Investigator from Haiti

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hola Familia Hey everybody!! Thanks for the pictures and emails!! Looks like everyone is doing great! I seriously cannot believe how fat odis looks!!!! My comp said he looks like a cow! Hahaha! All the kids look a lot bigger too, I'm sure that when I get back it I won't harldy recognize anyone!

Well one more week gone here in the mission! Haha and no we do not have Labor Day here, haha just P-Day. It seems like we do the same thing every P-Day. Clean the house, then play a sport or somethin, take a nap, then write you guys, then it's off to work at about 6. Today we went and played basketball with the assistants and Falslev. It was pretty fun, Kayd is probably the best basketball player here in the mission. It was fun. I also heard a rumor going around that me and Kayd could be comps soon. Hopefully that one is true haha it would be really cool.

That's too bad about Chip, but I think it will be better without him haha. He never did like me!! You guys should have sent him to the Tongans!! Or at least to Saifolois family haha Saifoloi said that horse is really good. I haven't tried horse here but I've tried a few weird things! One being pig feet soup!! Oh ya tasty haha.

Yesterday it started raining like crazy here!! It went on for a few hours, we finally ended up going home because it was just crazy. Then we noticed that it was gonna flood haha! We started moving everything up to the second floor the water was going up really fast. I guess the drainage systems here suck. They get filled up fast and then all the water just stays. We got some buckets and started taking the water away from our door, it was about to go in but after all it didn't end up getting into our house. After the rain we went with a member to eat. He came and picked us up in his car and we drove to his house. The streets everywhere were crazy, it was above the sidewalk in some places just right inside the houses. Today we seen a newspaper headline and in some places the water got chest high! We were lucky that it wasn't that bad haha.

The work is still going slow, we are trying a few things to change that. When the work gets slow I start to focus a little more in my personal studies. I am about halfway through the Book of Mormon in Spanish, and finishing up 2 Samuel in the old testament. We learn a lot everyday here in the mission. I had heard something about Moroni going down with a fight haha but I don't remember where.

That's great that Dad is keepin Kandy runnin!! She's got to be in top form for when I get back haha. That truck is the best!! Well I gotta run. But I hope that everyone has a great Labor Day!! Talk to you next week!! Love ya

Elder Chambers

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