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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hola Familia,

Well how is everyone doing this week!? I hope that all is well. Everything here is going good and normal nothing too exciting has happened.

To answer all of the questions that you guys had, well the guy with the dreads is going to wait until this Sunday to get baptized, and no he doesn't have to cut his hair haha. Rocio stopped progressing, we couldn't get ahold of her any more, maybe we will try to visit in a few weeks. Tomorrow is changes meeting!! I love the changes meeting! Everything just goes crazy! But me and my comp don't have changes, we will be together another six weeks. I heard that Elder Castro is going to go up as Zone Leader.

On Saturday we got to go and enter into the Temple. Elder Soza had a convert that went through. It was really cool! It's been quite a while since I entered the Temple last. The last time was December! It really helped me get focused again, the Temple is just awesome! Hopefully I will be going again this next year with my own converts.

This week me and my comp had a dog come after us haha. We entered into this neighborhood thing to go to lunch, and down by this alley way we saw this Pitbull sittin on the corner. Well it was sitting in between some cars. So we tried to pass it to get to lunch but it seen us and before we new it, it was busting around the car to get us. Haha me and my comp got pretty scared haha we started to run and I almost pushed Elder Soza over haha. But then the chain caught and it couldn't come after us any more haha. I'm glad that it had that stinkin chain!

What new has happened at home. Have you sold the cows yet, or is there any news on them? How is Lacey doing? I heard about her little fiasco haha! I'm glad that everything is good now! Dad also told me about the Cowboys, I guess preseason has already started! How is the team looking this year? Hopefully they can do a little better than last year. I can't believe that football is already starting again, school is also about to start! That is crazy! Lacey will be a Junior right? and Whitney is in what grade? Oh man everyone will be alot older when I get back.

Well that is all for this week. Love all you guys! Peace out!

Elder Chambers

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