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Monday, November 7, 2011

Hola Familia,

Another week down!! And we're into November!! It doesn't surprise me much that it has already snowed back home! It looks like you guys got alot!! haha I knew it wouldn't be long before the snow hit! Everyone looks good in their costumes, especially dad haha, he is perfect for the luchas.

Yep it is already almost time for transfers again! Can you believe it, they will be the 15th of November but I'm pretty sure that I will be staying one or two more cycles here. I'm almost positive that I'll be Elder Reyes last comp. He is still doing good, but it will be hard his last cycle.

Thank you everybody in the fam wrote me this week. I would love to write everyone back personally but I won't be able to this week. Today we had a zone activity and we went to the pyramids again. We all met in the subway and from there we were going to take a bus, but the bus never passed by. So we stopped a convi that was passing by and rented it! The only problem is that the convi's only fit about ten people in them and we were 30 missionaries. We all piled in like crazies!! All thirty of us. It was crazy, we were packed in to the roof, one Elder even fainted because there was too much weight on him hahahahaha. Oh man and it took an hour to get there. But we made it! At the pyramids we had a member guide us that knows a lot of history stuff and he related it with the church. It was pretty interesting.

The work is going slow right now. We have a few possibles for this week but who knows if they will decide to do it. We are working with them. This week was the confirmations of Jose Luis and Gerardo, they are both really excited! We are thinking of calling Gerardo as our ward mission leader. Right now we don't have one and he is really cool!

I have the book of mormon ensign, just so you know. And the chex mix turned out good last time. I haven't thought of anything else that I need, just the electric shaver and that should be good. Heidi sent me jerky and it was really good! Reyes didn't seem to like it though haha.

Well that's about it for this week, I hope you enjoy the pictures that I sent!! Good luck with everything you guys have to do this week!

love, Elder Chambers

P.S. JB stinks!

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