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Monday, September 12, 2011

What's up Family!!

Hey everybody!! I'm writin a little late but it's not because I had a nap! We had a zone activity, it was all really stressful to plan and stuff but in the end everything turned out good. Sounds like everyone had a great week!! That's good to hear! When I hear that everyone is doing good back home it really helps me to stay focused here in the mission! I can't believe that you guys still have the calves, it's getting a little late I think.

Things are pickin up here in Anahuac. We are teaching right now a 14 year old girl named Alma. Her Grandparents are inactive members, supposedly she is in trouble with her parents so they sent her to live here. She actually showed up to church the first time all alone and looked for us. We went and taught her and I asked her to be baptized. But much to my surprise she gave us a solid no. hahaha but we felt that we should keep going with her. She had some forgiveness issues to work out with her family and friends. That was two weeks ago, then Thursday, when I reminded her about her baptism and how she felt, she said well you want the truth? I don't want to wait longer I want to be baptized now. It was really cool to see her conversion, she has a strong testimony. She was going to be baptized yesterday, but of course there has to be opposition in all things and her Grandpa told her to wait a week because he wasn't going to make it to Church yesterday. So looks like it will wait till this coming Sunday.

We also found a guy that was a little bit drunk and we told him to stop drinking and we took all his coffee away from him. We didn't think he was going to progress very well seeing that he was drunk and all. But what do you know, Sunday he showed up, normal as can be. He said that he hasn't drank since we left and coffee, well, we took it all so he couldn't drink that either. We will be working more with him this week to prepare him for a baptism as well.

That is cool that you guys could see that Aggie Game! Sounds like they are finally good this year!! And what happened to the Cowboys!!! They are really letting me down! haha That's also cool that you stayed at the Sharp's Cabin! They are so stinkin rich!! I helped a tracy a little bit putting in their yard and it was just crazy how big that cabin was!! It also has a great view! Did you guys end up going down to the beach at all??

Too answer your questions, no our apartment doesn't have carpet. Carpet is really rare here, it is usually all vinyl or tile. And if it is carpet it is really really thin and crappy. So far we haven't well I haven't gotten robbed at all! Knock on wood! haha I'm sure it will probably happen but I'd defiantly say it was more dangerous up where Tyler was in Chihuahua. The area where we are right now is pretty calm. The only thing that really bugs me is the stinking fireworks that they light off at night, it's just like super fire crackers and they are really loud and annoying!! I can't stand them!! I got the recipes but haven't made the cookies, I'm just too lazy and we usually don't have time to cook much.

Well I think that's about all for this week!! I love all you guys!! Have a great week!!

Elder Chambers

P.S. odis hair rules!!!

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