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Monday, October 24, 2011

Hola Family,

Hey everybody, how are things back home. Thanks for the emails and everything this week. Things here in the mission are going good. Once again another week has really just flown by. I can't believe that it will be halloween soon! Sounds like the spook alley thing will be awesome! The front yard is also lookin pretty spooky haha, looks like you guys still have quite a few pumpkins. What is everyone going to be for haloween?

Not much has changed here in Mexico. This week has been another quick one. My comp actually got really sick and Wednesday we couldn't even work. He had bad diarhea and a bad cold. We actually tried to go out and work that day but, my comp had a little accident in his pants hahahahahahaha. Oh man it was funny. We didn't do too well with finding new people this week but we were able to baptize a little girl named Yatana, her Mom is supposedly a member but not registered in the church, so we had to fill out a form for her and it counted as a baptism for the mission. Jose Luis had his interview but didn't pass. Turns out he has been smoking all week. He told us that he had dropped it but I guess not. So we are working with him and his wife for this week. We are also working with the family Gutierrez. They are all ready to be baptized we just have to get them married this week. The Mom has been really sick so we haven't been able to do much with them.

This week we went on divisions with the assistants. Their area is really cool, I like it alot. I went over there and we had alot of success, it was a good day. I like doing divisions because it can keep you focused, cuz sometimes with your comps you start to get lazier after a little bit of time. So ya divisons are good to keep you going!

That's good about Mitt Romney, he will probably go far this year. Hopefully he can pull it out and win it all! That would be dizope!! Who else is in the runnings, when are the elections going to be? Am I going to get to vote? Well sorry this letter is so boring but it's all I got!! Love you guys!

Elder Chambers

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