Investigator from Haiti

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hola Familia,

How is everyone doing?? How is it back in Utah? Now in less than a year I will be back in Utah getting back to normal life haha. The other day for P-Day we were able to watch the RM hahaha Oh man that guys life really sucked haha! I'm sure it will be quite the transition back to normal life! How is everything going, is it getting hot yet or no? Before you know it summer will be gone and you will be back into the cold.

Things here are going great still. This week we were able to keep finding alot of people to teach. On Sunday we baptized an older lady named Raquel. She is pretty cool, I didn't find her but I've been helping to teach her these last two weeks. For this Sunday coming we are going to baptize a kid who is 17 years old. He was going to get baptized this last week, but turns out that he had to have a special interview with President so we had to wait. But now he is all cleared up and ready for this Sunday. This week we were also able to find a sweet family of 5. It is a mom a dad and three kids, the oldest is 10 years old then 6 then 2 years old. Sunday was there first time at Church but they seem really excited about baptism. We are also teaching this 22 year old guy who also looks like he will get baptized in 2 weeks. We have been doing really good me and my comp, but the rest of the zone is really struggling. I don't know really what to do, we are putting an example but we can't do much else. It seems like the zone is really just dead right now and they don't have excitement for the work! We'll see what we can do this week to bring up the zone!

As for getting the boundaries of the mission and all that, well I have no idea how to get it. Maybe you can try emailing the offices here who knows. All I know is that we lost 3 zones and got 1 new one from the North mission, so the mission got a little bit smaller. But they are sending lots of new missionaries here now to make up for all that we lost. They are also opening up a lot of new areas to have somewhere for the new missionaries to go. It seems that lately they have been sending a bunch of so-so missionaries here, alot of the new ones that we just got ended up going home. Elder Castro was training one that went home.

Well we have continued here eatin a bunch of food! The members just give and give, but we are doing good exercise in the morning. I even bought me this strap thing that goes on my stomach to make it sweat more. It works really good. Hopefully we won't get too fat here. I also seen that Captain America came out, just around the corner from our house is a movie theater place. So we always are seeing what is just coming out!

Today we were able to play a little bit of soccer. My comp is pretty good too, we went and played with Garcia and some other missionaries. Well that is about all, if you care at all my favorite food is enchiladas haha. Well love you guys gotta run!! Have a great week!!

Elder Chambers

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