Investigator from Haiti

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hola Familia!!

Well I am still here at the MTC, another week down haha we are now starting our 11th week here!! The last week has been so hard to stay focused but we have done better lately. With all this down time I have gotten alot of scripture study in. I have finished the Book of Mormon since I got here and am now pretty far into the New Testament. That is one thing that I have really gained here is a love for the scriptures. They are amazing I should have read more before I came out haha.

Today we went and talked to travel services (we do everyday) to see if the consolate has called. They said no but they did hear some news. I guess the lady who does all the stuff had to go to Mexico for a family emergency or something but she is now back. So they said she told them that she will possibly have some ready for tomorrow or the first of next week. I hope tomorrow that would be so cool. If we do go tomorrow then we would leave for Mexico Tuesday or Wednesday and if we see them Monday we would probably leave Thursday or Friday. So we are excited to see what happens.

Everything else is still pretty much the same here. They haven't assigned us to the referral center or anything so it is up to us how much we study. But you can only sit in a quiet room studying for so long haha. We go a little bit crazy sometimes haha. Basketball is good, you are only allowed to play 3 v 3 to 7 so the games go really quick.

That is good to hear that jr. is growing! I hope he gets somewhat big before the cold winter hits haha. And it sounds like the kittens are doing well too. What is everyone going to be for Halloween!? I'm being a missionary!!! haha It was also awesome to here that Dallas won! Its about time they should be one of the best teams this year! Dez Bryant should be amazing by the time I get back home!! haha

But ya, we will be watching conference here. I really wanted to be in Mexico for it but o well it's not that big of a deal. Have you heard anymore about how Kayd's Visa is coming along? When does Brent come into the MTC?? Oh ya and tell Kelly that I haven't gotten anything from him. Tell him that if he is using Dear Elder to make sure he is sending it to Provo MTC not Mexico City. Hahah if he is sending it to Provo then I don't know what to tell him, but I haven't been getting them.

I wrote the family all letters yesterday so you should be getting them tomorrow or the next day. Haha I still haven't gotten that letter from Jesse! You wil have to get on his back about it haha. Not much has changed except I have been trading ties alot still haha I only have 3 of the ones that I came with haha! And one is an old one of Kelly's that he gave to me I think he said he had it on his mission but I'm not sure it is pretty old hahaha!!! But anyways I now have a tie of every color so my collection is pretty legit and they are all quality ties!! Some people are just plain dumb and trade good stuff for crap haha! Its pretty fun to see what you can get.

Well I gotta get goin I hope everything at home is doing good!! Good luck with school and work this coming week!! Love you guys!!

Elder Cole Chambers

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hola Familia!!!

Well I'm still here at the MTC. I have not seen the consolate yet, that is what is retarded about it is we just have to wait for them to call. I don't understand why they don't set up appointments and stuff. All it is, is going to Salt Lake and signing some papers and putting down your thumbprint or somethin. They said it could be tomorrow or it could be the end of next week or longer. So we don't really know. But, most likely I will be flying with Elders Haskell, Anderson and Solheim when we do end up going.

It is really hard to stay focused now that we are on our own with no schedule and no teacher. Our teacher Hermano Angus was the best, I learned a lot from him. But basketball is legit for the most part we play to 7 and winner doesn't stay. You have to shoot for teams after you are done but it is still pretty fun I'd forgotten how much fun b-ball is.

I can't believe Dallas lost to the Bears!!! That about broke my heart, what is going on?? I hope they can pull together and play good against the Texans!! How is Dez Bryant doing?? That is sick that he returned a kick off for a touchdown!! I hope they start rotating him into the offense more and more.

Well I got the package today, the voice recorder is awesome!! How much did it cost?? I played with it all day today, you can speed your voice up like a chipmunk or you can slow it down and it makes your voice all low and stuff. It is really cool I hope I can get it to work with the computers in Mexico, here at the MTC it won't work on these computers, I think they have blocked stuff like that from working here.

Our District is down to just the four of us going to Mexico City East. Three Elders left Monday and another 3 left today it is wierd. I am ready to go to Mexico I have liked the MTC but after 9 weeks I am ready to go. You can only teach so many fake lessons! haha I hope that we get to go soon I don't know how much longer I can keep my sanity here haha but basketball is helping!!

Last night was so awesome! There is an Elder here named Elder Stone he knows how to do magic and he is legit at it!! I think he will be the next Chris Angel or David Blaine!! He did this trick last night and he had me be his little helper person!!! It was so crazy after he did it we all ran around screaming like little school girls!! I will try to record the trick on the voice recorder and send it to you when I get to Mexico!! All I can say was that it was ridiculous!

That is cool that Layne got his call!!! Alaska would be sick!! And it is good to hear that Kayd is doing good!! I hope that he makes it to Mexico soon!! Well I gotta go sorry I didn't have much to say this week, but not much has changed here. I hope everything is going good back at home I love you all!!

Elder Cole Beanz

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hola Familia!

How is everyone doing! This week has went by fairly fast here in Provo. I got the cow pictures yesterday, I thought they would be bigger than they looked haha. Jr. still looks newborn haha, Yoda looks like he is pregnant! Napoleon looks like he is pretty big and Biff looks normal haha. Everyone thinks I'm the biggest hick haha because I was so excited for those cow pictures haha I loved them tho! Especially the one of Napoleon eatin corn!! I definatley need a real one of that!! haha

Well so here is the deal with Visas! You know how I told you 44 had Permiso's, well Me and the 3 other Elders going to East have our Permisos, all of Mexico City East does. Has Kayd gotten to Mexico yet? Anyways, so us 4 will not be getting reassigned, they will hold us here until the consolate in Salt Lake calls for us to meet with them, we don't know when this will be. The other 6 Elders in our District going to West do not have permisos and are getting reassigned. They haven't gotten their reassignments yet though. Anyways I'm pretty excited that I at least have my Permiso, hopefully the Consolate calls within the next week so I can get my Visa and leave.

Anyways about the voice recording thing, they are about 30 bucks here so I dunno if you could find a cheaper one at home. It would be cool but I don't want to spend 30 bucks haha. That is cool that Layne got his call be sure to dear elder me as soon as you find out where he is going. My companion is off of crutches so we get around a little better now. I hated having to carry his food in the cafeteria it was the worst carrying mine and his through a million people! It is better now.

I heard that Dallas got owned by the refs Sunday! Be sure to send me Dear Elders right after their games so I know if they won or not. I had to wait until Tuesday to find out haha. But it sounds like the Redskins had the luckiest game of their lives! A fumble return and then they needed a last play penalty to win. Lame!! It sounds like Romo did good tho, did Dez Bryant play? How did he do?

We had our last TRC this week it was pretty easy it was on lesson two again. They only teach you lessons 1 and 2 here in the MTC and Lessons 3,4,5, are on your own in the mission field. So maybe I will get some time to study those lessons since I will probably be delayed a bit. I don't know what we will do after Monday because our Teachers will have different jobs so we will be on our own. And if we get a new District on Wednesday they will probably need our classroom so I dunno where we will go after Wednesday.

Not to brag or anything but I've been tearin it up at MTC soccer!! There are so many people playing every time! Me and Elder Green own everyone but he left today for the Dominican Repulic so I dunno if it will be as fun now. We kindof got sick of volleyball too. The Gym is supposed to open back up on Wednesday so we will see if we can finally play Basketball. Everyone talks themselves up like they are amazing at everything here so we will see if everyone is as good at Basketball as they claim to be. haha

I Don't know what else to tell you. I didn't get to go to the real world last week because another Elder needed to go to the bone doctor too so they put him on exchanges with my companion. I was pretty bummed but it's alright! Hopefully they have a Taco Bell in Mexico!! haha O I bought a CD of pics that I need to send home and you guys can develop whatever ones you want. I will try to send that today. Also tell Grandpa and Grandma Spackman thanks for all their letters they write me at least twice a week, I will try to get them a letter today. Well I feel ready for Mexico my Espanol isn't perfect but I would probably survive. . . . I thinks anyways. I'm excited to see what this week brings. Gotta Run! Thanks for all the letters and stuff. You guys are the best! Let me know about the Dallas games haha. I love all of you.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hola Familia!

Mom thanks for the email it was really long this week haha! Sounds like things at work are getting better that is nice to hear that all is well back home! Haha I'm glad the 3 day weekend was good for you guys. As a missionary there are no weekends or Holidays, all they mean is that you don't get mail hahaha!

Well so much has happened this week! I'll start with the main thing that has happened! Me and Elder Anderson are no longer companions!! That is crazy because they hardly ever swith up the companionships in the MTC. I am now with Elder Solheim! Since Elder Haskell hurt his back they have been missing a lot of class and they were already struggling a lot with Spanish before his back problem. So they separted them so they could attend more class, and hopefully have us help them out. So Elder Anderson is now with E Haskell.

Anyways I felt like me and Elder Anderson were finally starting to teach pretty well together then they split us up. And let me tell you Elders Solheim and Haskell really struggle with their Spanish. This week we taught the Plan of Salvation and the Word of Wisdom in TRC. I had to talk most of the time, Elder Solheim said a few sentences. But I felt like I did a good job. Haha, maybe this is a blessing in disguise because now I have to talk a lot more and so I have to learn more Spanish.

Then, two days ago playing soccer outside, Elder Solheim broke his leg! Some kid kicked his leg instead of the ball! Ya, MTC soccer is crazy! His fibula has a piece broken off and the rest is cracked in half haha! So he is on crutches all the time now so we are late to pretty much everything! It is really really really annoying! Tomorrow we have to go to a bone speacialist in Orem! Haha Real world here I come haha i'm pretty excited to get out of the MTC for a few hours tho! Maybe I will get to go to Taco Bell!!! Because he broke his leg he will have to be here another 6 weeks!!! That would not be fun!

Did you get the receipt for my shots that I sent home!? I haven't gotten your package yet hopefully I will get it later today! O and ya I found my vial in my first aid thing! Thanks for the package anyways! O the DL just came in the room and gave me a package slip! Ya! That must mean that I got it! Thanks.

We still don't know about Visa's! They say that you receive flight plans 10 days from your departure date so that means that if they think we will get our Visas we should get flight plans tomorrow! But even if you get flight plans you still don't know for sure if your visa has came! They said that you really find out about 3 days before you are scheduled to leave! So who knows, there is a possibility I will get reassigned. I am supposed to leave the 20th which is a Monday I think.

It has almost been two months since I left, that means that I am due for another pic of the calves soon so I can see how they are growing haha! How are they doing with the cold weather!!? I hope good!

We got to host new Elders yesterday! It was a pretty cool experience we get to do it again next Wednesday! I hosted Brian Williams he used to go to Sky View but then moved like Jr. year or something to California. It was cool to host someone that I new tho.

Hahah Lacey's text must have worked cuz kenz finally wrote me! It was good to hear from him! He is two for two on this years football season with his field goals! And I guess he moved up to the number 1 kicker. I will try to get my pictures developed today or tomorrow and send them home. There's some pretty good ones on my camera right now.

We had to take the can tower down, once the Branch Presidency found out they put an end to it real quick haha. We had one last night where a bunch of people came and got pictures with it and stuff then we went crazy and tore it all down!! Haha

Well I gotta go Yo espero que todo esta bien! I love all you guys and all your letters are awesome! Have fun at the State Fair!

P.S. I am not pro at the double r but I can do it for the most part!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hola Familia! Sept 2, 2010

This week has been quite the week! I have been super tired every day, you never catch up on sleep here! How is the Family? Did Dad and Whitney get my Birthday Cards? I hope Whitney has a good birthday today!! Happy Birthday Whit!! I am jealous that you get to go to Golden Corral!

Well our District has been going crazy this week three or 4 days ago Elder Haskell in our room, woke up and his back was hurting so bad he could hardly walk. He had surgery on it 4 months before he came out for a herniated disk. Me and My companion gave him a blessing and by afternoon he was able to come out and play soccer with us. But as the days went on the pain came back and yesterday he went to the Doctor. They told him that the disk was reherniated and he would need surgery again and he would be going home today. It was a shock to us all. Our District is like family now and it was hard to think that he would be leaving us. Last night our whole District gave him a blessing and today we have been fasting for him. We also put his name on the prayer roll today when we went to the Temple. We have done everything that we can to help him. When we got back from the Temple he was sitting on a bench in front of the MTC. We went and asked him what was up and when he was leaving. He said that he had been in meetings all day and the surgeon had called today. The surgeon had said that the doctor read the MRI wrong and his disk wasn't protruding again it was just scar tissue from the last surgery! He has to get a cortizone shot tomorrow and he will be able to stay and leave for Mexico as long as his Visa is here on time! It has been a crazy week but a big testimony builder. The Priesthood Power is real and it can work miracles! It is so cool to hold that power and be worthy to exercise it when called upon! You feel especially in tune with the Spirit as a missionary, it is an incredible blessing for me to hold the priesthood.

Anyways more about the week! The can tower is almost all the way up the window it is awesome! We took a bunch of pictures with it last night since we thought Elder Haskell was leaving. O and my Spanish week went good but I only made it to Sunday but that was still a long time. So no Taco Bell for me. Que triste!

This coming Tuesday we have to teach lesson 2 in Spanish, it is alot harder than lesson one. Lesson one is now fairly easy for us haha. But lesson 2 will turn out good if we just practice alot before Tuesday.

O Mom, I would like you to send me a few things if you get the chance. Before I left Chad and Teresa gave me a sweet oil vial! I'm pretty sure I forgot it in my room somewhere, can you see if you can find it and send it? If you can't find it I have one on my keys if you will just send me that one. I would also like some black ice car air freshners for our room it is stinky haha. And anything else you would like to send. I can't wait to see this poodle. It is probably ugly!

I haven't had to give a talk yet in Sacrament but the last three weeks I have been assigned to give the opening prayer for Sacrament en Espanol of course, I dunno why they keep choosing me but I'm fine with it because that means they won't call on me to talk haha. You will have to send me a monthly pic of the cows every month so I can see how big they are getting. Work sounds rough, that sounds no fun! Just remember even though you are exhausted some nights, read something in the scriptures and give thanks to our Heavenly Father for all our blessings!! If you do the small stuff you I know that you will be blessed and you will have the strength you need to wrestle them kids on the bus!! haha I love you guys! Thanks for all that you do! You are all examples to me!

Love Elder Cole Beanz Chambers

P.S. tell kenz on facebook or something he is a pastel de fruta for not writing me yet!