Investigator from Haiti

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hola Familia,
Hey Everybody!! How is everything back in the States!? I don't hear much news from there. Here everything is good, the time is going fast, this week I will be at 15 months. The time goes faster the harder you work. That's too bad about the calves, I thought that Yoda was actually going to sell for more, oh well. So I imagine without any animals back there the field is lookin pretty empty huh?

This week we were able to find success again. We had 8 in Church yesterday, some new peeps and some of the same. This week we should have anywhere between 2-4 baptisms. And it's looking like 3 on the 30th. This week we went to visit a family that me and soza had been teaching that never progressed because they couldn't get married. The wife had lost all her identification papers in a flood. We went and taught them and she was able to make new papers that next day. They will be able to be baptized not this Sunday but the next. They are excited and progressing really good. The Lord has kept blessing us.

We were also teaching Jose Luis and his wife again. His wife told us a pretty cool story. She said that about two weeks ago she was washing dishes and had alot on her mind. When she started to talk to God out loud asking him what she needed to do in her life. Then 30 minutes later we showed up at her door! The night before we had been praying to know where to go to work that day and we felt like we needed to go to that street. And what do you know, we were sent to answer her prayer.

We have also found another family, we are going to baptize their little girl this week. The Mom is already a member but inactive. Her and her husband also need to get married, we also have plans to marry them and baptize the Dad the first week of November.

It is so cool to be a part of such a big work. It is even better when we see miracles and start to see success. It is truly a blessing to be doing what I am doing right now in my life. Every day I strenghten my testimony that God has called me to be here in this mission and that there are people waiting just for me.

Not much else is going on here. Today we played soccer at our Church house with a few missionaries of the zone. It was alright. Then we went and ate some big burritos!! Oh how I love the burritos here. They aren't too common here in the city but I love em. My comp is from Guanajuato Mexico, he is really cool, we get along good and are working hard. He was baptized when he was 16 years old, he now has 20.

Hope you guys have a great week love ya!!

Elder Chambers

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