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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hola Familia,

This week was just another week here in the mission. Not too much exciting stuff went down. This week our baptism that we had ended up falling through. The girl passed her interview and everything just fine (Elder Falslev did the interview). Then Sunday morning we got a text from her Mom saying that she never came home last night. She ended up not getting home until the afternoon. Her parents were pretty mad, I don't know what she was doing, but we talked with her and she is going to be baptized this next Sunday.

The work is coming along. Our whole zone struggled this week, I think because it was Father's Day, everyone struggled to get people to Church. We actually had a really cool lady named Lucia ready to go to the Church but she wasn't there when we went to pick her up. We'll have to see what happened with her.

The Rocky story was pretty funny, but he totally deserves it! Hahah he was always the most stuck up cat i'd ever seen! Haha I don't regret that one time me and him had it out and it ended with him being punted from the deck. hahaha! I was actually just talkin with Elder Falslev today about that story! Today for P Day we got to go to a regular sized field with grass and play soccer. It was sweet, it's super rare that we get to do that because all the big fields here cost a lot to use. All of the free ones are just dirt. But it was good to play normal again. It reminded me of high school ball a little bit.

So last Monday night I got a big surprise. I was starting up my District Class and guess who walks in, haha yep good ole Presidente Hicken! Haha I about pooed my pants I was so nervous. But the Class ended up going really good, it was about the Atonement. President actually gave some really good comments in the class.

So how did Dillon's farewell go? I'm sure it was great, I wish I could have been there to hear it. Doesn't Tyler get back in July? Man the time has went by super fast. Then mason will be getting home in August or September or something like that! How are the calves doing? What time were you guys thinkin about sellin em? I hope the price of meat skyrockets hahaha.

Well I know this is a short email but it's all I got for this week! I'm sure something exciting will happen this week and I'll let you guys know Monday. But until then, take care! Love you guys!

Elder Chambers

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