Investigator from Haiti

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Family, September 26, 2011

Hey everybody what's up? It was nice to receive and read all of your emails again! Sounds like this week has been a good one back home. Things continue pretty much the same here in the big Mexico City!! This week has passed by fast! This next Tuesday the 4th is the changes meeting. Today they already told my comp that he will be training, they tell the trainers early because they have to go to a training before. So it looks like he will be moving out and I will be gettin a new comp! I'm pretty excited. I think that we needed a change to keep things interesting here. Sometimes we fall into a routine and it can be hard to get out of!

As far as the work goes, well little by little we are having more success. This week we had divisions and the Elder that I went with really needed some help, so I worked really super hard with him so that he could see how to really work. I was trying to help him see that the Lord really will lead us to the people that are waiting for the Gospel. We didn't have many appointments that day and I felt bad for that. But the next day we went to an appointment that we had put and we found a really good family, well a mom and her two kids. The kids are eight and three years old. The Mom about a year ago separated from the Dad because he had drinking problems, and now is struggling financially. She seems excited to be learning about the Gospel, she was especially wondering if she needed to baptize her three year old. But we helped her understand a little more about baptism. She went to Church with us and seems to be excited.

And well as for Gregorio, things went south with him. Last week we explained Tithing (the last thing that we had to teach him). He explained that he could not pay a tithing because he earned too little. We tried explaining to him that he needed to trust a little more in the Lord and that all would be good. Then the next time we went to visit him he was like a totally different person. He shut his heart to us and to the Gospel. He said that he didn't want us to go back and that he wouldn't be going to Church anymore. It was hard to hear it but there was nothing that we could do. There is an opposition in all things and if we don't learn how to rise above it, we will not accomplish anything in this life or the one to come. We were so close with Gregorio but he has his agency and we gotta respect that.

Also I heard that I will be getting another Grandson, Elder Garcia is going to train again! He is really excited. I haven't heard much of Navarro, the last time I talked to his District Leader he told me he had problems. Hopefully he will be able to get his act together! haha That's awesome that you guys got to go and see Mason. I knew that he would do a great job. How is he adjusting to normal life? When I talked to him on the phone he didn't really seem to have an accent. Have you heard much from Dillon? What is he up to these days?

Well just to answer your questions. I haven't got the letter from Steph yet, I got one from Grandma Chambers the other day. Havent heard from Kenz in a long while! and I honestly don't need anything for Christmas, I am doing just great. Might as well just save your money haha. Well I gotta run, nice talkin to you guys, love ya!

Elder Chambers

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hola Familia, September 19, 2011

Hey everybody what's up? Already another week done and gone! It has been a pretty good week here in Mexico. This week it was the Independence Day of Mexico, it got a little bit crazy haha. Well actually it wasn't too bad, just a lot of people got drunk and the next day everybody was on hangovers haha. There were so many fireworks! But not the cool fireworks, just ones that make noise. But they really make noise!! They set off car alarms when they go off! It sounds like a bomb!

This week has been another regular week here. We have been out contacting all day every day just praying to find people to teach, and not just people to teach but people that are really ready to progress in the Gospel. Lately we have seen many blessings from the Lord. We were able to baptize Alma. She got really nervous before her baptism and started to cry. We gave her a blessing and she felt alot better. The baptism went great. We had a priest here in the ward baptize her. Her whole family also went to Church to see her, maybe that is what they needed to get activated again. The brother Gregorio is also progressing great! He is excited about the Gospel! He is 69 years old, oh man every time I talk to this guy he just makes me super happy! He is really funny even though he doesn't try! The pic with the guy on the steps is him. And also on Sunday Julio came back to church, that is the guy with the dreads. We had dropped him but he came back on his own. We are going to meet with him this week and see what's up.

That is awesome that you got two of the calves in to the auction. How much smaller are the other two? I think that from the two we made pretty good! The Cowboys game also sounds awesome! I wish that I would have seen! It's about time that Romo takes charge like that! Hopefully they can keep it up this year without injuries. How is Dez Bryant doing?

I can't believe that Mason will be home this week!! It kind of makes me homesick to think about it. But don't worry I'll keep going strong here. Changes are in two weeks, the 4th of October. We are pretty much sure that my comp will be having changes. I think that it will be good to get a new comp and see what we can do here.

What else? What else is new? That's hilarious that Kelly loaded up in the middle of the night from the camp hahahaha stinkin Kelly!! How is the whole family doin? Chambers and Spackman? I haven't heard much from anybody. Well be sure to let me know how Mason's farewell goes on Sunday! I gotta run, Love you guys!!

Elder Chambers!

Monday, September 12, 2011

What's up Family!!

Hey everybody!! I'm writin a little late but it's not because I had a nap! We had a zone activity, it was all really stressful to plan and stuff but in the end everything turned out good. Sounds like everyone had a great week!! That's good to hear! When I hear that everyone is doing good back home it really helps me to stay focused here in the mission! I can't believe that you guys still have the calves, it's getting a little late I think.

Things are pickin up here in Anahuac. We are teaching right now a 14 year old girl named Alma. Her Grandparents are inactive members, supposedly she is in trouble with her parents so they sent her to live here. She actually showed up to church the first time all alone and looked for us. We went and taught her and I asked her to be baptized. But much to my surprise she gave us a solid no. hahaha but we felt that we should keep going with her. She had some forgiveness issues to work out with her family and friends. That was two weeks ago, then Thursday, when I reminded her about her baptism and how she felt, she said well you want the truth? I don't want to wait longer I want to be baptized now. It was really cool to see her conversion, she has a strong testimony. She was going to be baptized yesterday, but of course there has to be opposition in all things and her Grandpa told her to wait a week because he wasn't going to make it to Church yesterday. So looks like it will wait till this coming Sunday.

We also found a guy that was a little bit drunk and we told him to stop drinking and we took all his coffee away from him. We didn't think he was going to progress very well seeing that he was drunk and all. But what do you know, Sunday he showed up, normal as can be. He said that he hasn't drank since we left and coffee, well, we took it all so he couldn't drink that either. We will be working more with him this week to prepare him for a baptism as well.

That is cool that you guys could see that Aggie Game! Sounds like they are finally good this year!! And what happened to the Cowboys!!! They are really letting me down! haha That's also cool that you stayed at the Sharp's Cabin! They are so stinkin rich!! I helped a tracy a little bit putting in their yard and it was just crazy how big that cabin was!! It also has a great view! Did you guys end up going down to the beach at all??

Too answer your questions, no our apartment doesn't have carpet. Carpet is really rare here, it is usually all vinyl or tile. And if it is carpet it is really really thin and crappy. So far we haven't well I haven't gotten robbed at all! Knock on wood! haha I'm sure it will probably happen but I'd defiantly say it was more dangerous up where Tyler was in Chihuahua. The area where we are right now is pretty calm. The only thing that really bugs me is the stinking fireworks that they light off at night, it's just like super fire crackers and they are really loud and annoying!! I can't stand them!! I got the recipes but haven't made the cookies, I'm just too lazy and we usually don't have time to cook much.

Well I think that's about all for this week!! I love all you guys!! Have a great week!!

Elder Chambers

P.S. odis hair rules!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hola Familia Hey everybody!! Thanks for the pictures and emails!! Looks like everyone is doing great! I seriously cannot believe how fat odis looks!!!! My comp said he looks like a cow! Hahaha! All the kids look a lot bigger too, I'm sure that when I get back it I won't harldy recognize anyone!

Well one more week gone here in the mission! Haha and no we do not have Labor Day here, haha just P-Day. It seems like we do the same thing every P-Day. Clean the house, then play a sport or somethin, take a nap, then write you guys, then it's off to work at about 6. Today we went and played basketball with the assistants and Falslev. It was pretty fun, Kayd is probably the best basketball player here in the mission. It was fun. I also heard a rumor going around that me and Kayd could be comps soon. Hopefully that one is true haha it would be really cool.

That's too bad about Chip, but I think it will be better without him haha. He never did like me!! You guys should have sent him to the Tongans!! Or at least to Saifolois family haha Saifoloi said that horse is really good. I haven't tried horse here but I've tried a few weird things! One being pig feet soup!! Oh ya tasty haha.

Yesterday it started raining like crazy here!! It went on for a few hours, we finally ended up going home because it was just crazy. Then we noticed that it was gonna flood haha! We started moving everything up to the second floor the water was going up really fast. I guess the drainage systems here suck. They get filled up fast and then all the water just stays. We got some buckets and started taking the water away from our door, it was about to go in but after all it didn't end up getting into our house. After the rain we went with a member to eat. He came and picked us up in his car and we drove to his house. The streets everywhere were crazy, it was above the sidewalk in some places just right inside the houses. Today we seen a newspaper headline and in some places the water got chest high! We were lucky that it wasn't that bad haha.

The work is still going slow, we are trying a few things to change that. When the work gets slow I start to focus a little more in my personal studies. I am about halfway through the Book of Mormon in Spanish, and finishing up 2 Samuel in the old testament. We learn a lot everyday here in the mission. I had heard something about Moroni going down with a fight haha but I don't remember where.

That's great that Dad is keepin Kandy runnin!! She's got to be in top form for when I get back haha. That truck is the best!! Well I gotta run. But I hope that everyone has a great Labor Day!! Talk to you next week!! Love ya

Elder Chambers