Investigator from Haiti

Monday, August 29, 2011

What's up Family???

Hey Family, how is everything going this week? The weeks sure are passing by!! I can't believe that this week September is already going to start. This week has been another normal week here in the mission not much new to tell everyone. It sounds pretty normal back home as well.

Well we were going to have a baptism yesterday, but Julio didn't come to Church so who knows what is going on with him right now. This week we were able to find various new investigators but for some reason or another not many made it to church on Sunday. I am really trying to find ways to love my area but it gets harder and harder as we continue to not have success. But I know that there is something to learn here in Anahuac. In fact almost all the mission is really struggling right now, I don't know what is up.

This week we were able to teach this 93 year old lady named Juana. She is really funny! She forgets stuff after about five minutes, I think we have told her that her baptismal date will be the 11th but she never remembers haha. When we ask her and she doesn't remember she hits herself in the head haha. She is a really nice old lady, but when we went to pick her up for Church she wasn't there.

My comp is going home in December. I can see that everyday he starts thinking more and more about home haha it kind of makes me start thinkin too, but I still have quite awhile to go. We're pretty sure that we will have changes this next cycle, hopefully I don't have a comp that will be going home soon.

The weather here is good. I think it still reaches up to about 80 degrees here, it rains about every evening but not as hard as it used to. I'm pretty sure that in the next months it will be around 70ish and sunny everyday. Haha The weather is actually really nice here in Mexico.

Well be sure to keep me updated on everything new going on back home. Haha I can't believe Kelly broke his hand golfing hahaha! But I gotta run! Love you guys!! Peace!

Elder Chambers

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hola Familia,

Well how is everyone doing this week!? I hope that all is well. Everything here is going good and normal nothing too exciting has happened.

To answer all of the questions that you guys had, well the guy with the dreads is going to wait until this Sunday to get baptized, and no he doesn't have to cut his hair haha. Rocio stopped progressing, we couldn't get ahold of her any more, maybe we will try to visit in a few weeks. Tomorrow is changes meeting!! I love the changes meeting! Everything just goes crazy! But me and my comp don't have changes, we will be together another six weeks. I heard that Elder Castro is going to go up as Zone Leader.

On Saturday we got to go and enter into the Temple. Elder Soza had a convert that went through. It was really cool! It's been quite a while since I entered the Temple last. The last time was December! It really helped me get focused again, the Temple is just awesome! Hopefully I will be going again this next year with my own converts.

This week me and my comp had a dog come after us haha. We entered into this neighborhood thing to go to lunch, and down by this alley way we saw this Pitbull sittin on the corner. Well it was sitting in between some cars. So we tried to pass it to get to lunch but it seen us and before we new it, it was busting around the car to get us. Haha me and my comp got pretty scared haha we started to run and I almost pushed Elder Soza over haha. But then the chain caught and it couldn't come after us any more haha. I'm glad that it had that stinkin chain!

What new has happened at home. Have you sold the cows yet, or is there any news on them? How is Lacey doing? I heard about her little fiasco haha! I'm glad that everything is good now! Dad also told me about the Cowboys, I guess preseason has already started! How is the team looking this year? Hopefully they can do a little better than last year. I can't believe that football is already starting again, school is also about to start! That is crazy! Lacey will be a Junior right? and Whitney is in what grade? Oh man everyone will be alot older when I get back.

Well that is all for this week. Love all you guys! Peace out!

Elder Chambers

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey everybody, hope that everyone has had a great week!! Everything is sounding great back at home. I seen the videos that you guys sent me, everything is looking really stinkin green back home!! That is something that I miss a bit, everything here is concrete haha. But it's all good.

Things here are going good, the days pass by fast. Every day at 6 we wake up and do exercise, then when we get back at night we do a little bit too. We are thinking of buying a gym pass and going every morning to do good exercise. I'm slowly gettin back into shape haha. There is no way I'm comin home a gordito!

This week was mas o menos here in the work. We worked hard and everything but couldn't find to much people. The guy with the dreads is sick! He is really excited about the Church, he will probably get baptized this Sunday or the next. We also found a lady named Rocio this week, she told us that she would like to go to Church so Sunday we passed by her house in a taxi and she was outside ready waiting for us. She also looks like she is going to progress. That's all we really have right now, all the others that weren't progressing we had to drop. Sometimes it's hard to leave the people, but we can't be wastin time with people that aren't ready to change their lives right now.

I'm sure that the campout this week will be fun, be sure to tell everyone hi for me. I remember the last time that you guys told me you were going on the Chambers campout I was still in the MTC. This past year has went really fast. The cows have also really grown, you'll have to let me know when you sell them and how much they go for.

Oh and if you guys can tell Grandma Chambers that I am getting her letters, tell her thanks. And Grandma Spackman asked me when we go to the Temple. We only go on Christmas or if converts are going to enter, that's the only time we get to go in. But we are always there outside, actually tonight we are going to go there to pick up some stuff.

That's great that you guys are reading the scriptures again!! D&C has got some crazy amazing stuff in it. Sometimes I read it and it just planches me!! (Planch is like cuss you out) I don't know how to explain it that good. But it's really makes ya start thinkin that you gotta do better.

Well I hope you guys have a great week!! Thanks a bunch for the vids! They were tight! Love you guys Peace out!

Elder Chambers

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hey Fam!

Hey everybody, how's everything? Things here are same ole and ole! Haha how was the camp out? That is something that I will definatley want to do when I get back haha just go somewhere and relax! How is everyone in the family doing, what are you guys up to? I can't believe that it is almost back to school time again!

This week has been another fast one. Me and my comp went on divisions with the assistants on Thursday. Everything went good. Once again transfers will be here before we know it haha we have 2 weeks till transfers. I think that my comp is going to a new area, and I will be staying here in Plazas and Hacienda.

This week we struggled to get people to Church. We had quite a few lined up but not one made it on Sunday. We were trusting them to show up but it looks like we are gonna have to go pick them up on Sundays to make sure they go. But halfway through sacrament meeting a lady showed up and wanted to talk to us. She told us she was from a different ward but she has a boyfriend that lives in our area and he has been going to her ward for a few weeks. We told her to go get him and bring him. So she went and got him, haha this guy is freakin awesome. He walks into Church and he's got dreads down to his butt haha. Everyone was like, what the?? Haha But he is really cool and he likes Church, he plays in this reggae band. We are going to go and see him tomorrow.

I can't believe Tyler is already home! It seems like just last week I was there watching him open up his call and look for Chihuahua Mexico on the world map haha. I'm sure he's got some pretty cool stories.

I haven't heard anything about the people back in Pachuquilla. I imagine that they are still all going I will try to get in contact with them. Just yesterday I seen Elder Castro in the Subway. He is doing good I think that this next cycle he will get moved up to zone leader.

The mission is really different from what I thought it would be. I don't really remember what I thought it would be but I know that it's different. Haha before I thought that all missionaries were super spiritual and that they knew everything, I thought that all missionaries were perfectly obedient but I can see that that isn't true haha. It is quite the experience being here and learning what I am learning!

Well that is about it, I hope next week to be writin on Monday haha. Peace out!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hey Fam!

What's up!? How is everything in Benson!? Well now we're into August! Where did July go? It really flew by!! Sounds like everything is going great back home! What are you guys planning on doing the last weeks of Summer!? Oh and I forgot to ask, did you guys see Transformers 3? How is it?

Well this week alot of stuff happened haha. To start off, I had the best experience ever! I got to kick a rat!! hahaha So we're out contactin and the garbage truck is passin right, and then the workers all start runnin around. And I seen that they were chasin a rat. Then what do you know the freakin rat just starts comin right at me hahaha. But don't worry, I wound up and sent it flying in the other direction. Then it got up again and got hit by this lady with a broom! Haha but it still kept runnin, but then the dudes crushed it with a big rock!

Oh we also found this crazy scientist guy. I don't remember if I told you guys about him yet. He has scitzophrenia or however you spell it. But he is crazy into math! He told us that God revealed to him a formula. I guess it proves that the power of God is always expanding haha. He was explaining it to us and Me and my comp couldn't hold in the laughs haha. But I don't think that he even noticed. He gave me the formula so that I can give it to an American Scientist and win the Nobel Prize hahaha. Oh man and sometimes he calls us just to explain the formula more haha it's crazy!!

This week we also had a zone leader meeting with President, we have one every month. It was really good, President also lined up some really good food to eat. Their is this chicken stuff that is called Tinga that I just love!! But the meeting went good, every time two companionships train all the others so one time that's what I will have to do.

This week we were able to baptize Carlos. Everything went good, we are really trying to have the members baptize and confirm the people so that they can get excited about the work. We also taught a lot of lessons this week but not too many made it to Church on Sunday. It looks like it won't be for another 2 weeks till we're in the water again. We have a family that we are teachin right now but they couldn't go to Church yesterday.

Well I guess that the Solis family was having some problems back in Azteca. I guess the husband didn't want to go to church anymore. But I wrote him a letter and Falslev has been workin with him and he went to Church these last two weeks. I think everything is good now!! I'm glad Falslev is there watchin over all my converts haha.

Well, I gotta run!! Always remember that from small and little means great things are brought to pass!! The Lord has many blessings ready for you all if you guys put in your part to receive them!! Love you all!

Elder Chambers

Oh and the enchiladas here are really really different, they are eaten with chicken and a lot of salsa haha! And my church is the church that says armas, I think that the house spot is on!

and I went on divisions with Garcia again that's what the pic is. The other pic is of the zone leader meeting and the other is the baptism of Carlos.