Investigator from Haiti

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hola Familia,

How is everyone doing?? How is it back in Utah? Now in less than a year I will be back in Utah getting back to normal life haha. The other day for P-Day we were able to watch the RM hahaha Oh man that guys life really sucked haha! I'm sure it will be quite the transition back to normal life! How is everything going, is it getting hot yet or no? Before you know it summer will be gone and you will be back into the cold.

Things here are going great still. This week we were able to keep finding alot of people to teach. On Sunday we baptized an older lady named Raquel. She is pretty cool, I didn't find her but I've been helping to teach her these last two weeks. For this Sunday coming we are going to baptize a kid who is 17 years old. He was going to get baptized this last week, but turns out that he had to have a special interview with President so we had to wait. But now he is all cleared up and ready for this Sunday. This week we were also able to find a sweet family of 5. It is a mom a dad and three kids, the oldest is 10 years old then 6 then 2 years old. Sunday was there first time at Church but they seem really excited about baptism. We are also teaching this 22 year old guy who also looks like he will get baptized in 2 weeks. We have been doing really good me and my comp, but the rest of the zone is really struggling. I don't know really what to do, we are putting an example but we can't do much else. It seems like the zone is really just dead right now and they don't have excitement for the work! We'll see what we can do this week to bring up the zone!

As for getting the boundaries of the mission and all that, well I have no idea how to get it. Maybe you can try emailing the offices here who knows. All I know is that we lost 3 zones and got 1 new one from the North mission, so the mission got a little bit smaller. But they are sending lots of new missionaries here now to make up for all that we lost. They are also opening up a lot of new areas to have somewhere for the new missionaries to go. It seems that lately they have been sending a bunch of so-so missionaries here, alot of the new ones that we just got ended up going home. Elder Castro was training one that went home.

Well we have continued here eatin a bunch of food! The members just give and give, but we are doing good exercise in the morning. I even bought me this strap thing that goes on my stomach to make it sweat more. It works really good. Hopefully we won't get too fat here. I also seen that Captain America came out, just around the corner from our house is a movie theater place. So we always are seeing what is just coming out!

Today we were able to play a little bit of soccer. My comp is pretty good too, we went and played with Garcia and some other missionaries. Well that is about all, if you care at all my favorite food is enchiladas haha. Well love you guys gotta run!! Have a great week!!

Elder Chambers

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hola Familia!!!

This Thursday looks like it will be the big half way point in the mish!! Haha pretty exciting!! How are things going back home? It looks like the cows are growing good, Napolean looks the biggest. Transfers meeting was just crazy! Everyone was just going everywhere! Elder Castro is training again, Elder Falslev got sent over to where I was with Saifoloi, and Elder Anderson went to Falslevs old area!! Gotta love transfers haha!!

Well this week has been just great!! I am out of Azteca and I am now here in the Stake Anuhuac! It is quite interesting haha it is just a few metro stations down from my last area so it isn't too different. My comp is Elder Soza, he is from Chihuahua Mexico, but he has lived a lot of his life in the states, I'm pretty sure his family lives there in Arizona. He has been here in the mission for about 18 months and speaks fluent English haha. Oh and did I tell you, I got bumped up to Zone Leader? Hahah it was quite the surprise. I am learning a buttload from my comp every day. This last week we had pretty good success and I only expect better this next week! Our zone has been kind of famous for not baptizing that much but we are here to change that! I am super excited to be here.

But I would have to say, the best thing about being a zone leader is definately the house that you get! Our house has 2 levels, it is pretty big. We also have a bunch of weights and stuff so maybe I can finally get some good excercise in. We also get a heck of a lot more money, I swear we have went out for tacos almost every night this week!! We also went one morning and had a mcdonalds breakfast haha. I'm really going to get fat if I keep this up haha. We also found a Walmart here close to the house so guess what we found!? Yep, the one and only Mountain Dew!!! We bought two twelve packs today haha. They cost alot more here because they are so rare it was like 10 bucks for the 12 pack.

This week in la obra misional we found a bunch of people to teach. We found alot of people that The Lord has been preparing to hear the Gospel. Some have economic problems, others, family problems, and others are just starting families and stuff like that. We are trying to help each one of them, depending on their situation. It is really something neat being able to work with another Elder who actually knows what he is doing. The work progresses so much faster and smoother.

Oh and I forgot to tell you guys that Elder Garcia is a District Leader in my zone, so I'll be the one that gets to cuss him out if he ain't doing his job haha. Other than that I don't really know any other of the missionaries here in the zone. Elder Navarro went out to Teotihuacan where Elder Castro was with the pyramids, Navarro became Senior Comp over some new American guy, he was pretty happy about that, maybe it will motivate him a bit.

Well I'm not really sure were the heck we live at, I still am learning the streets and everything. We have two wards under our dirrection, I really like it. It gives you two chances for investigatores to come on Sunday. But it kindof is a long time at Church haha. Well I hope that I answered all of your questions. I gotta run, we are pretty busy today doing a bunch of stuff. I love you guys and pray for you all the time!! Have a great week!

Elder Chambers

P.S. We have an oven there in the house, can you send me the recipe for chocolate chip cookies!!?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hey Everybody!!

How's things going back home!! Everything here is going great! The work is moving forward! Grandma sent me some pics of Landree and Sammy's baptisms, those were pretty cool! She also sent me a pic of a huge racoon that they killed, I always remember that game Grandpa used to play were I would sit on his lap and boom he would run over a racoon haha. I don't know if you guys remember or not.

Well our baptism this week didn't work out the Lady couldn't stop smoking in time. But she is all good now, she isn't smoking at all so this next Sunday will be her baptism. But the only thing is, is that I won't be here for it. Haha Yep, I've got changes. I still don't know where I will be going just that tomorrow I'll be somewhere new haha. I am pretty excited for it, Elder Falslev also has changes.

Well, let me start out by telling you guys about our miracle this week. So me and Saifoloi were just walkin down the street this week and a guy passed in a car and started shootin a gun..... no just kidding. The dude just passed and said Elders!! Then he pulled over and went to his trunk and said come over here. So we went over there and guess what he had!!? The Nectar!! That's right he had a full case of Mountain Dew Baby!! He pulled out two and gave them to us!! Oh man what a miracle right!! hahaha It's rare to find Mountain Dew here in Mexico but what do you know some random dude gave us some haha!!

I had to go and say goodbye to my converts yesterday, it was really hard with all of the families. They were crying. But they are all gonna stay strong they are awesome! I can't wait to find more in my next area!! I have a feeling that I'll be moved out of the city, but I've kinda been likin the city, it's just so crazy here!!

Oh and I did get the package that you sent! Thanks for all the stuff that was half gone! But I guess it fits because I'm almost halfway done Baby!! haha You guys have got to be sure to lock up Kandy! I don't want her gettin stole! So what else is new back at home!? How is the weather going? I imagine its summer time now and everyone is back to shirt and shorts right? Sounds fun. I can't believe Daniel already has his call! I didn't know he was that old! That will be a cool mission though!!

Well sorry I feel like my letters get shorter and shorter but gotta run, Love all you guys!! Keep doin what you doing!!

Elder Chambers

P.S. That's cool about the convert baptism, before my mish I don't remember seeing many.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hola Familia,

Yaaaaaa 4th of July!!!!!! Oh wait, nobody here is celebrating! Here it's just like another day. I figured that you guys would have probably went over to Uncle Robby's and had the famous hot dogs and hamburgers with the firework show after! Haha I miss all that fun stuff. Here the independence day is in September, so I'm sure it will be crazy over here. To answer the questions that you had.... The peeps in the pic with me and the cake are just some members here in the ward. And the other kid in the pic of the baptism is a kid that we baptized who was 8, it doesn't count as a baptism for us we just helped them out and baptized him.

Well it seems like every week less and less stuff happens here haha. This week was just another normal week. The family that we found ended up moving away so they aren't here anymore. We did find another family in the week, but when Sunday came around they weren't there. Right now we are working with a lady named Gloria, she is all ready for baptism she just has to drop smoking. Sometimes it is reallly frustrating working with people who just can't stop but little by little she is stopping.

That's cool that you guys got to go to a Beach Boys concert. Was it any good? And how did the campout go, out there in the field? Sounds pretty exciting! I'm sure Duke will be right there by your side the whole time! That's great that you guys are finally getting some hot weather! Here we continue with the rain, It actually isn't too bad, I just hate carrying around an umbrella. We look like Jehova's Witness peeps!! They always walk around with there stinkin umbrella! There are so many JWs here in Mexico, I would probably say there are more of them than there are Mormons. But we're tryin to change that!!

This week I got to go on divisions with the one and only Elder Solheim. It was kind of neat, his Spanish has progressed alot but it is still pretty dang bad. I don't know if he'll ever speak Spanish decent. This week we also got taken by the Bishop to a Chinese Buffet. It was pretty dang good, I love Chinese food!

Well the new mission officially started up this week. About 70 Elders from our mission got moved over. We also had some of our highest baptizing zones get moved over to the new mission too. It will be interesting how these next few weeks go without those areas! The whole mission has been struggling to baptize lately. President wants us to have a 100 baptisms a week as a mission but we are only reaching about half that. But it is really a blessing to be here were it is practically a rule to baptize every week. Even though it is a lot of pressure.

Well I gotta run but thanks for the emails and stuff you guys are great!! Have a great 4th of July!!! Peace out! Love you guys

Elder Chambers