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Monday, October 31, 2011

Hey Family,

Things here are good. It is always great when it comes Monday to read what is happening back at home and hear how every one is doing. I'm sure that it must be getting colder by now, heading into November. It is getting colder here too. This past Sunday the time changed here, so we got an extra hour of sleep. It was a lot easier to wake up. I remember last year when the time changed I still didn't know a thing of Spanish.

That is a pretty crazy story about Ethan, I think that everyone knew he would end up being AP. haha It was neat to hear about Cody and Braydon too. I'm sure they are doing a great job as well. This week my comp and I baptized two dudes. Jose Luis was finally able to give up smoking! He is a champ!! Even though his wife still doesn't want to be baptized he told us that he wanted to be baptized more than ever! His baptism was really cool. We also baptized Gerardo. He is the Dad of the family that we have been teaching. He also is amazing! We went and married him and his wife saturday so that they could be baptized. Then when we got to Church on Sunday only he was there! He said that his wife and daughter didn't want to go. But he said, but me, ya I wanna do it, that's why I'm here! So he was baptized all alone, no one was there from his family to see him, but it didn't matter to him. I know he will be blessed for having so much faith.

Every person that we baptize puts an amazing example for me. Before coming here to the mission, I didn't understand how crazy the world really is. Especially here in Mexico. The LDS Church here is something so contrary to what everyone is living here. But there are always people willing to leave behind their old lives, and start a new one in the Church! It is seriously awesome to meet so many people that want to follow God so strongly in their lives.

I ended up getting the package from the primary, I got the Eager Elder. We are having fun taking pictures with it wherever we go. I think this next Monday I will be able to send some pics to Heidi for the Primary. They also sent me some beef jerky!! It's really good, but my comp doesn't seem to like it that much! I also got a letter from Grandma Chambers the other day.

Well family I've gotta run, but invite everyone this week to read the scriptures every day without missing! Even little whit!! I know you will be blessed by doing it and recieve answers that you are looking for! Love ya Peace out!

Elder Chambers

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