Investigator from Haiti

Monday, January 30, 2012

Que pachó Familia,

Well It's already Monday again, I can't believe it. January is already gonna be over! I hope that all is well back home in Cache Valley, I haven't heard much of what is happenin in the news. Everything here in Tulancingo is going good. It's the same ole same ole. I'm pretty sure that Elder Falslev will be leaving and that I will be staying here in the area. It is a pretty good area, you have to work with the members alot more here though because there aren't as many people as the city.

Ya the house doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside it is one of the best ones in the mission. I think that they still do karate next door, we're not home much so I haven't really paid attention. But ya we locked our keys inside last week so we had to do a little break in haha.

The work is going good. Sunday Faviola and her kids were all confirmed so she is officially a member of the Church! Ya! haha they are doing really good, she even signed up to give us food this coming Saturday. Everything is still looking good with Diego, he's the little kid. He was telling us Sunday, my baptism is for sure gonna be next Sunday right? he is really really excited! We also had two others in Church an older lady with her 30 year old son. The son is kind of not all there, but we have an appointment with them this week to see what's up.

This Thursday we have our monthly meeting with President, so that means more traveling. It takes about 3 hours to get back to the Temple. Elder Falslev and I were going to try and visit some converts from Azteca while we are there close. I really want to visit Angeles to see how she is doing. Hopefully I will get around to all 3 families there.

Well not to much is new this week, sorry for such a short letter. Elder Falslev and I are going to try and enjoy our last week together. Hopefully we have some fun experiences. Well I gotta go! Love ya!

Elder Chambers

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hey Family!

Well another week done and gone! The older you get the faster the time goes! Sounds like everything back home is going great except for Mom being sick! The pictures of Dad and Duke were pretty cool! I can't wait to go pheasant huntin again! But the big surprise is Odis!!! He looks like he is a zombie or somethin hahaha this past year and a half haven't treated him to swell. I doubt he will make it six more months!

Well you know the Profet lady that we were teaching well.... she was baptized yesterday with her two kids!!!!! It was so sick! She had so many doubts but she prayed about her baptism and her prayer was answered! Even though she still has some wierd ideas I know she is gonna be a strong member! She has seemed so different since receiving her answer that she needed to be baptized! She has been super happy, yesterday also went great, the baptisms were all in nice warm water! I baptized the prophet, her name is Faviola, and Falslev baptized the two kids, Angel and Evelin. It was so nice to baptize again, it had been awhile!

In Church we also had some other investigators there. The couple from Zacualpan Veracruz came again and seem like they are excited to be baptized but we are just letting them figure out the marriage thing. Who knows when it will actually take place, we also had the brother of a recent convert show up, he is 9 years old and pretty cool. His name is Diego and when he seen the baptisms all goin down, he came up and asked hey Chambers, when can I get baptized!?? ahaha he is pretty cool. If we get his Mom's permission he should be baptized the 5th of Feb.

Today me and Falslev were walking in Waldos and you'll never guess what we found! Yep Mtn Dew!! The cans are all pretty banged up because of all the shipping but we bought em. We ended up gettin 12 of em for 8 pesos each. We are pretty excited!! We didn't do much for the 18th month thing, we did buy pizza though. That was good!

Well I haven't gotten any more packages, probably I will get it right before changes, that is when we will see Pres and the secretaries next. Changes are coming up Feb. 7th. President in our interviews this past week pretty much told us that me and Falslev will be gettin split up haha. Oh well. Lacey's car stereo sounds pretty sick, wish I could be there to hear it.

Not much else new is going on out here. Tell Both grandmas thanks for all the letters and emails that they send. I don't have much time to write them though. How are the Jazz doing? Lacey told me that the Giants and Patriots are going to the superbowl! Sounds like one not even worth watching!!

Well, I gotta go! Thanks for everything! Love you guys!

Elder Chambers

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hola Familia,

It was good to hear from everybody this week, sounds like everybody back home is enjoying life to the max! That stinks that Dad had to work on a Holiday! Oh well here for missionaries there are no holidays. To answer all of the questions well, Elder Falslev is doing good and got his tooth all fixed up. The investigators that we had we decided to drop, the long Christmas break didn't help us out very much and they kind of lost interest. The other mom and kids that we were teaching hasn't been able to make it to Church either so we might have to drop them as well.

On the bright side of things, we are currently teaching a Christian Prophet Lady hahahaha. I don't remember if I have told you guys about her yet. But it is this red headed lady and she thinks that she has the priesthood and she is supposedly a prophet in her church. I gotta give it to her, she knows a lot, but is a little confused about baptism, she thinks her baptism was valid so we have really been focusing on how we receive power from God and we have been explaining a lot about Joseph Smith. She has now went to Church twice so she is obviously interested. She is inactive in her other Church and things are looking good. Hopefully she will make the right decision. She also has 3 kids. The other day we were ending a lesson with her and was like, Hey do you guys want me to pray in tongues for you guys? Me and Falslev didn't know quite what she meant so we said uh sure. So she starts out the prayer normal and then all the sudden she was like and I pray for Chambers, and she started mumbling a whole bunch of garbage that didn't even make sense! hahahhaah it went somethin like, shim tumble skrum bop mishi doop, hahah but it went on for like two minutes haha, and during those two minutes she started rubbing my forehead with her finger hahahahaha. Then she went over to Falslev and did the same! We were trying so hard not to burst out laughing! I had to bite my shirt to not laugh!

Today we had a Zone Activity, we went to this area called Huachinango in Puebla and we hiked to a water fall, it was pretty cool! Then we hiked back and ate the biggest hamburger that I have ever seen! It was a kilo of meat!!! That's like 2.2 lbs! I got a little more than halfway and couldn't eat more, it was just too much meat! But overall it was a pretty fun activity, I will try to send pics today, if not today then next week for sure.

Ya the I pod cost me about 120 bucks. But it is a 3rd Generation. I'm pretty sure that it was stolen though hahaha. It works fine and is an 8 gig. I had to go all the way to the downtown city to get it but I will probably end up going back before the end of my mission so let me know if you need anything. The 4 generation ones are there too but they are way expensive so I couldn't even think of a 4th G. I have been testin the one I got out and it seems to work perfectly.

Things are going good here in Tulancingo!! Thanks for all the emails every week!! Don't stop writin!! You're all champs!! Love you guys!!

Elder Cool Beanz

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hola Familia,

Well it's been another week!! The weeks are sure passing by! Today Kayd completes 19 months, that sounds a little bit weird. Soon I will be at 18 months. I'm glad that everybody liked the pics, and ya that lamb was out in Zacualpan in Veracruz, we got to this members house and they had just skinned er. They were gonna cook it up real nice later that night, but we didn't stay. Here they eat everything! And I mean every thing, the sister was over there washin out the intestines and stomach so that they could make a tasty stew as well haha. gross!!

So I finally gave in and well, I got way sick this week! Tuesday night we went and ate guajalotes but somethin must of been bad in em. At 3 in the morning I woke up and had the bad belly! I couldn't sleep so I was just laying in my bed with a bowl in case I threw up. Then at about 4 in the morning I threw up, hahahaha It was so loud that it scared Falslev out of his sleep hahaha. He got up so fast and went and flipped on the light!! We had a good laugh about it. I felt alot better after but then at 5 it all came back and I had to repeat the process! I also had the worst diahrea ever! Sorry for all the details, but I was so sick! One time I had to ralph and number 2 at the same time, it was bad! But it only lasted a day, now I'm feelin alot better!

Well another anniversary down for you guys, how many is that now? It's getting up there haha. I hope that you both remembered it haha. That is crazy that Jesse is 21 now, I'll be soon to follow. I sure don't feel like I'm 21! I still can't grow much hair on my chin! What is even weirder to think is that Lacey will be 17, and Whitney 13 this year! I can't believe it, it feels like I was just their age.

Ya I'm lookin for a dark blue thing for Dad, I haven't found much yet, but I will don't worry. The cold is off and on here in Tulancingo, at night you need a sweater and gloves but in the day it still gets pretty hot! The houses here are all made of cement so the house gets cold when the weather gets cold, and the house gets hot when the weather gets hot! Nobody down here has air conditioning or furnaces!

I took some money out the other day so that if I see somethin I want I can just buy it. Is there anything that you guys want me to get ya? Well everything is going good here in the mission thanks for all the letters and support, gotta run, love you guys!

Elder Chambers

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello Family,

Man, how the time flies!! It's already been two weeks since we talked last!! It seems like just yesterday! Can you guys believe that it is already 2012!? The year the world ends!!! Haha I remember last new years eve, Elder Castro and I were playin chess till 12 haha. This year me and Falslev went to bed at like 10 haha. We didn't see much fun in stayin up just to see the clock change!

The work is going slow slow slow! These Holidays have really killed us. Last year was bad but the two biggest days 25th and 1st were both Sundays!! Not even half the ward made it to church let alone the investigators. But we have been finding some people. This week we found a sick family! They don't have a Dad, but it is a Mom and her three kids. She was a reference from a member. We went there first to give her a blessing and she seemed really cool. So we asked to go back the next day! We taught her and when I invited her to be baptized she accepted so fast!! I asked her that if she had the chance to be baptized like Jesus Christ...... then she blurted out, "Would I? Yes" haha she finished my own question. All her kids are over 8 so hopefully we can get them to Church this coming Sunday!

That is crazy that Lacey got another ticket!! Don't go to hard on her haha. It happens! Stinkin cops! It was good to hear about the ward and everybody! Sounds like Grandpa Spackman is doing a good job with his classes!

That sucks that the Cowboys lost, who knows if they will ever be good again! Maybe in 30 years! They always seem to lose the big games! Here it has been actually pretty cold the last 2 days! Me and Kayd are freezing to death haha jk. But it has gotten a lot colder.

We haven't gotten any Christmas cards yet. Who knows if they will get here. My shoes are still doing pretty good. My smaller ones are a little worn out but they still should make it to the end. And the bigger ones are still in good shape, I don't wear them as much. So all should be good to go!

I don't have much other news, I got a lot of emails this week so don't get mad if I can't respond to everyone today, we don't have to much time!! Well I gotta go! Thanks for all the support! Love ya!

Elder Chambers