baptize all of them this Sunday, but we'll see what happens, the kids don't really like to go to Church. This Sunday an ex missionary from Utah came back to visit the ward. It was pretty cool to see him talkin with a few of his converts. It would be cool to come back one day too, when I don't have to go everywhere in a shirt and tie haha.

That is great to hear about Mom's calling, she is going to do great. Just remember that The Lord calls everyone to their calling and that it is what the Lord wants. He will help us every step of the way if we humble ourselves before him. (ether 12:27)

How is the ward doing? I forgot, what are the new boundaries now? Is the Ward bigger or smaller than it was before they changed everything up? It was no surprise to hear that Doyle quit coaching, who is the new coach, hopefully they can find somebody good to do it. That is crazy that Dillon will be home at the end of the month, it is going to be another year until I see him again haha! That's good that you could get the movie, I'm excited to get it, hopefully it didn't cost too much.

Well that is all for this week. I hope you guys have a great week and enjoy these last weeks of the school year before summer! Con mucho amor y paz - Elder Chambers

P.S. No sicknesses yet, and the pics are with the last fam. that we baptized, we went to this museum thing today