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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hey Fam!

Hey everybody, how's everything? Things here are same ole and ole! Haha how was the camp out? That is something that I will definatley want to do when I get back haha just go somewhere and relax! How is everyone in the family doing, what are you guys up to? I can't believe that it is almost back to school time again!

This week has been another fast one. Me and my comp went on divisions with the assistants on Thursday. Everything went good. Once again transfers will be here before we know it haha we have 2 weeks till transfers. I think that my comp is going to a new area, and I will be staying here in Plazas and Hacienda.

This week we struggled to get people to Church. We had quite a few lined up but not one made it on Sunday. We were trusting them to show up but it looks like we are gonna have to go pick them up on Sundays to make sure they go. But halfway through sacrament meeting a lady showed up and wanted to talk to us. She told us she was from a different ward but she has a boyfriend that lives in our area and he has been going to her ward for a few weeks. We told her to go get him and bring him. So she went and got him, haha this guy is freakin awesome. He walks into Church and he's got dreads down to his butt haha. Everyone was like, what the?? Haha But he is really cool and he likes Church, he plays in this reggae band. We are going to go and see him tomorrow.

I can't believe Tyler is already home! It seems like just last week I was there watching him open up his call and look for Chihuahua Mexico on the world map haha. I'm sure he's got some pretty cool stories.

I haven't heard anything about the people back in Pachuquilla. I imagine that they are still all going I will try to get in contact with them. Just yesterday I seen Elder Castro in the Subway. He is doing good I think that this next cycle he will get moved up to zone leader.

The mission is really different from what I thought it would be. I don't really remember what I thought it would be but I know that it's different. Haha before I thought that all missionaries were super spiritual and that they knew everything, I thought that all missionaries were perfectly obedient but I can see that that isn't true haha. It is quite the experience being here and learning what I am learning!

Well that is about it, I hope next week to be writin on Monday haha. Peace out!!!

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