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Monday, June 27, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey everyone, what's up? How is everything going back home? Everything is going good here in Azteca, I've been here for quite a while now. I'm thinkin that I will probably have changes in 2 weeks but who knows. I heard of an Elder here that has been in his area for 9 months. I've really liked this area but I think a change would be good. You can only walk the same streets for so long.

This week was so so here in the work. We did end up baptizing Zamira. We were really thinking that it wasn't going to happen because she ran away again and didn't come back until Friday haha. But everything went good. As for our other investigators, well we don't have too many. We are really contacting alot these days, trying to find new people. The ward here isn't too much support. But Saturday we did find a really cool family but they couldn't go this last Sunday to Church, but hopefully this next they will be able to go. The lady told us that not to long ago some people kidnapped her husband and asked for a ransom. So they had to give up everything to get him back, right now they have nothing, but at least they got the guy back. They are super humble and look really prepared to hear us, we'll see what happens this week with them.

In other news, The Rain Season has come. This week it has almost rained everyday, I have been usin my raincoat and umbrella alot. But I'm not likin the rain to much cuz we just have to start knockin doors, it doesn't work very good. They say that it will stay like this until September.

Also, The United States played against Mexico in the Gold Cup Final Saturday, but they ended up losing. We ended up buying hamburgers that night and the game was playing there so I got to see the first half of the game. The U.S. scored to quick ones but Mexico then scored two. All the people thought it was neat to have two Americans there watching the game with them. Haha but then we left and the next day we heard that Mexico won 4 - 2. Oh well.

Ya, today we went to this mall thing. We went with Elder Falslev again haha, and we seen all the movies that have came out. I seen all the bilboard things for transformers, Pirates, Cars 2 and some new Jim Carrey one, something that has to do with penguins. Haha I'm sure it will be hilarious. But more than movies, I have missed music, it will be crazy to get back and hear everything that has came out in the last two years.

Well, that is all that I can think of right now. All is well here in Azteca, we'll keep working and lookin for people to teach. But gotta run. Love you guys! Peace!!!

Elder Chambers

P.S. The pic is with my new suit but it looks black in the pic, it is just a dark brown!
P.S. Tell Grandma and Heidi Happy Birthday for me. Feliz CumpleaƱos!

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