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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hola Familia, September 19, 2011

Hey everybody what's up? Already another week done and gone! It has been a pretty good week here in Mexico. This week it was the Independence Day of Mexico, it got a little bit crazy haha. Well actually it wasn't too bad, just a lot of people got drunk and the next day everybody was on hangovers haha. There were so many fireworks! But not the cool fireworks, just ones that make noise. But they really make noise!! They set off car alarms when they go off! It sounds like a bomb!

This week has been another regular week here. We have been out contacting all day every day just praying to find people to teach, and not just people to teach but people that are really ready to progress in the Gospel. Lately we have seen many blessings from the Lord. We were able to baptize Alma. She got really nervous before her baptism and started to cry. We gave her a blessing and she felt alot better. The baptism went great. We had a priest here in the ward baptize her. Her whole family also went to Church to see her, maybe that is what they needed to get activated again. The brother Gregorio is also progressing great! He is excited about the Gospel! He is 69 years old, oh man every time I talk to this guy he just makes me super happy! He is really funny even though he doesn't try! The pic with the guy on the steps is him. And also on Sunday Julio came back to church, that is the guy with the dreads. We had dropped him but he came back on his own. We are going to meet with him this week and see what's up.

That is awesome that you got two of the calves in to the auction. How much smaller are the other two? I think that from the two we made pretty good! The Cowboys game also sounds awesome! I wish that I would have seen! It's about time that Romo takes charge like that! Hopefully they can keep it up this year without injuries. How is Dez Bryant doing?

I can't believe that Mason will be home this week!! It kind of makes me homesick to think about it. But don't worry I'll keep going strong here. Changes are in two weeks, the 4th of October. We are pretty much sure that my comp will be having changes. I think that it will be good to get a new comp and see what we can do here.

What else? What else is new? That's hilarious that Kelly loaded up in the middle of the night from the camp hahahaha stinkin Kelly!! How is the whole family doin? Chambers and Spackman? I haven't heard much from anybody. Well be sure to let me know how Mason's farewell goes on Sunday! I gotta run, Love you guys!!

Elder Chambers!

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