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Monday, July 11, 2011

Hey Everybody!!

How's things going back home!! Everything here is going great! The work is moving forward! Grandma sent me some pics of Landree and Sammy's baptisms, those were pretty cool! She also sent me a pic of a huge racoon that they killed, I always remember that game Grandpa used to play were I would sit on his lap and boom he would run over a racoon haha. I don't know if you guys remember or not.

Well our baptism this week didn't work out the Lady couldn't stop smoking in time. But she is all good now, she isn't smoking at all so this next Sunday will be her baptism. But the only thing is, is that I won't be here for it. Haha Yep, I've got changes. I still don't know where I will be going just that tomorrow I'll be somewhere new haha. I am pretty excited for it, Elder Falslev also has changes.

Well, let me start out by telling you guys about our miracle this week. So me and Saifoloi were just walkin down the street this week and a guy passed in a car and started shootin a gun..... no just kidding. The dude just passed and said Elders!! Then he pulled over and went to his trunk and said come over here. So we went over there and guess what he had!!? The Nectar!! That's right he had a full case of Mountain Dew Baby!! He pulled out two and gave them to us!! Oh man what a miracle right!! hahaha It's rare to find Mountain Dew here in Mexico but what do you know some random dude gave us some haha!!

I had to go and say goodbye to my converts yesterday, it was really hard with all of the families. They were crying. But they are all gonna stay strong they are awesome! I can't wait to find more in my next area!! I have a feeling that I'll be moved out of the city, but I've kinda been likin the city, it's just so crazy here!!

Oh and I did get the package that you sent! Thanks for all the stuff that was half gone! But I guess it fits because I'm almost halfway done Baby!! haha You guys have got to be sure to lock up Kandy! I don't want her gettin stole! So what else is new back at home!? How is the weather going? I imagine its summer time now and everyone is back to shirt and shorts right? Sounds fun. I can't believe Daniel already has his call! I didn't know he was that old! That will be a cool mission though!!

Well sorry I feel like my letters get shorter and shorter but gotta run, Love all you guys!! Keep doin what you doing!!

Elder Chambers

P.S. That's cool about the convert baptism, before my mish I don't remember seeing many.

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