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Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello Fam! November 28, 2011

Everything is great out here in Tulancingo. My comp and I are getting along pretty good hahaha. Thanksgiving sounded amazing! I wish that I would have been there to celebrate with you guys!! Falslev and me were thinking of buying some green beanz, cream corn, mashed potatoes, and Turkey at the Waldos here for Christmas. We didn't get much of a Thanksgiving, we went to the city for the meeting with President but we ate a normal lunch. The only Thanksgiving thing that we got was some pumpkin pie that President bought us.

The work is going great. Saturday we were able to baptize Angi, she was really really happy. We also went out to Zacualpan again this week, we are teaching a couple out there that is ending a divorce so that they can get married. We are hoping to be out there in the pond baptizing the 11th of Dec. This week me and Falslev were a little sad cuz we didn't have many investigators in Church. But a true miracle showed up to church. His name is Omar, he is the son of a member here in the ward, he is 18 years old. I guess he was out of town for like a year, and just last week got back. He never ever liked the missionaries or the church. But finally decided to read the Book of Mormon a few months ago. He found a part in 2 Nephi that really hit him. He now knows that the B of M is true and is totally ready to accept everything now. We taught him in a classroom there on Sunday and put a baptismal date for this coming Sunday. He accepted everything and is really excited for his baptism. Hopefully he will go on a mission someday.

Christmas is coming soon now. We are hoping to be in the water that day! That would be sick! You'll have to let me know how the Christmas Party goes this week, I'm sure it will be great. I hope my letter was good enough. This week it has been super super cold here, especially yesterday. I thought for sure it was going to start snowing any minute but it didn't! Man it was cold. How is the cold back home, is it horrendous yet!?

Shaun and Brad look good. How did they do with their homecomings? Duke is looking fatter!! He can't be getting overweight!! Somebody gotta walk him dangit!! haha jk. Dad's truck looks really big. He just needs some tires like mine on it to get the optimum gas mileage of 8 miles to the gallon haha. How is Kandy doing? I'm sure she's just sittin out back chillin!

Well that is all for this week!! Love you guys!! Thanks for the emails.

Elder Chambers

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