Investigator from Haiti

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hola Famila,

Well, another week gone! It has been quite the week indeed, probably one of the fastest in all of my mission. Things started out on Tuesday, and yes I was in the bathroom with Elder Falslev. When I got this wierd feeling of dizziness. I thought that I was about to faint or something, but I tried to play it off cool and just keep walking. But then when we got back into the hall everyone started saying earthquake earthquake, everybody out! So we went outside and all the trees were swaying every which way. Even the parked cars in the parking lot were rocking back and forth. It was the wierdest feeling ever, it feels like you are just dizzy and you feel like you are going to fall over. It all lasted for about a minute and a half.

Then we all got into the changes meeting. And to everybody's surprise they called me to be AP. I still don't believe it. I thought that being a zone leader was stressful. Now my comp and I have to help President plan everything for the mission, give capacitations every week. Receive reports from the zone leaders, and a lot more. And baptize every week still. And yes we still work in the field like normal missionaries. I am in an area called Campestre Aragon. It is here behind the Temple. We live in a big building on the corner of the street Camino Sur and Camino del Triunfo "A". It is a pretty nice house. The mission house is in Tecamachalco, it is about an hour away from here. Last Thursday we had to go and have a planning meeting with President. We ate a nice egg and bacon breakfast that Sister Hicken had cooked for us, then after she made us ribs and mashed potatos!! It was the best.

My companions name is Elder Jordan. He is from New Mexico. He reminds me of Ethan, haha super tall! He is 6 foot 3, so I look like a shrimp next to him. But we are getting along great and I am learning alot of things from him. Every day I learn more and more about what is an assistant. We are having alot of success here, Every day we find elect people who have been prepared to hear the Gospel. I can't wait to see what Elder Jordan and I can do here, the are is awesome!!

I love being back in the City and I'm pretty sure that I will finish my mission here in my area. My comp finishes his the same time as Elder Falslev, 6 weeks before me. Anyways, the city is still the crazy city and every day, we see people just doing crazy things! I love it! I'm sure that I will miss it all some day!

Today we went to a place called Tepito to buy an Elder a suit who didn't have one. The mission gave us money and we had to go buy it. Suposedly it is a really dangerous place were people always get robbed and mugged but nothing happened to us. All of the stuff there is really cheap because most of it is robbed or stolen. But it didn't seem too dangerous, we didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

Be sure to tell Grandpa Spackman and the new baby Happy Birthday for me. That's good that Steph could finally have the baby!! Anyways I gotta go, Sorry for no pictures still, I will try to remember my camera next week!! I love you guys! Thanks for all of the support!!

Elder Chambers

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hey Everybody!

Well another week is done with. Sounds like it has been quite the week back home. I hope that Grandpa Spackman can get better soon!!! Sounds like everybody else and their dog is sick as well!! What is going on back in Benson? Anyways, I do have the picture of Rocio's baptism I just keep forgeting my camera, so next week I will try to send it. This past Sunday we had Stake Conference so she wasn't able to be confirmed but this next Sunday for sure.

I wasn't able to see the videos, maybe next week if I go to a different place it will be able to work. Well it looks like I won't be here in Tulancingo anymore!! They called us in the morning to tell us that I have changes! I am really happy, I was wanting changes. So we'll see where I am headed now. Hopefully somewhere where there are a bunch of Tacos!! Here in Tulancingo there aren't many Tacos. Elder Garcia also has changes.

That's great that Tracy has a bunch of work. I miss working alot actually. Hopefully they will still have a bunch when I get home. Here in the mission they usually send people home on Saturdays. They haven't told me anything yet but I imagine that I will be home on Saturday the 21st. I would rather get home Saturday than Monday.

Anyways, well I will be on the lookout for the package but I imagine that it will still be a few weeks before it gets here. And I can't believe Stephanie is already gonna have her baby!! You'll have to let me know what day she's born. Well sorry my letter is so short, I will write more next week to let you know about my new area!! Love you guys!! Start feeling better!!

Elder Chambers

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey Fam!!!

How's things back home? Everything sounds good! I can't believe that Mom is forty years old!!!!! Before we know it she's gonna need a cane hahaha jk. Everything here is going good, my comp and I are getting along good, he is just annoying sometimes. Sometimes he don't wanna stop talkin.

The Investigator that took a hit last week is still goin good, we played soccer again today and he is on track for his baptism this Sunday with the other missionaries. And don't worry about taking pics of my shoes, I'm bringin those babies home as trophies haha. I actually am still using them.

The work is going good here. We baptized Rocio, and everything went great. She was really really happy, she was crying in her baptismal service, and later sent us a text message that said thanks for helping her to be baptized. She also invited us over to eat after her baptism. She is going to be probably one of my strongest converts that I have had. The cool thing was is that yesterday was her birthday as well, so she got a good present. She thought it was pretty cool to share a birthday with my mom.

Sounds like everybody is enjoying themselves back home is the warm weather. Sounds like you had a pretty fun basketball game. I seen the basketball clip that you sent me of Whitneys, she did good, she had a good steal there!!

I will be sure to be on the lookout for the packages. Packages are always the best. I am hoping for changes, in these next transfers but we will see what happens. Changes will be next Tuesday, who knows what will happen. Anyways, I gotta run! Thanks for all the updates! Love you guys!!

Elder Beanz

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hey Family,
Another week gone!! Things here in Tulancingo are going pretty good. My comp and I are working really hard, he is kind of new so I always have to take the initiative. He is going to have 9 months the 22nd of this month. He's still got a long time to go!!!! The rain has finally seemed to stop here and it has been hot! My nose is always red like rudolf, even though I put alot of sunblock on!

The work is coming along. Rocio is on track for her baptism this coming Sunday! Last week we gave her a blessing to stop drinking cofee and she hasn't drank a drop since!! She told us the other day that she knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet so her testimony is also going strong! Diego is really excited for her. In all of his prayers he asks that she will be able to be baptized about 3 times in each prayer haha. The other converts here are going good as well. "The Prophet" is still coming to Church and is learning a lot.

Today we went to that turf field again and played soccer! It was fun. It always surprises the Mexicans that I know how to play. Some Elders invited an investigator to come play. So we were playin and I launched a rocket, and it hit the investigator straight in the nuts hahahahaha. Oh man, he had to go sit out for a few minutes, hopefully he will still want to listen haha.

I can't believe that you guys are already going to be out for Spring Break!! I remember 2 years ago you guys went down to Dixie for the break. That was pretty fun. Hopefully you guys can get something fun done! Well Saturday we played soccer with some kids in the church for a few minutes and what do you know. I started runnin right outta my shoes. My CTR shoes got a huge rip in em in the back, you can see my whole heel. But its all good I've still got the Wolverines.

How is Sky View Soccer goin? Have they even started yet? You guys probably don't hear much about them now anyways. How are the Jazz doing? I haven't heard anything about them. Well I gotta go!! Love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Chambers