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Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey Familia!

How is everybody doing this week?? It is getting pretty close to Christmas now, is everybody excited?? I would bet so! Is the Christmas tree up and everything? Did you end up putting lights up this year or no? That is good to hear that Dad is about done with the car now, hopefully it will get pretty good gas mileage.

Yeah so we had a few problems this past week. Kayd's tooth was killing him this week, we didn't get to work as hard as we usually do. But he had an appointment on Friday and the Dentist took the pain away, he has to have his surgery this coming Wednesday, but he is doing a lot better now. We also didn't have time to make it out to Zacualpan this past week so no baptisms this week! Sad! But we talked with them today. They came out to Tulancingo and we went to Pachuca with them. 4 years ago the government took their kids away from them for some reason or other, but we are helping them get them back. They should have them back by June. But we told them that this Thursday is the day! They are going to come to Tulancingo to get married, have their baptismal interview and get baptized! We won't be baptizing in the pond but it doesn't matter to me, I'm just happy for them that they are gonna get baptized.

Elder Falslev and I had a pretty crazy experience this week with a little old lady!! We went to this house Sunday morning to take some investigators to Church and we knocked on their door and out came this old lady. She asked what church we were from and then started on her rant. She told us to take our lies elsewhere and to stop fooling her neighbors!! (About 10 families live behind every door) Obviously we laughed and refused to leave the sidewalk. She finally went back in and we knocked again for our investigators. Then she came back but this time with a broom stick handle in her hand. She said get out of here or I'll hit y’all! Oh man I couldn't believe my eyes. I would have liked to see that old lady try to hit me but we left without putting up much of a fight haha! Our investigators never made it to church, which was a little sad. We will have to figure somethin’ out about that!

Everything should be good for skype with the info that you guys sent me. Next week I'll send you a phone number in case it doesn't work. We will be talking to you guys in the afternoon. Our Church gets over at 1 and we will probably be baptizing after so I will let you know next week what time would be best.

Tomorrow we are going as a mission to the Temple. That should be pretty good to do after not going for awhile. I think I will probably be getting the packages tomorrow too. We'll see if I can wait till Christmas to open it up. haha That's funny that Dillon went over to our house to watch the game! How is he doing. I haven't heard from him in a while.

I think that's everything new going on. Hopefully I have more exciting news next week! Love you guys! Gotta run!

Elder Chambers

Pics next week for sure!

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