Investigator from Haiti

Monday, October 25, 2010

hola familia

This email might be a little short. We just got back from a zone activity that we were at all day and I think that we have to be back by nine but oh well.

This week has been better than the first. Tuesday we got a call and we got told that we were going on splits with the zone leaders. I was nervous, but it was a really good experience. I was with Elder Walk for a day in his area. He is from Farmington Utah. I learned alot from him and it was nice just to talk english if we wanted haha.

Well yesterday was my second Sunday here and I had to give a talk. They told us to prepare seven minutes on missionary work. It was easy haha, I made a lot of mistakes but I took ten minutes haha. With hardly any notes. It was neat to speak in a real Spanish Ward.

This week we found a family of five. They don't have a dad and the moms name is Azucena. She has a 16 year old son, 12 year old daughter, 9 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. We have had a bunch of lessons with them already this week. We found them just knocking doors one night and they invited us back. Well they came to church with us yesterday, that is a huge step because if they don't come to church and aren't willing to change we can't waste our time with them. So that was good, i think that they all liked it.

For the Zone Activity today we went to a place called Los Primas. It was cool I got a bunch of neat pics but no time to upload any this week sorry haha. It is a place with a bunch of waterfalls and paths and stuff going down the mountain side, so that you can go down to the bottom of them. We got some good zone pics with everyone standing in the waterfall!!! We were all soaked!! It was fun, we also got to play some soccer finally haha. There were a few of the Mexican Elders that were pretty good, but most of the other Americans suck and a few of the Mexican Elders stink haha. But it was fun, then we ate tacos and they were super good as well. This week has been nothing but good once again as far as food goes. Everyday after la comida i am stuffed!!

That is awesome that Kayd got his visa finally. I am excited for him to get here, and experience all that Mexico has to offer for him. As far as water goes we have a water heater, but the first few days we didn{t have gas so yes our showers were cold. I haven't seen any buckets on the roof for warm water, and i havent been in any public restrooms.

Our area is Pachuquilla but we live in a pueblo called la providencia. on the street San Angel the last house on the road. It is ok, but when i stayed with elder walk i got to see a glimpse of the life of a zone leader. There house is amazing!! I hope i get to be a zone leader some day just for the house haha.

I still don't know how long a letter takes to get here, but our first day President said that a package takes about 2 months to get here. But ya Presidents house isn't even in our mission area, their house is in the west mission so we don't see him out here in Hidalgo. But tomorrow we have interviews so we get to see him tomorrow. We see our district leader once a week and he gets the mail from the zone leaders, so who knows how long it takes.

Well I gotta go sorry so short. Have a happy halloween!!!! Next week I will get you some pictures!! Love ya Bye!!

Elder Chambers

Oh ya Elder Castro is from Guerrero Mexico (don't know if that is spelled right or not)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hola Familia!!

Mexico!!!!!!!! haha Well we made it all nice and safe to Mexico!! The computers are really hard to type on so i will probably make alot of mistakes. Well we got here and two of the older Elders were at the airport. They took us to a van and drove us to the Temple that is where our President was. My first car ride in Mexico was loco loco loco!! The traffic here is by far the craziest thing!! People just go what ever speed they want including the missionaries haha. I felt like I was in fast and the furious only in a van. People also just go through red lights if no one is coming on the other side.

Then we met President Hicken, he is super cool!! Him and his wife are awesome. They had box lunches waiting for us, I was so excited cuz I hadn't eaten all day, then i opened it up and it was a piece of bread a juice box and an apple!!! What the freak! No wonder people lose weight here.

The first night we stayed at the mission home and they ordered us pizza but it is mexican dominos it tastes just a littl e off. Then the next day they took us to a restaurant we had tacos al pastor, they are a taco kind of unique to mexico city. They were amazing!! Then we met our companions. My companion is Elder Castro. He entered the MTC the same time that I did and he is already a trainer!! He is a nice guy, he is a native and speaks spanish super freaky fast, well everyone does! Some times I can understand better than other times. But he knows some English as well so that is helping with our communication. He has to do alot of the teaching, it all is so so so much different than the MTC. Our house is actually pretty nice, it is just as big as a lot of the peoples around here. We are not in the city we are in Pachuquilla, Hidalgo. Hidalgo is still pretty big tho!!

We are having trouble finding people. Me and my comp opened up the area, It had been closed for 4 months because there weren{t enough missionaries. We do a lot of contacting, we are hoping this week we do a lot more teaching and less contacting.

We go everywhere either on foot bus or taxi. The buses sometimes are super full so you just stand in the middle and hang on haha. The stores here are really wierd in Pachuquilla. Most of them are just little tiny things with food that you would buy at a gas station. 12 pesos is a dollar and all the snacks cost about 6 pesos and the drinks too. A 1 liter thing of Sprite costs 6 pesos, 50 cents. It's pretty cheap. Most things tho aren't too much cheaper than the states. We get 1100 pesos a month or about 90 bucks haha but you don't need more than that haha. Oh and for breakfast everymorinign there is a man that comes around with a big pot on the back of a motorcycle and he shouts tamales!! tamales!! And we go out and buy from him. They cost 6 pesos each and they are pretty good they have chicken in them. And that is what we have for breakfast. For la comida, or luch we eat at members homes. So far it has been nothing but good!! And they don't stop feeding you haha. But we need it cuz breakfast and dinner are pretty much nothing. Then for dinner I usually buy Churros for 2 and a half pesos each haha! They are delicious, much better than the states!!

There are also a ton of dogs in the street. We counted one day and it was 90 something different dogs in the same little area. They aren't that ugly either like I thought they would be some are pretty cool. I try to pet them haha but some think that i am going to hit them and run away haha.

Church was pretty crazy I didn't understand much. Everyone came in late but us and a few other people then right before the sacrament a ton of people just came piling in haha. We live right by some members they are really nice they give us a lot of stuff and let us use their washing machine.

Oh ya I already have the runs hahaha. It started friday I think ha it didn{t take long!! But I bought me some pepto today so we're all good to go now haha. The other day we were walking down a street and there was three guys, I'm pretty sure they were drunk haha but one was sitting in a chair facing away from us so he didn't see that we were only like 10 feet behind him and he let out the biggest fart ever hahahaaha. He was some old mexican guy haha we were laughing so hard!!

Well sorry this is such a crazy unorganized letter but there is so much to say. The Mexico City temple is amazing! I can't wait to go inside. We get to go three times our whole mission, two for each Christmas and once when we leave. I thought that we would go alot more than that but our P-Day is on Monday and the temple is closed here on Monday.

That is crazy that the ward got split. I'm sure that Dad will get put back in there sometime soon. Poor steph and wade, they are the only ones of the fam that got split up!! I don't like the whole idea of the change, if they want more numbers do a little missionary work haha.

The flight was pretty crazy as well I forgot what it was like to fly! And when we came over Mexico City, o my gosh it is so huge!! Bigger than you could ever imagine. It was so much more legit than google earth haha.

Well I better get going, that is all for this week but I can't remember everything right this minute. I hope everything is nice and cosy back in the states!! Love you guys!!!!! ¡nos vemos!

Oh ya I forgot a couple things. We were talking with a family when they were feeding us lunch and they always give you candy for dessert. And I brought up laffy taffy how it is my favorite. No one here has had it, if you haven{t already sent a package can you send some with a bag of laffy taffy so they can try it haha. Peace out!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello brother and sister Chambers,

Your son arrived here to the mission perfectly fine and is already with his new companion and also in his new area. His p-day is on Monday. Thank you so much for your concern and we are so grateful to have your son here in the field. Have a great week.
Thank you,

Elder Lucas

Secretario de Registros

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hola Familia

VOY A MÉXICO! haha finally we get to go I thought that we would just end up serving here at the MTC. I can't wait to get there, it is going to be legit. I also can't wait for my first real taco!! I have been looking on google earth a little bit at Mexico City lately and I think they have either updated the picture or enhanced it cuz you can zoom in super far. You can see people out playing on the soccer fields. Mexico City is so big though! I think there are about 30 million people there, that means all the members of the church would only take up half of the city!! Ya that's crazy!

Ya I dunno what phone I will call on probably just the home phone, we have two don't we so at least two of you can listen at the same time, maybe hook up that old one of lacey's and there could be 3 phones. But ya I think that by the time we get through security and everything at the airport it should be around 8:30 and I should have an hour or so to call people. We are flying Delta, I dunno if that is good or bad, I just don't want my luggage to get lost haha.

Oh ya about the consolate. I seriously do not know why it takes them so long to get missionaries into there. All that we did there was go in and get a picture taken of us and they to our finger prints. Then after that we had to sign 3 papers and we were done. I dunno what there deal is maybe they are just lazy. The consolate was kinda cool though it was a building and when you walked in everything was in Spanish. All the signs and stuff on the walls, the bathroom signs, everything haha just a taste of Mexico.

I liked Conference too. It was the first time in my whole life that I have watched all of the sessions. And not only watched but learned and took notes haha. All of the talks were good and it all went by really fast. I also looked up President Monson's talk that he gave to the Relief Society or whatever a few weeks ago that was really good as well.

Well I don't know if there is much else to say. I wish that my flight had a layover in Texas, I have never been there before. Oh well it will be nice just to go straight there I guess. We leave at 10 AM here and arrive there at 3PM. I think that they are an hour ahead of us so the flight is really only about 4 hours so not to bad. Well, I'm excited to talk to everyone on Monday and I can't wait to see the smog of Mexico City haha! I love everyone thanks for all the support!!

Love Elder Chambers

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

He's got his visa!!!

Cole was able to meet with the Mexican consolate on Tuesday and is going to Mexico on Monday. He leaves the MTC at 6:00 A.M. and will depart at around 9:55 A.M. from the Salt Lake airport on a one way flight to Mexico. Wish him luck and keep him in your prayers that day.