Investigator from Haiti

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey everybody! How are things going back home? Has Odis died yet, are the cows still doin good? Haha things here in Mexico are going pretty good for us too. This week we went to the transfers meeting and Kayd also had transfers. I was able to sit by him the whole meeting, it's pretty cool to have a friend that lives just down the road right here with me in Mexico. Kayd got a new hijo and was moved to another area. He moved into our zone, we would be in the same District but everything got changed up because they made a new District. I also seen Elder Castro there at the transfers meeting, he gave me a tie haha. Elder Garcia was also there too! The whole gosh darn Family!! Haha it was good to talk to everybody.

But, ya here we are again in our area already a week has passed by in this cycle. I have really loved my area here, the members and the investigators are great. I think that the missionaries before me and Garcia didn't hardly work, they baptized a few but this are was ready to explode! Three whole families in one are is a miracle. I'm so happy that I came here when I did. On Sunday in the Gospel Principles class the teacher was talking about missionary work. She asked everybody to share how they came to know the Gospel. It was one of the coolest moments of my mission. The Solis Family, The Delgado Briones Family, and The Rodriguez Family all stood up and expressed how we found them in the street and how they came to know the Gospel through us, they expressed the changes that have taken place in their lives and the happiness that they feel in the Gospel. I couldn't help it, I had tears running down my face. It is such a blessing to be here in the mission helping people changes their lives. I hope that this cycle we can find another family.

Right now we are having a little bit of a rough time. This week was the "Holy Week" here in Mexico, instead of just celebrating Easter, they celebrate the whole week. They do crazy Catholic rituals, on Friday they did this whole play thing where they actually had crosses that they carried through the streets and then in front of the Catholic Churchs they had people get up on the crosses and act like they were being crucified. There tradicions are redunculous! Then on Saturday, they always have big water fights everywhere, we got squirted with squirt guns as we were walking around trying to find people. This week the people here were really closed off to everything. And on Sunday when we went to pick of Alicia she wasn't there. We have a possibility of baptizing a guy named Julio this Sunday but he is in a process of stopping smoking, maybe it will take him until the next week.

This week not much else happened. It is really wierd now to have a cell phone in my pocket again, the first time it rang I had a little panic attack haha. I also sent some texts, that was really wierd! I'm a little bit slower but I think it is because I'm doing it in Spanish haha. I also had my first baptismal interview this week. It was with a little 9 year old kid, everything went well, the little kids are super easy to interview. Its a little bit harder when you get a lady who has had an abortion or something like that haha. Tonight I have my first District class, I'm not to worried the Zone Leaders said they were going to give my first class. We'll see how it all goes.

Well yesterday they told us that we are going to call, us gringos, on the 8th. But they told us that they would like us to do it before 6:00. Like the other time we are going to have 45 minutes again. But I'm not sure if the code to call is the same as the last time because I'm in the State of Mexico now, not Hidalgo. You guys will have to do some research. Next week I will let you guys know what time and what number to call. If there is a time that you guys would like tell me in the next letter. But that's all for now, that's great you guys got my letters, I wrote them a long time ago. But ya take care, love you guys!

Elder Chambers

P.S. Tell Whitney to score!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hola Familia,

Well how is everyone doing? I got the pictures of the St. George trip and everybody looks like they are doing good. Well it has cooled down a little bit here, the last 4 days it has rained but not all that hard. My companion said that it was the first time that he has ever seen lightning. Personally I am not liking the rain at all, there is absolutley nobody in the street when it rains, and if there is someone they don't want to stop and talk to you.

Things in the mission are continuing to go good. What looked impossible, we got done this week. The Family that we were teaching was able to get married and later be baptized yesterday. I know that we had tons of blessings from the Lord to be able to baptize the Family. Normally it takes about a week or two to marry someone but they let us in, in just two days. This is the Lords work and he is guiding every phase of it. The baptisms went great, and the Family is really happy.

Besides that not much else has happened here this past week. Tomorrow we finish the cycle, we talked with our District Leader last night and he told us that we don't have changes. So, we will be here in Azteca another 6 weeks, hopefully we can continue baptizing, this next week we don't have anyone, but the next we have a lady named Alicia. Hopefully she will decide to be baptized, she is about 60 years old. But there is one small change that we have. Well, I'm going to be District Leader, haha it really took me by surprise when they told me. But I think I'm ready for it haha. The wierdest thing will be giving the baptismal interviews. I also have to give the class every Tuesday now, I really think I'm gonna go gray by the time I get back home. President is putting alot more pressure on us now to baptize every week! I know that it is possible but we are going to need to work alot harder. I hope I can help my new District, so that all of us can be in the water every Sunday!!

Well, how is everybody in the Family? Pretty soon we will be talking on the phone again, I'm not sure if it will be on Sunday or Tuesday because here in Mexico they celebrate Mothers Day always on May 10th. So we might call on Tuesday, who knows! The time is going by really fast, we've already passed the half way point of April, and this week I will hit my 9 month mark. I'm gettin close to a year eh!

Just so you know, I didn't feel the earthquake, I think it would take an earthquake pretty big to do anything here in the city. And I didn't eat the whole bowl of grasshoppers, it was only a side to put on Tacos but I did eat some haha, they were pretty nasty haha. This week the food was pretty normal.

An update on the families that we've baptized here, well yesterday all of them were there in the Church. And the Solis Family all went to do baptisms for the dead this week, so did the wife of the other Family, the husband had to work. Everything is going great with them, I hope that in a year I can see all of them go through the Temple together.

Well guys I think that, that is all for this week, sorry for such a boring letter. But I gotta run, take care! Love you guys!

Lub, Elder Chambers

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey Everybody, how's it going?? Sounds like everything is great! Things here in the mission are coming along, the weeks are going faster and faster and I'm sure that after the year mark it will be all downhill from there. It was good to hear about your St. George Trip, That's wierd to think that I lived down there for a year haha. I'll bet it was nice to get out of the cold weather for a little bit. It has been super hot here the last few weeks, working in the street has been just awful. But its what we gotta do.

Well this week has been so so here in Azteca. We were able to have Mario's baptism on Sunday, that was quite the experience. He is kind of a bigger guy and he didn't think my companion could help him out of the water so he was trying to do everything. The first attempt he started flailing all around and he didn't go under the water all that well. I was laughing my head off hahaha. Then my comp, got all nervous and did it again but forgot to say the prayer hahaha. Then they did it again and he finally went under the water and came up good. Haha it was pretty funny, but I hope Mario was still able to feel the Spirit. We also had the Rodriguez Family there in Church. It is a family of 4, the parents and the two kids, who are 15 and 12 years old. Everything is looking really good with them. But there is one problem, the Mom and Dad aren't married. But we are planning on marrying them this week and then they can be baptized this Sunday! I hope that everything goes well with them and that they don't get scared off by the crazy baptism of Mario (they stayed to watch the baptism). Other than that we didn't have anybody new there at Church. The other family we are teaching pretty much told us they aren't interested anymore so we are down to this one family. I hope that we can find alot of people new this week so that after this family we can keep baptizing.

Sometimes I get a little frustrated with my comp, because he isn't that hard of a worker, he gets tired really fast. He already knows alot about the Gospel, he has been a member all his life, so he knows a little bit about teaching. But, we aren't gonna find anyone to teach if we go back to the house and sleep. Almost everyday he asks when we are going to go and have a nap, and I have to tell him that we ain't going back to the stinkin house! It gets a little annoying. But there are a lot of good things about him too. I hope that this week he can get adjusted a little more to the missionary life and quit complaining so much.

I used the teeth strips but they didn't seem to help much. I think I'll just have to wait until I get home to worry about my teeth. I didn't know that the cake box had cologne in it I'm going to check it when we get back to the house. I still havent made my cake haha. We don't have an oven. I think that I'm starting to get fat hahah maybe you can tell in the picture but I can't tell anymore. Some other Elders told me that I've gotten bigger since I got here. The food is just too good haha.

The Solis and Delgado Families are still going really strong, they have had a lot of support from the ward and are really excited about the Gospel. It would be awesome to see them go to the Temple in a year. I already made them promise me that in a year they would go to the Temple! The Solis Family is going to the Temple this Friday to do Baptisms for the dead. I hope that they get a taste of the Temple and be more excited to go in a year. Everything is going good with them.

Well I think that is all for this week, hope you guys can get everything that you need to do done. I felt sad when I thought about my motorcycle sitting there all alone in the shed while I'll the others were there in St. George haha. The cows are looking good!! I hope they can grow a little more and get cleaned up in the next few months. But yep thats all for this week. Love you guys.

Elder Chambers

P.S. I thought it was pretty funny that Whitney is now trying to keep up with Dad out there on the trail haha. Good job Whit!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hola Familia,

Well here I am, another week older here in the mission haha. Im a week closer to my next birthday hahaha. But ya Im starting to feel older and older here in the mission, because guess what. Yep, I have got another son!! Elder Garcia already grew up and left me but good old President didnt want to leave me childless haha. This week has been really loco here in Mexico. On Monday after the Pyramides we went and said goodbye to the Solis Family and The Delgado Briones Familiy. Then on Tuesday we had a District Meeting. Right after the District Meeting, we had to go to the Temple for the Transfers meeting. When we got there President was waiting for us. He then shook my hand and said Elder Chambers this is your new companion, Elder Navarro. I had never seen this Elder before so I asked him. Hey how much time do you have in the mission? He then told me I got here yesterday from Peru. Hahahaha I was so surprised. Nobody told me I would be training again. hahaha Oh I think Im going to have a big receding hairline when I get back home! Training is a lot of work!! Haha but then on Friday we had a Zone Conference, and then Saturday and Sunday was the General Conference.

We didnt really have to much time to work this last week. We worked wednesday and thursday and friday in the night but that was it. But the Lord really blessed us and we were able to have some success this week. We are teaching a 45 year old that is named Mario. He is really excited for his baptism and will be baptized this Sunday. Then we also had a family that went to the conference. The Family Espinosa, this is a family of 5, but only the Parents and one of the sons went to the conference, we are going to have to work with the kids more this week to get all of ready for the 17th of April. We also had the Fam. Rodriguez there too, This is a family of 4, but also the parents went but the two kids stayed home. But we were really happy to see the parents of both families there. Hopefully they will all want to continue learning and be baptized soon.

Well I also thought that the Conference was great. I ended up watching only the Saturday morning and Priesthood session in English because for all the others we had investigators with us. I think that one of my favorite talks was by Utchdorf in the Priesthood Session! It was awesome, He talked about living up to our full potencial in the Priesthood. Dad will have a lot of ideas now for all of his classes that he has to give. I also liked Bednars talk, but he gave that talk a few months ago here in Mexico, so I had already heard it but it was still really good.

I hope that all of you are having a great time there in St. George. Im sure that you will have the typical bad luck and it will rain most of the time! But it will still be a nice vacation for you guys!! I really want to ride my motorcycle but I guess it will have to wait a little bit hahaha.

During the conference, we were in a Church house right next to the Temple. We were sitting there in the break between one of the sessions and the President and Sister of the MTC here walked by. They are Americans and they started talking to us. After we finished the Sister told me, "Ya know, you have a Mexican accent, right!?" Hahaha I know that I am talking with an accent but I cant help it. Im sure that I will lose it quick once I get back home.

What I would like to research, isnt necessarily the Pyramids. It is the legend of Quetzelquat. I guess it was a God that came here in Mexico and taught the people how to live. All the members say that it was Jesus when he came to the Americas and that when the Spaniards came the Aztecas and Mayas thought that Quetzelquat had came back because they were white and had beards like Quetzelquat did. I dunno the whole story but it is really interesting. Quetzelquat is represented by the head of a snake with feathers around it. There was a pyramid there, that had this symbol all over it. Maybe Jesus Christ once walked down the steps of that pyramid, who knows. I will send a pic of the pyramid. I also sent a pic of our tasty meal of crickets or grasshoppers or I dont know what they were!!

Well, this is all that I can think of to tell you guys right now. Hope you guys are having a blast in St. George! Wish I could be there with ya! Love Elder Chambers