Investigator from Haiti

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hola Familia,

Well how has everyone been this week? I'm sure that Lacey is in love with her car by now haha. This week went pretty good for us too! The weeks are passing by really fast now, before we have time to think it is already Sunday. But ya today we were able to go to the pyramids, I sent you guys a few pics. I guess the biggest is named the pyramid of the sun, then the second biggest the moon, and all the others are the stars. Kind of like the plan of salvation eh! All the Mexicans think that the Lamanites were the Mayas and Aztecas. And they think that Quetzlequat was Jesus when he came to the Americas. It would be really interesting to study out and stuff but we can't use the internet. I took a bunch of pics but I sent you guys some of the best ones. Oh and before I forget, ya I took out 80 bucks the other day, and another 50 today. I used it when we went to the Centro to buy a sweet jersey, then today I bought some cool stuff there at the pyramids.

The work is also going really good. This Sunday we baptized another Family. The Delgado Briones Family. It was the Dad, the Mom and the daughter who is 8 years old. They also have another son but he is six still. They were super ready to receive the Gospel, they accepted everything and didn't have any problems. They were so happy after their baptisms, and the Family Solis ( who we baptized about 3 weeks ago, stayed to watch the baptisms, they are going strong too!! Haha they even gave me a wallet for my birthday) But ya anyways. After the baptisms we went to their house and ate with them. It was really cool because the first Sunday that they went to church the wife put her name on the food list. And what do you know, their baptisms happened to fall on the same day! It was really sweet!!

Well yesterday we received quite the news! My son is already all grown up and is leaving the house. Yup haha he has transfers tomorrow, we don't know why exactly because transfers aren't for 3 more weeks. But we'll find out tomorrow, I will be staying here in Azteca and will be gettin a new comp, I hope he is a good one! Elder Garcia is a little bummed, I think he wanted to stay longer because we have had such good success. In our cycle and a half together we have had 12 baptisms! The Lord has really blessed us, thanks for all of your prayers and everything!

Today was really cool at the pyramids; there is a lot of history there. And the pyramids are super big!! I don't know how anyone could build such things without the technology that we have now days. They are still excavating there and finding a bunch of new things. Today I bought me this coat thing there but it is super Mexican haha! I also bought me a blanket that has some pretty sweet designs on it. I think for now I'm gonna lay off on buying stuff because my suitcases are already gonna be full haha.

I'm pretty excited for the General Conferences to come around. It will be cool to be watching the same thing as you guys, I'm sure there are gonna be some great talks. I hope that we can find some investigators to go. I think I am gonna try to watch it in English, it's just not the same when someone is translating it. It's not as powerful haha. But anyways the Conference is gonna be dizope!

Oh and I got your package this week!! Thanks for all of the food haha. Elder Garcia really liked his tie, he says thanks!! I will have to start the teeth things this week, I hope that they work good, I'm sure they were expensive. It was a good week this week haha. Even though I am far from home, there are some really good people here that make me feel at home! For my birthday at the top of the Pyramid some members gave me a hostess cake thing for my birthday and we ate it on top of the pyramids. It was cool.
All is well here in Mexico! I hope that your trip to St. George goes good, I'm pretty jealous that I don't get to go. I'm sure the weather will be a lot like it is here haha hot!! But take care and have a good time!! Tell everybody hi for me. Love you all, gotta run!

Elder Bean Bag!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey everybody, how are things? Sounds like the week was very eventful for someone, wink wink, Lacey!! I can't believe how spoiled she is hahahaha. No looks like it was a crazy day. Be sure to tell Tracy Happy Birthday for me too. I couldn't get the video to work, we are in another crappy internet, the good one was closed today, I guess it is some Holiday here in Mexico, they look for anything to have a holiday here!!! So I will try to look at it next week!! I'm sure it's a pretty good vid.

Well I'm still waiting for the package. We got mail two weeks ago, and it wasn't there so hopefully I get it next week, if not it will be another month to wait. I can't believe that on Monday I will be leaving the teens hahaha man do I feel like an old fart!! Especially out here in the mission with my hair all short and what not and parted! All the Mexicans down here think that I'm 23 or 24 years old haha. I even had one lady think that I was 30 years old hahaha!!! Everyone here thinks I'm old haaha but back home before I left everyone told me I looked like I was 15 years old hahaha.

This week the work has slowed down a bit. We are struggling to find people to teach. We still have the new family that we are teaching. They all ended up making it to Church yesterday. So, I think that we will be able to baptize them this next Sunday for my birthday. They are really cool and excited about the Church. The wife has always been Catholic but has always had a bunch of doubts. Hopefully they accept for this Sunday if not we will have to wait until April. Other than them we didn't have anybody new in the Church, we had a few prospects but when we went to their house on Sunday they weren't there. Who knows what happened. But I have a feeling that this week we are gonna find a ton of new people.

Well the whole Japan things sounds pretty bad. I still haven't heard to much about it but I did here that all the missionaries were in a conference and nothing happened to them. They have sent all the missionaries home for now. That would be crazy!! I hope nothing like that happens here in Mexico, I want to serve my two full years!!

This week not much happened. We played soccer again today, the only thing I don't like is that we never ever play on grass!! It is always on concrete! But it's nice to get out and run around a little bit! Well I weighed myself this week and I have broke into the 160's I think I am 163 or something like that. I left the MTC at 158. It is hard to know your weight exactly because everything is in kilos here. The temperature here is also in Celcius. I never know what temp it really is. I only know that it is hot! The sun is a freaking beast!! Everyday we are out in the sun, and after Lunch it is hard to get back and work haha because you get really tired but ya gotta do it!!

Well that is all for this week!! Hope everything goes great for you guys! Tell Grandpa Spackman happy birthday for me too on Saturday!! Only 2 more months before we get to talk again on the phone!! Send me some pics of the fam or another video, I enjoy the videos. Well gotta go!! Love you guys

Elder Beanz

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hey Family,

How are things going back in Benson!? Sounds like everything is going good, it even sounds like the weather has warmed up a little bit. I hope everyone survives all the cake and ice cream this month. I'm glad Yoda is back to normal, that would have really been bad to lose him now haha. You guys should have taken a picture of him when he was all bloated up! I can't believe that Lacey is already taking her driving test, she definately doesn't know how to be drivin!! Haha Hope that she passes her test!

Well things here in the Misión México Este are going good still. We continue having lots of blessings from the Lord every day. This week we found another Family, the Family Delgado Briones. It is a family of 4, they have a daughter who is 8 and a son who is 6. They seem pretty interested, they've had a Book of Mormon for over 20 years, some cousin gave it to them or something, but they had never opened it. They went to Church yesterday and really liked it. The wife even put her name down to feed us next week haha. I'm pretty sure that they are going to progress and be baptized soon. We also found another Family that seemed really cool, but they didn't end up making it to Church, we gotta go see what their problem was. Hopefully they can go this next Sunday.

Well that is the update on the missionary work here in Azteca. On Sunday we confirmed the Solis Family, I confirmed the Dad and Elder Garcia the Mom and some other members did the kids. It was really cool, we did it at the end of Sacrament meeting, the whole family went in front of everyone and we did the confirmations. I hope that in a year they go to the Temple to be sealed, if they do I will get to go and be there with them! That would be dizope!!

Ya we heard about the earthquake in Japan, sounds pretty bad. Then they got hit again with the Tsunami! What else is happening in the World, what is Barack Obama up too? We don't here much as missionaries, especially missionaries in Mexico, I have no idea about what is going on back in the U.S.

Today we went and played soccer again with a bunch of missionaries. It was fun but now I am super tired, I'm not in shape at all. I'm breathin heavy just by goin up the stairs to the Subway!! Haha I don't like doing my exercise in the morning! It is too early, I always go to do crunches but fall asleep on the floor haha. Maybe I will come back from my mission really fat haha, I don't look to fat in my pics but I definately feel fatter. haha

That is crazy that the cows are already eating the grass out in the field! It must have really warmed up alot. Has Dad been able to pull out the Street bike yet? Hopefully it can stay that way, but I doubt it. There are always a few snowy days in April too. How is Odis doin? Is he still have blind and half deaf? Hahaha sometimes I think about all the stupid stuff he used to do and I just start to laugh! Haha

Well it's already March, that means that Sky View has their soccer team all ready. You'll have to let me know how they are doing this year. Sometimes I wish that I could play for Sky View again but nope I'm already too old to play. Oh well haha. How is Ethan doing in Italy? Actually, how is everyone doing in the mission from the Ward? I haven't heard from anybody except kayd, mason, and dillon. How is Layne doing in Alaska? I'm sure he is freezing to death haha.

Well I'm out of things to say. That is all for this week, nothing extraordinary happened. Hopefully I will have something exciting to tell you guys next Monday. Keep up the good work there in Benson, share the Gospel with everybody!!!! Gotta run, love you guys.

Elder Frijolez

P.S. We live on the street Bonifacio Salinas, its really close to where we lived before. And really close to the Subway too, you can here it taking off at night from our house.

and the pic is old but I thought I would share it with you guys.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hola Familia!!!!!!!!!

hey everybody what's up?? This week was super dizope here in the mission. We had a lot of blessing from The Lord. Things back at home also sound good, I'm glad everything is going good and normal.

This week, well we baptized The Family Solis!! Haha Yep the whole Family of five! It is the Dad and Mom the two daughters who are ages 14 and 12, and the son who is 9. It was awesome to baptize the whole family, I baptized the parents and my comp (my son) baptized the three kids. They were truly ready to receive the Gospel in their lives, they are gonna be great members. From the moment that we contacted them in the street we knew that they were golden!! Thanks for all of your prayers for them and everything this week! Everything turned out perfect, the picture looks pretty cool, Everybody in white haha. We had troubles finding all the white clothes for them.

Other than the baptisms, we didn't have to much success with new investigators in Church. We had one lady come, she is from Honduras but is kind of crazy! I don't think that she is all there in the head. When the Sacrament came around she got really freaked out and scared. She refused to take it and said she saw death and felt bad feelings!! So ya that is our wierd story of the week haha. I don't think she will want to come back next week haah.

This week we have also passed this homeless guy in the street almost everyday. But he too has mental problems. He thinks that he is in the Army or something, one day we seen him pass a couple kissing on the sidewalk and when he passed them he turned around and acted like he was pushing a button for a bomb or something that would explode on them or something, he even did all the noises with his mouth for the bomb! haha then another day when we passed he was in the middle of the street doing quarterturns and saluting the air! It was super wierd ahahaha. There are quite the people here in the City!

Well the story about Yoda was prettty funny. It won't be funny if he dies but right now it is pretty dang funny!!! When I read Dad's email I was laughing so hard here in the Internet Cafe that I had tears running down my face!!! Hahahaha I can just imagine his burp!!!! Haahaah I hope he is doing alot better now!!

Tomorrow is Transfers but they told us yesterday that me and my son will be together for another 6 weeks. Hopefully we will be able to repeat the cycle that we just had. We had 9 baptisms in 6 weeks! It was awesome, alot better than Pachuquilla haha. We are hoping to find more families like the Family Solis.

Well I already have plans for my birthday. We are going to see pyramids in Tiahucan. They are supposed to be huge!! And from what I have heard they have relacion with the Plan of Salvacion. I guess the biggest pyramid is of the sun, then the next is of the moon and their are others of the stars. It will be really cool. We are going to go with some members in the ward. I will take a bunch of pics.

Well that is all for this week. Tell everybody in the Fam hi for me. Everything is going good here in the mission. Take care!! Love you guys!!

Elder BEANZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!