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Monday, October 3, 2011

Hey Family!!

How is everybody doing this week? I hope that everyone can get over the colds that they had. My comp has also been sick this whole week, I thought he was gonna get me sick but so far so good haha. I hope that everyone got to watch conference! It was a great one! Sunday morning was just awesome for the investigators that we had there and then the Priesthood session was also great. What a blessing it is that we have to be led by a Prophet, and listen to his voice every six months!! We went on the subway to get to conference and on the way I couldn't help notice all of the people there that didn't even have the slightest idea that in just minutes prophets and apostles of God would talk to the world. Probably even if they did know they wouldn't care. I can't believe that world these days.

It was nice to hear from all of you. I always read your letters even though I don't have time to respond to everyone. Well tomorrow is changes! I will be getting a new comp here. I am pretty excited to see who it is. There is talk that Elder Falslev is getting moved up to zone leader and that he might come with me. But who knows we will just have to wait and see tomorrow. Today I also got a call from the sister angeles the wife of the Solis Family back in Azteca. She is doing good, she called to see how I was doing. She is now secretary of the Relief Society and her daughter is President of the beehives. Her husband is still struggling but doing a little better. He has trouble getting to Church because of his job. I also talked to him. He sounded happy, hopefully he can get everything figured out to go to the temple!

I will be on the lookout for the packages that the Primary sent. It will be neat to get that and take pictures with eager Elders. I was thinking, and if you do end up sending something, there are some stuff I could use but if not don't worry. It would be nice to have my electric shaver, I'm not sure where it would be but it would be nice. Also some more socks, but the gold toes ones that are a little bit thicker, they don't seem to get holes in them. and well that's it, if you do end up sending something.

This week was a little bit harder. We didn't end up finding so many, but we did get some good references that we are going to try and visit today. The sister Karolina from last week is progressing as well. She has lots of questions every time we go but she said conference answered alot of her questions. I love conference! She told us that a few weeks before we showed up at her door she had been praying to know if her baptism was valid in the Catholic Church. Then we showed up. I don't remember if I said that last week or not. But she is progressing good, she has a baptismal date for this up coming Sunday if everything works out right.

The rain season is over here and it is starting to also get colder. Not quite as cold as back home but colder than it has been. I can't believe the summer is already gone and that winter will soon arive!! Get ready for the snow back home hahah! Sounds like the cows are doing good, I seen the video of them last week. When were you thinking of taking them in?

Well that is all the new news that I gots!! Hope you guys have a great week, love you guys!

Elder Chambers

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