Investigator from Haiti

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hola Familia,

Well how is everybody doing this week? Everything is good here in the mission. There's not to much new stuff going on, it seems like every week I am writin the same stuff. It has been a really good week for us here in our area. We got some sweet refrences from some members here and they are awesome. They are two ladies, one that's pretty old probably like 75ish and her daughter who is about 40. They are really excited. The older lady can hardly see but she is always excited about her baptism when we go. She just smiles and says I'm ready!! haha We are also teachin the Dad of Yatana. He is cool too. We are going to marry him and his wife this Saturday so that he can get baptized. We are also teaching the son of Jose Luis. He is 30 something years old. He can't walk though, about a year ago he was on drugs and fell from the 3rd story and really messed up his legs. He is getting better but it is a slow process, they don't have money for physical therapy, or a way to take him so he is just there in his house all day every day. But he also is excited to be baptized, we'll have to see how we can do it, because he can't stand up.

We are seeing lots of success right now, but the only bad thing is is that I won't be here to see it all happen. They told me last night that I have changes!! I won't be able to see everybody get baptized this week! Oh well. I am still pretty excited about changes! Who knows where I will end up. I hope I don't have a comp that is about to go home. It makes me start thinkin about home too. But yep tomorrow I will say goodbye to Anahuac.

What else is new? Well, I don't remember if I told you guys about the crazy scientist guy in our area. We found him when I was with Soza. He says that God revealed to him this math formula to prove that God's power is always increasing. He is really crazy!! and he's really got somethin for me. He is always calling me to explain more of his formula. Every now and then he goes to Church to explain his formula more in person. This Sunday he was there again and brought pages and pages of stuff he had been working on. I don't understand any of it hahaha. He wants me to take it all back to Utah and show the scientists there so that he can win the nobel prize hahahaha. He is going to miss me I'm sure.

How is everything back home. Sounds like it is pretty cold, it is staying pretty much the same here. It's still short sleeve weather haha. How is everything going with Dad's new job? Were there enough pictures for the Eager Elder thing? I know Kayd got his package, it arrived the same day mine did. I will keep an eye out for the packages on the way. Who knows who will be my comp when the get here. It will be an interesting day tomorrow!!

Well that is all thanks for everything, love you guys! Elder CHambers

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