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Monday, July 4, 2011

Hola Familia,

Yaaaaaa 4th of July!!!!!! Oh wait, nobody here is celebrating! Here it's just like another day. I figured that you guys would have probably went over to Uncle Robby's and had the famous hot dogs and hamburgers with the firework show after! Haha I miss all that fun stuff. Here the independence day is in September, so I'm sure it will be crazy over here. To answer the questions that you had.... The peeps in the pic with me and the cake are just some members here in the ward. And the other kid in the pic of the baptism is a kid that we baptized who was 8, it doesn't count as a baptism for us we just helped them out and baptized him.

Well it seems like every week less and less stuff happens here haha. This week was just another normal week. The family that we found ended up moving away so they aren't here anymore. We did find another family in the week, but when Sunday came around they weren't there. Right now we are working with a lady named Gloria, she is all ready for baptism she just has to drop smoking. Sometimes it is reallly frustrating working with people who just can't stop but little by little she is stopping.

That's cool that you guys got to go to a Beach Boys concert. Was it any good? And how did the campout go, out there in the field? Sounds pretty exciting! I'm sure Duke will be right there by your side the whole time! That's great that you guys are finally getting some hot weather! Here we continue with the rain, It actually isn't too bad, I just hate carrying around an umbrella. We look like Jehova's Witness peeps!! They always walk around with there stinkin umbrella! There are so many JWs here in Mexico, I would probably say there are more of them than there are Mormons. But we're tryin to change that!!

This week I got to go on divisions with the one and only Elder Solheim. It was kind of neat, his Spanish has progressed alot but it is still pretty dang bad. I don't know if he'll ever speak Spanish decent. This week we also got taken by the Bishop to a Chinese Buffet. It was pretty dang good, I love Chinese food!

Well the new mission officially started up this week. About 70 Elders from our mission got moved over. We also had some of our highest baptizing zones get moved over to the new mission too. It will be interesting how these next few weeks go without those areas! The whole mission has been struggling to baptize lately. President wants us to have a 100 baptisms a week as a mission but we are only reaching about half that. But it is really a blessing to be here were it is practically a rule to baptize every week. Even though it is a lot of pressure.

Well I gotta run but thanks for the emails and stuff you guys are great!! Have a great 4th of July!!! Peace out! Love you guys

Elder Chambers

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