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Monday, June 6, 2011


What's up Family!!? Well this week has been super super crazy, I don't know where to start! Haha that's crazy that Dillon got home, does he look any different or the same? Mason will also be gettin home just in about 4 months. Haha and Kayd just hit his year mark I think! Wow the time is going by pretty fast.

Well enough of that. On to the changes, well first off Elder Navarro now isn't my problem, he is off and out of the house haha. But guess what. His new companion is. . . Elder Garcia ahahahahaha. They are companions now, Elder Garcia also got made a new District Leader! And well I got a new companion too, and he's not Peruvian and he's not Mexican and he's not Columbian and he's not Austrailian. haha He's Hawiian! Haha yep Aloha! My new comp is named Elder Saifoloi (Sie-foe-loy). He is the bomb, he has been here in Mexico for one month haha, so he is still working on his Spanish. We talk alot of English, now I don't have my accent. Haha this week has reminded me so much of my first months here in Mexico when I didn't understand anything. The other day we were at this house and the lady asked him how much time he has been here for and he said "uh me gusta" hahahahaha. But we are workin on the Spanish. He also likes to eat! He can put it away! He is always hungry hahaha. But everything is good, he is a hard worker.

This week I also got pretty sick. My stomach felt aweful for a few days, I felt like I needed to ralph but it wouldn't come. But I'm over it now so everything's good. It hasn't been as hot here lately I think the rains will be coming soon but they haven't came yet.

But yep in our zone there are three districts. I am the District Leader of one, Elder Falslev is the other and Elder Anderson is the other. It is pretty cool, we all had a meeting the other day. They also anounced who is going to be in the south east mission. I'm pretty sure Elder Solheim is going. Me and Kayd are going to stay here in the east.

There is another hawiian in our zone in kayds district. Named Elder Pukahi and he played football for Montana haha he said that he knows Kenzie haha. We were talkin about him the other day. Elder Pukahi can also eat a ton!! We went to Burger King today and my comp and him got like 5 burgers and 5 fries hahaha!

Well we got to baptize Carlos yesterday (the 14 year old), he was pretty happy. I baptized him but my camera didn't have batteries so I don't have any pics yet of me and my comp. Maybe next Monday. But we only had one new person come to church yesterday. She is named Samira. We baptized her sister when we first got here and the other day she found us in the street and said that she has been reading the Book of Mormon and really likes it. So we went to her house and hopefully she will be baptized on the 19th. But this week we will have to really focus on finding people.

But that's all for this week! I gotta run but be sure to tell Dillon hi for me when you see him! Love you guys!!

Elder Chambers

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