Investigator from Haiti

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hola Familia,

Hey guys, well Christmas is gone and over with! All that waitin and it is gone in one day haha. Sounds like you guys had a good Christmas, Now you can start celebrating New Years. I opened the mac n cheese as soon as I got done talkin with you guys! Thanks for the MP3 it is nice to have a little music now haha.

That is weird that Curt is down here in Pachuca too! He actually called me this morning, he told me he was going to try and pass by next week and give me the stuff. Hopefully they can find our house haha. Well not too much happened this week. Talking to everyone was definately the highlight, I felt like I had went back to Benson for 45 minutes haha. It was nice.

Like I told you guys on Saturday, here Christmas is the 24th so everyone was partying and everything. Then the 25th there was hardly anyone in town! We were walking down the streets and they were pretty much empty. It was around 1 o'clock when everyone started waking up and coming outside. Most of the people were on hangovers haha or they were still drunk. All the wives were escorting their husbands everywhere cuz they were out of it haha.

The work is still going slow here in Pachuquilla. We ended up with one investigator showing up to Church. The people just can't keep their word here it is one thing that really bothers me! The guy that we found that I told you about, is named Cesar, he is 34 years old and really is liking our lessons. We called him Sunday morning to make sure everything was good for Church and he told us yes. Then what do you know he never showed up. We are also teaching his brother Miguel, they are alot alike but Miguel is 20 years old. He is super chill. Cesar was going to pick him up for Church that morning so they could go together, but Cesar never showed up. So Miguel came by himself. Haha So Miguel was our only investigator in Church but we were grateful to have him there. We are going to have a lesson with both of them tonight we are going to see what happened with Cesar yesterday. I think it will be a legitament excuse because he told his brother in the morning yesterday that he would pick him up. We will see what happened. They are really are only investigators that are looking promising right now, we need to find new ones this week.

Well, that is about all, I said about everything on the phone haha. Thanks for the packages that you sent me for Christmas, hope you liked mine. Well I will talk to you guys next week, well next year that is haha. Have a good New Years!! Pet the dogs for me! Haha miss you guys!

Love, Elder Chambers

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hola Familia,

Hey everyone how is it going? I hope that everything is going good, I can't believe that it is already Christmas! What time are you guys going to be waking up to open presents? 4 in the morning? haha

Well this past week has went a little bit slower than all the others, it seemed to drag on a little bit, I'm not sure why. We ended up getting Pouch last week so I got letters from Mom, Stephanie and Grandma Chambers. They told us that they were going to hold on to our packages until we go to the temple so tomorrow I should get the packages. I can't wait to see the inside of the temple here, I heard it has a bunch of old aztec symbols inside and stuff. There are two dates to go to the Temple half the mission goes tomorrow and the other half on Wednesday. Well I go tomorrow and Kayd goes on Wednesday, we are on opposite sides of the mission. So I won't be seeing him for Christmas, who knows when I'll get to see him.

This week we had a bunch of meetings. Tuesday we had to go to the state of Mexico for transfers, because Elder Castro had to get training. Elder Anderson and Solheim were also there, so I got to talk a bunch with them, and Elder Solheim bought me Burger King! haha Boom! It was awesome I had a whopper. Haha I think my taste buds have changed here in the mission, there is nothing that I can't eat now. I didn't even have to pick the tomatoes off the burger haha. Then on Wednesday we had another meeting, Elder Tenorio of the 70 came to talk to us. It was pretty good.

Not much else happened this week, except I did get a hair cut. But the lady cut it super super short! It is like a buzz! I don't like it at all haha but it's alright. After she finished and we left me and Elder Castro just laughed the whole way home about how ridiculous it looks! Haha Today for P day we went to a bowling with some other Elders it was alright. The lanes here really suck so you can't spin the ball or anything and they don't have tvs to keep score for you you have to keep your own score on paper haha. But after we got to play ping pong!! Oh how I've missed ping pong! It was the highlight of the week, nobody could beat me haha. We also got to listen to real music while we were there, I heard some Lady Gaga, Jay Z, and Akon haha it was nice.

Well I gotta run, talk to you more on Saturday, hopefully everything works out good. Remember we only have 45 minutes to talk. Hope that you guys like the package and everything isn't broke into a million pieces!! Peace out!! Love ya!

Elder Beanz

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hola Familia,

Hey everyone, how is everything! Looks like you guys got the house finished up, it looks really nice! Well before long Christmas will be here, it will be my first Christmas without snow, sounds like you guys might be without snow as well haha.

Well tomorrow is cambios or transfers. We got the call yesterday that both me and Elder Castro are going to be staying here in Pachuquilla for another cycle or 6 weeks. But we found out that we do have a change, Elder Castro is going to be the new District Leader. That means we get a cell phone haha, but really a cell phone will help us alot in the work. This also means a lot more meetings and travel. Tomorrow we have to go to el estado de Mexico, so he can get training. I don't know what i'm going to do while he is in his meeting haha. Oh well, I think him being District Leader will help us have a little more success in la obra.

But I think that pouch is tomorrow so I am hoping to get all your packages tomorrow. It will be hard not to open them till Christmas, haha we'll see what happens. Haha as well I am sending my package to you guys today, they said it takes three days to get there, so maybe lock up duke in the next few days because I am sending it to the house, not Cache Honda.

Well I got the pictures of the Jace! Hahaha sounds like a good Christmas present for Kelly and Heidi. He is going to be a lot bigger by the time I get to see him in real life haha.

Well this week we had a bunch of animals be our friend! Starting with two dogs, we were knocking at this door where we had an appointment and these two dogs were barking at us. The people at the house didn't answer the door, so I started calling the dogs over to us. After a little bit they finally came over to us and we were petting them and stuff, but then it was time to go back and work. So we went to leave but the dogs went with us haha. They followed us everywhere! Everywhere we went, even when we contacted people in the street they were there circling the people haha. After about 30 minutes they found a garbage bag and decided to have lunch so that was when they stopped following us. Haha this week we also found a lizard in the street, It tried to play dead and just lay there so we picked it up haha I sent pictures of it. We also found a cat this week. It is really really rare that you can catch a random cat in the streets here in Mexico! Because everyone is so mean to them they all run when you are about 20 feet away from them. But I was calling this one and it came runnin over, I am also sending pics of it. So that's what has happened this week with animals.

Yesterday was the 12th of December. I guess here in Mexico it is some celebration day because most people are Catholics and worship the Virgen Guadelupe. I guess the 12th of Dec, is her birthday so people were going nuts. I guess people walk from all over to see some big Virgen Statue in Mexico City. Ya that's right walk, from all over Mexico, I guess the streets are filled with people in the city! My comp told me that some people that last little bit of their walk go on their knees!! Ya Mexico is just a little bit different. Because of this we had a lot of people skip out on Sunday that told us they could go. But we had 4 investigators there so it wasn't too bad haha.

Well it is getting a little bit colder here but for the most part it is always sunny. I haven't seen rain in about a month and a half haha. The nights get pretty cold here because it is windy but I bought me a sweater so everything is alright. Well that is about it for this week! The house looks good I wish I could see it in real life!! Oh and the cows look like they are thicker especially Jr. his belly is ginormous!! Haha they need to get some height on em! Well gotta run but thanks for all the emails!! Look for my package in the mail! Peace out!

Love - Elder Chambers

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hola Familia,

Hey everybody, what's up!? Sounds like everything back home is going good! That is crazy that you guys are redoing all the flooring! Que bueno que the insurance company paid for it all haha. I can't wait to see what it all looks like!! New hardwood, new paint, new carpet!! You need to send me some pictures, I want some pics of the calves and the house!

I can't believe that you guys already had a Christmas party!! It only is December 6th!! Here there is a few lights on some houses for Christmas but not nearly as much as back home. I liked the pictures of Santa! I wouldn't have been able to tell if you hadn't have told me haha. Most all of his face is covered, and with the glasses you really can't see very much haha! That's awesome!

This week we didn't have success! We went to the house of the little girl that was supposed to get baptized Sunday morning before church. We went and the Mom was really mad about something. So we started talking and she doesn't think that the girl is ready to be baptized so she didn't give us permission to do it. The little girl is 12 years old and she really wants to be baptized!! The thing I don't understand is why the Mom is resisting! The mom is a member! Oh well, when we went there the girl was crying and we had a lesson with them and the mom and the girl were yelling at each other and crying all in front of us! To be honest it was a little bit awkward! So we didn't baptized this week. We also had none of our investigators show up to church yesterday! So, we are back to square one, changes are next Tuesday we'll see what happens. I think the people have a hard time getting to church here because it is a little far away. About 30 minutes in a bus, and most people have to take the bus cuz they don't have there own cars.

This week we also had a cool experience. We were knocking doors and we came to this house that had a big dirt driveway, so we walked in and as we approached the house we seen that there was about 7 big dogs haha and they all started barking at us. My comp is a little scared of dogs so he didn't want to go any farther. But we went anyways haha then the lady came out and we talked with her, while we were talking all the dogs calmed down. She didn't want to hear our message so we turned around to leave. Then as we were walking my comp grabs my arm and pulls me a little and says watch out. Hahaha then a dog went flying by me!! Hahaha one of the dogs tried to bite me!! Then he was comin back for round two, but the lady that lived there grabbed piece of a hose or something and came in and hit the dog! hahaha then she started throwing rocks in the other direction and the dogs went away chasing the rocks haha!! So that is my experience for the week. For some reason I don't have any fear of dogs down here, but my comp sure does haha so he doesn't like to go to houses with dogs.

Today we also had a zone activity, we went to a church and played basketball and soccer. Then after we got to eat pizza!! It was pretty fun. But all of the basketball hoops down here are super ghetto!! None of them have nets!! It really bugs me for some reason! There are a few with nets but it looks like a dog chewed em all up so they are just barely hanging onto the rim.

I think we get to go to the Temple the 21st and 22 of this month. I'm pretty sure we have a mission conference then too so I will most likely see Kayd there too. Mom, the only thing that we have to cook is a little portable stove, the only thing that we cook has been eggs haha. The seasons are also all the same but a little warmer, and in the summers it rains alot.

I can't really think of anything that I need for my birthday or anything. I heard on ebay there are some pretty legit ties for cheap, I need a paisley tie, I don't care what color but it needs to be legit! Other than that I pretty much have everything I need here. Well gotta go, but thanks for the emails and updates!! Love you guys so much! Good luck with the rest of the floor this week! Hope the weather isn't too cold!! Peace out!

Elder Beanz

P.S. Cowboys rule!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hola Familia,

Hey Everyone, sounds like it is nice and cold back in Benson. How much snow is on the ground? It sounds like there is 4 feet haha, seems like it snowed every day this week! Here the weather hasn't changed hardly at all, it is still pretty warm haha. Well sounds like Thanksgiving was an ok day haha, i wish I could have been there to see all the crazy stuff go down, haha what was odis doing during all that!?

Well I finally feel like a missionary!! Yesterday we had 3 baptisms!! My first baptisms!! Haha It was Azucena and her two daughters. It was really cool I got to baptize all three of them, but it was all in Spanish haha! Their confirmation is next Sunday, I think Elder Castro is going to confirm them all. This week we also had a little more luck with investigators. We had 4 new investigators in Church yesterday, we are hoping to baptize a little girl named Fernanda this coming Sunday. Then another guy named Lasaro, the following Sunday! So the work has picked up, I'm glad that I got to baptized with Elder Castro, we don't know if we will be staying here or if one of us will be leaving on the 13th. Who knows! I sent a picture of us and the family, The oldest girl is named Brisa and the younger Abril, and the little boy is David.

Other than that not much else has happened this week. Spanish is coming along more and more every day, at first I would get so frustrated because I couldn't understand anything!! But now it is alot better! I still have a long way to go before perfection but little by little. This week in Church there was only about 20 people or so in Sacrament meeting, and for some reason here they don't give the sacrament to the foyer, so after the sacrament we opened the doors and about 40 more people came in!! It was wierd, everyone gets to Church late here, including the piano player so we sing the opening and sacrament hymns occapella. No me gusta haha.

Oh ya this week was Thanksgiving! It was just another normal day here, we did work as usual, but then around 9 at night we went for the Tortas!! I sent a bunch of pics of my progress with my torta!! I also ate a piece of pan with it. It was alot of food!! But I got it all down in memory of Thanksgiving! Castro only finished half of his hahaha!! In the pictures is my progress of the Torta, the pic of me and the ceiling is me needing the bathroom after the Torta haha! Then the pic on the couch is how I felt after the bathroom haha. It was a lot of food but definately not the same as the Thanksgiving dinners back home!! I missed them.

Well, Oh ya we had a really wierd lesson this week!! We went in and it was some older dude, we talked a little bit then it was time to go. Then he started pulling out all these religious books that he has read! He had a Libro de Mormon, Biblia, Un libro de los Testigos de Jehovah, and others. He told us he was addicted to reading religious stuff. Then we stood up to leave and he kept looking at me all wierd and stuff. Then he told me I had un noble corazon!! Hahahaha I don't know why!! He didn't say anything to my companion! Then he continued to tell me I had un noble corazon about 5 more times!! hahahaha alright dude!! It was kind of awkward, I didn't know what to say back to him except Thanks! Haha then after that we left.

This week we also had a wierd experience, we were contacting a street knocking all the doors. Then we knocked on a door and the guy that lived there wasn't all there mentally, you could tell he had some problems, so we moved on and knocked on the next door, out came this lady that could barely walk, I think she had fake legs! She didn't like us very much, she was telling all about how our Church is wrong, alright whatever, so we knocked on the next door, and out comes another guy that could barely walk and had a mental disability! 3 houses in a row!! We named the street the calle de problemas. When we meet people like that I always feel really sorry for them but it was a little funny that we contacted 3 in a row!

Well, I think that is all for this week I sent un buen de fotos para ustedes! Espero que les gusten. I'm still working on my package for you guys, I hope the mail people at fed ex told the truth and it can get to you guys in 3 days! I'm trying to have a small letter for every family in the fam on both sides, in the package, I still have to write more haha! Well gotta go have a good week!! Love you guys!

Elder Chambers

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hola Familia,

Well another week down in the mission haha it really is going faster and faster, it seems like we just had P-Day. But it sounds and looks like winter is startin up in Benson, hope it isn't too cold for ya. The weather here has actually warmed up a little from the previous weeks. Every day this week I was in a short sleeve shirt haha it was nice.

I'm going to miss Thanksgiving, I have to say it is probably my favorite Holiday! I'm sure there is gonna be football games on and a bunch of food haha!! Eat a few bacon water chesnuts for me! But this week I got your first package, I also got a Dear Elder from Mom and a letter from Grandma Chambers. Be sure to let her know that it got to me. But thanks for all the candies! I miss the American candies! Especially the laffy taffys, I think I have Elder Castro hooked on them already. He also likes the Mike N Ikes, haha they have candy like laffy taffy and mike n ikes here but they aren't very good. So I expect to get your other packages the next pouch which will most likely be in 3 weeks, so fairly close to Christmas.

The other week in Church I passed a bulliten board with a bunch of missionary pictures on it. And I found a picture with someone that I thought looked familiar. So I pulled the picture off and looked on back and sure enough it was Elder Beorchia. Ace from the soccer team, I think he is serving in Monteray or somewhere like that so I dunno why that picture was in our Church haha.

Also the other week we had to go to Migration services or somethin like that to finish up my visa. So we got to go into the City. It is so huge! We had to go on the Subway!! Hahaha that was the first time in my life that I had been on a Subway, so that was kind of cool. When we got there all the missionaries that arrived the same day I did were there, so I got to talk with Elder Anderson and Solheim again! I guess Elder Haskell had back problems again and had to go home, but it was nice to talk to them!

So ya I got your letters that talk about Duke getting ran over by Dad hahaha! By now I'm sure he's all healed up! After all the stuff that has happened I can't believe he still chases the 4 wheelers! He definatley is a lucky dog to be alive! He's been shot, deathly sick, hit by a car, and now ran over by the 4 wheeler haha.

So the work is still going slow, if we were going to baptized a new family before transfers they had to be in church yesterday and once again nobody showed up! Pretty sure that transfers are in 3 weeks or so. So there's a chance that I will be in a different area with a new companion for Christmas. But the good news is that last Monday we went to visit Azucena and her family, I guess she didn't get the job, it was a 3 day test or whatever to see who would get the job and she didn't. So she is still jobless, and Friday her brother in law died so they were out of town this Sunday. But we visited them last night and Azucena and her two daughters said that they know that the Book of Mormon is true and that everythings alright for them to be baptized this coming Sunday. So they will have an interview this week with our District Leader. If everything goes right we will be able to baptize them Sunday but not much goes exactly to plan here in Mexico so we'll see what happens. We are hoping for the best.

I don't know how to explain where we are any better than I have. Simply we live in La Providencia, Fraccionemento San Angel, Calle del Angel. Another street kindof close to us is calle de los santos. I guess we are fairly close to the freeway.

And no they don't have siestas in the middle of the day here. But the big meal is lunch around 2 or 3 o'clock everyday. After I always feel like having a siesta but we gotta work haha. Oh be sure to tell Grandma Chambers happy birthday for me when you see her this week! And tell everybody else in the family Hi and that everything is good! I'm hoping to have a small letter for every family in the family in the package that I send. It is alot of letters to write!! haha well gotta run but I love all of you! Talk to you again next week! Oh and I dunno how it all works for calling on Christmas, we'll see when it gets closer!

Con Amor - Elder Beanz

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hola Familia!

Well another week down already haha. The time is going really fast here, before long it will be Christmas!! Haha my first Christmas without snow!!! It is going to be pretty weird!! Everyone here likes to hear about the snow, lots of the people have never seen it their whole lives!! Utah is an awesome place, we get the best of both worlds, the cold and the hot.

Spanish is coming along poco a poco. This week my ability to understand the people has really increased! I can't understand everything that they say but I can get the jist of it. As far as talking goes, I am improving but it's still gonna take another month or two. I can say alot in our lessons and stuff, but everyday stuff, i've got a lot of words to learn haha.

This week we seen the reality and power of Satan. He really is doing all that he can to stop the work from progressing. We didn't baptize the family this week! What do you know the Mom who has been looking for a job for months found one thursday. And it is on Sundays!! So we really don't know what we are going to do about that, she had to work this Sunday so we couldn't do the baptism. She is trying to ask for Sundays off, but down here Sundays are one of the busiest days of the week so not many get Sunday off! Other than that we have had to drop lots of our investigators because they are just simply lazy and won't come to church for 3 hours. It is frustrating at times. We found a lady that is less active and has a son that is 13 years old and needs to be baptized. So first he needs to come to church just two times. And yesterday she came but not her son, we asked her where her son was and she said that he was sleeping and he didn't want to wake up! What the freak! haha To be honest right now we are just simply not having success in our area. We are going to start working in a different way. We are going to be working with the less actives and the members alot more. Hardly any more contacting, we are going to find people through references, because the way we have been working just isn't working. So we will see how it goes this week but we don't really have any progressing investigators right now so who knows when I will get a baptism!!!

Anyways, my area is Pachuquilla, this covers a bunch of cities, one is La Providencia that is where we live. Hope that cleared things up, if not oh well haha. Kayd isn't in our zone, but his companion in the MTC is, his name is Elder Castillo. I've seen him a bunch already haha he was also my zone leader with kayd in the MTC. He told me that Kayd has gained a little weight especially in his cheeks hahahaah. I can't wait to see him! My comp is from Guerrero not Guerro. It is like 6 hours from where we are. My comp has been a member all his life, that is pretty rare here. Muchos are converts.

Last Monday I went to send my package and we got robbed and all the stuff got stolen!! Hahahaha no just kidding we didn't get robbed. But the people said that it would get to our house in 3 days! I am going through fed ex so I guess that is how fast it goes, they said that is their slowest speed is three days. So I guess that I am going to send it closer to Christmas. I am still going to put the letters in the package because I don't want them to get lost in the regular mail.

This week during la comida with one of the members we got talking about thanksgiving. They don't have thanksgiving here in Mexico. I told him that on thanksgiving I was going to buy a Cubana Torta. It is the biggest one with all sorts of different meats on it. haha it is the one in the picture that me and Elder Castro have to split. But this time I'm going for a whole one haha. And the Hermano was like I want to celebrate a Thanksgiving! I never have before haha so he is coming with us and is going to buy the Tortas hahahaha!

Not much else has happened this week, next week I will try to get a few more pictures sent. I hope Odis is doing better he's got to make it 2 more years!! I want to see him again haha. If he doesn't make it you have to wait till I get back to get a new puppy! haha well gotta go! Thanks for all the support! I love you guys!!

Elder Beanz

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hola Familia,

Hey everyone how are you, thanks for all of the emails, i read them all, it nice to hear from you all, I don't have time this week to reply to everyone sorry, maybe next week. But it sounds like everything is nice and dandy back in Cache Valley. It has been actually really cold here this last week, It has been sunny but with a cold wind. So when the sun goes down it get really cold, I am going to have to buy me a sueter today.

Well Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting, there was a bunch of changes just barely so are zone is almost all new people, and we have new zone leaders but they are chill I like them. But I got Dear Elders from you guys on Tuesday at the zone meeting, two from mom and one from Grandma. So whenever you guys sent them that is about how long it takes. I am hoping to get my package for you guys sent off today, we'll see what happens, I need to buy more stuff to put in it today.

This week has been a little more successful than last week. We had about 12 investigators tell us that they would be going to Church with us on Sunday, but only 5 were there haha. This next Sunday is the baptisms of the Family Carillo Jimenez, this is that family I have been talking about! They are pretty excited haha. We have one other family we are teaching, there son is a member but that is it, but they didn't show up to Church so we'll see how it goes. Our other investigators are all solos, like one person here and one person there. Hopefully we start having a flood of baptisms haha, it is really hard opening up an area. But its cool.

Last week I had my first experience with Tiangies! They are crazy, they are just a whole street of tents with people running around selling stuff! It is really cheap but you have to be careful cuz a lot of the stuff that they sell is fake or doesn't work haha. But its awesome their is just a bunch of people running around yelling prices for stuff!

The food continues to be great haha. The thing that I am eating is called a Torta. It is something that you buy off the street, but it is huge and cheap! It costs 40 pesos for the biggest one called the Cubana. So that is like 4 bucks and me and Elder Castro have to split it to finish it haha. They are my favorite thing here. This week we also tried out a street vendor taco shop haha. They were super cheap like 2.5 pesos for one taco, they weren't the best tasting though haha. A member also fed us enchiladas this week they were pretty spicy. The hottest thing i've eaten here yet, haha my nose was running. But they were delicious. The only thing i don't like is sometimes for a side they give you a mountain of lettuce with big ole slices of tomatos on it. It is a challenge for me to get all of that down but somehow i do it haha.

If there is one thing that i wished that i had done before my mission, it is learn how to play the piano!! Most of the time here we have to sing ocapela and it sounds awful. Even in Sacrament only like one person knows how to play so if they aren't there, no piano! I am sending some more pictures the one of Elder Castro with his hand on his head is right after the incident haha. But ya there is quite a lot of people in la providencia, it is about the same size as benson or smaller only with so much more people haha.

Sounds like everything is good back home, I got the pictures. The cows don't look like they have grown that much haha. Hope they aren't too big of a burden. I am also sending you guys letters today so we'll see how long they take. Gotta run but love you guys!! Talk to you next monday!

Elder Chambers

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hola Familia!!

I have a lot to say this week!! I hope everything is going good!! Thanks for all of the emails. I also am working on a Christmas Package, I just don't know where to take it so that all the stuff doesn't get jacked. In the package I have a letter for each of the four of you!! I am just going to throw them in the package instead of mailing them. But all is well here in Mexico.

I had an interview with President Hicken on Tuesday. It went really really good he is a stud. It was good because I told him that Kayd is my cousin and that he is finally coming here. He said oh really, I'll have to make a note of that and when you both get some more experience, we'll see if we can't make you companions!!!!! That would be so tight!! So that is the good news this week is that there is a good chance that sometime in the mish me and kayd will be comps!

The other day a funny/wierd thing happened. Me and Elder Castro were tracting, actually trying to get to some appointments and he said he needed to go to the bathroom! Only a number 1 so i wasn't too worried we just kept on going! He kept saying Fetch Fetch cuz he needed to go pretty bad haha. Then all the sudden he leans over and in English with the biggest Mexican Accent says Oh Fetch I'm peeing my pants!! It feels so good!! hahahahaha and that is what happened, he peed his pants, so we had to go back to the house so he could change and shower!!

I hear alot of American music here. It is about 50% American so every once in a while I hear some songs. The other day I heard Justin Beiber haha it made me think of Whit. Oh last week I didn't give you the full address of our house. It is in Hidalgo, The Providencia, San Angel, Calle del Angel, the last house on the street.

Stuff in Mexico is a little different! The Circus came to town this week so there is a huge tent set up in the middle of town for that. Also this week we seen this parade type thing where one truck was in front with a Band playing music in the back and behind them was about 50 dudes on Horses!! Just trottin along some random street. The funny part was that all the stray dogs come out to run by them so there was like 30 dogs too!! haha it was kinda cool.

The other day I ate so much that I seriously thought i was going to ralph in the members house. They gave us a huge bowl of soup, heaping bowl of soup and I ate it all, then they asked if I wanted more, I should have said no, but I said sure. Then they brought out another huge heaping bowl of soup. I made it through it but I was hitting my companions leg underneath the table trying to tell him that we needed to go soon or I was gonna ralph in their house. But i held it in and we made it out. Also the other day we ate a different soup, it was chicken and a bunch of jalapenos haha it was kinda spicy but not to bad, my nose was runnin a little bit.

This Tuesday, I got Heidi and Kellys dear elder, so whenever they sent it that is about how long it takes, a month or so i think. Probably the same with pouch so no I haven´t gotten anything yet but that dear elder. That is awful about the Cowboys!! Oh well they just need to continue to suck this year and get a good draft pick!! They will be good again when I get back!

Well, if you could figure out some of my friends emails and send them to me that would be appreciated. Especially Dillon, I have been trying to email him, for a long time but no response, maybe his email got changed or something, see if you can figure out what's going on. The family that we were teaching couldn't come to church this week they are having problems the mom has no job and the brother pays for everything, they had to go somewhere to sort stuff out. We are going to ask permission to still baptize them this week, because we feel that they are ready!!

Dad, here the church is run just the same, but all the leaders are really young because there isn't that many members. The second counseler in the Bishop ric is only 23 years old haha. It's cool though it is practically the same only in Spanish. The hymns though are awful sometimes there is nobody that knows how to play the piano so we sing occapela or however you spell it, and with not to many members it is weird. But its chill.

WEll that is all for this week. I think the best way to get me pics is through an attachment. Thanks for all your support and love. I love all of you so much. Con Amor


Monday, October 25, 2010

hola familia

This email might be a little short. We just got back from a zone activity that we were at all day and I think that we have to be back by nine but oh well.

This week has been better than the first. Tuesday we got a call and we got told that we were going on splits with the zone leaders. I was nervous, but it was a really good experience. I was with Elder Walk for a day in his area. He is from Farmington Utah. I learned alot from him and it was nice just to talk english if we wanted haha.

Well yesterday was my second Sunday here and I had to give a talk. They told us to prepare seven minutes on missionary work. It was easy haha, I made a lot of mistakes but I took ten minutes haha. With hardly any notes. It was neat to speak in a real Spanish Ward.

This week we found a family of five. They don't have a dad and the moms name is Azucena. She has a 16 year old son, 12 year old daughter, 9 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. We have had a bunch of lessons with them already this week. We found them just knocking doors one night and they invited us back. Well they came to church with us yesterday, that is a huge step because if they don't come to church and aren't willing to change we can't waste our time with them. So that was good, i think that they all liked it.

For the Zone Activity today we went to a place called Los Primas. It was cool I got a bunch of neat pics but no time to upload any this week sorry haha. It is a place with a bunch of waterfalls and paths and stuff going down the mountain side, so that you can go down to the bottom of them. We got some good zone pics with everyone standing in the waterfall!!! We were all soaked!! It was fun, we also got to play some soccer finally haha. There were a few of the Mexican Elders that were pretty good, but most of the other Americans suck and a few of the Mexican Elders stink haha. But it was fun, then we ate tacos and they were super good as well. This week has been nothing but good once again as far as food goes. Everyday after la comida i am stuffed!!

That is awesome that Kayd got his visa finally. I am excited for him to get here, and experience all that Mexico has to offer for him. As far as water goes we have a water heater, but the first few days we didn{t have gas so yes our showers were cold. I haven't seen any buckets on the roof for warm water, and i havent been in any public restrooms.

Our area is Pachuquilla but we live in a pueblo called la providencia. on the street San Angel the last house on the road. It is ok, but when i stayed with elder walk i got to see a glimpse of the life of a zone leader. There house is amazing!! I hope i get to be a zone leader some day just for the house haha.

I still don't know how long a letter takes to get here, but our first day President said that a package takes about 2 months to get here. But ya Presidents house isn't even in our mission area, their house is in the west mission so we don't see him out here in Hidalgo. But tomorrow we have interviews so we get to see him tomorrow. We see our district leader once a week and he gets the mail from the zone leaders, so who knows how long it takes.

Well I gotta go sorry so short. Have a happy halloween!!!! Next week I will get you some pictures!! Love ya Bye!!

Elder Chambers

Oh ya Elder Castro is from Guerrero Mexico (don't know if that is spelled right or not)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hola Familia!!

Mexico!!!!!!!! haha Well we made it all nice and safe to Mexico!! The computers are really hard to type on so i will probably make alot of mistakes. Well we got here and two of the older Elders were at the airport. They took us to a van and drove us to the Temple that is where our President was. My first car ride in Mexico was loco loco loco!! The traffic here is by far the craziest thing!! People just go what ever speed they want including the missionaries haha. I felt like I was in fast and the furious only in a van. People also just go through red lights if no one is coming on the other side.

Then we met President Hicken, he is super cool!! Him and his wife are awesome. They had box lunches waiting for us, I was so excited cuz I hadn't eaten all day, then i opened it up and it was a piece of bread a juice box and an apple!!! What the freak! No wonder people lose weight here.

The first night we stayed at the mission home and they ordered us pizza but it is mexican dominos it tastes just a littl e off. Then the next day they took us to a restaurant we had tacos al pastor, they are a taco kind of unique to mexico city. They were amazing!! Then we met our companions. My companion is Elder Castro. He entered the MTC the same time that I did and he is already a trainer!! He is a nice guy, he is a native and speaks spanish super freaky fast, well everyone does! Some times I can understand better than other times. But he knows some English as well so that is helping with our communication. He has to do alot of the teaching, it all is so so so much different than the MTC. Our house is actually pretty nice, it is just as big as a lot of the peoples around here. We are not in the city we are in Pachuquilla, Hidalgo. Hidalgo is still pretty big tho!!

We are having trouble finding people. Me and my comp opened up the area, It had been closed for 4 months because there weren{t enough missionaries. We do a lot of contacting, we are hoping this week we do a lot more teaching and less contacting.

We go everywhere either on foot bus or taxi. The buses sometimes are super full so you just stand in the middle and hang on haha. The stores here are really wierd in Pachuquilla. Most of them are just little tiny things with food that you would buy at a gas station. 12 pesos is a dollar and all the snacks cost about 6 pesos and the drinks too. A 1 liter thing of Sprite costs 6 pesos, 50 cents. It's pretty cheap. Most things tho aren't too much cheaper than the states. We get 1100 pesos a month or about 90 bucks haha but you don't need more than that haha. Oh and for breakfast everymorinign there is a man that comes around with a big pot on the back of a motorcycle and he shouts tamales!! tamales!! And we go out and buy from him. They cost 6 pesos each and they are pretty good they have chicken in them. And that is what we have for breakfast. For la comida, or luch we eat at members homes. So far it has been nothing but good!! And they don't stop feeding you haha. But we need it cuz breakfast and dinner are pretty much nothing. Then for dinner I usually buy Churros for 2 and a half pesos each haha! They are delicious, much better than the states!!

There are also a ton of dogs in the street. We counted one day and it was 90 something different dogs in the same little area. They aren't that ugly either like I thought they would be some are pretty cool. I try to pet them haha but some think that i am going to hit them and run away haha.

Church was pretty crazy I didn't understand much. Everyone came in late but us and a few other people then right before the sacrament a ton of people just came piling in haha. We live right by some members they are really nice they give us a lot of stuff and let us use their washing machine.

Oh ya I already have the runs hahaha. It started friday I think ha it didn{t take long!! But I bought me some pepto today so we're all good to go now haha. The other day we were walking down a street and there was three guys, I'm pretty sure they were drunk haha but one was sitting in a chair facing away from us so he didn't see that we were only like 10 feet behind him and he let out the biggest fart ever hahahaaha. He was some old mexican guy haha we were laughing so hard!!

Well sorry this is such a crazy unorganized letter but there is so much to say. The Mexico City temple is amazing! I can't wait to go inside. We get to go three times our whole mission, two for each Christmas and once when we leave. I thought that we would go alot more than that but our P-Day is on Monday and the temple is closed here on Monday.

That is crazy that the ward got split. I'm sure that Dad will get put back in there sometime soon. Poor steph and wade, they are the only ones of the fam that got split up!! I don't like the whole idea of the change, if they want more numbers do a little missionary work haha.

The flight was pretty crazy as well I forgot what it was like to fly! And when we came over Mexico City, o my gosh it is so huge!! Bigger than you could ever imagine. It was so much more legit than google earth haha.

Well I better get going, that is all for this week but I can't remember everything right this minute. I hope everything is nice and cosy back in the states!! Love you guys!!!!! ¡nos vemos!

Oh ya I forgot a couple things. We were talking with a family when they were feeding us lunch and they always give you candy for dessert. And I brought up laffy taffy how it is my favorite. No one here has had it, if you haven{t already sent a package can you send some with a bag of laffy taffy so they can try it haha. Peace out!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello brother and sister Chambers,

Your son arrived here to the mission perfectly fine and is already with his new companion and also in his new area. His p-day is on Monday. Thank you so much for your concern and we are so grateful to have your son here in the field. Have a great week.
Thank you,

Elder Lucas

Secretario de Registros

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hola Familia

VOY A MÉXICO! haha finally we get to go I thought that we would just end up serving here at the MTC. I can't wait to get there, it is going to be legit. I also can't wait for my first real taco!! I have been looking on google earth a little bit at Mexico City lately and I think they have either updated the picture or enhanced it cuz you can zoom in super far. You can see people out playing on the soccer fields. Mexico City is so big though! I think there are about 30 million people there, that means all the members of the church would only take up half of the city!! Ya that's crazy!

Ya I dunno what phone I will call on probably just the home phone, we have two don't we so at least two of you can listen at the same time, maybe hook up that old one of lacey's and there could be 3 phones. But ya I think that by the time we get through security and everything at the airport it should be around 8:30 and I should have an hour or so to call people. We are flying Delta, I dunno if that is good or bad, I just don't want my luggage to get lost haha.

Oh ya about the consolate. I seriously do not know why it takes them so long to get missionaries into there. All that we did there was go in and get a picture taken of us and they to our finger prints. Then after that we had to sign 3 papers and we were done. I dunno what there deal is maybe they are just lazy. The consolate was kinda cool though it was a building and when you walked in everything was in Spanish. All the signs and stuff on the walls, the bathroom signs, everything haha just a taste of Mexico.

I liked Conference too. It was the first time in my whole life that I have watched all of the sessions. And not only watched but learned and took notes haha. All of the talks were good and it all went by really fast. I also looked up President Monson's talk that he gave to the Relief Society or whatever a few weeks ago that was really good as well.

Well I don't know if there is much else to say. I wish that my flight had a layover in Texas, I have never been there before. Oh well it will be nice just to go straight there I guess. We leave at 10 AM here and arrive there at 3PM. I think that they are an hour ahead of us so the flight is really only about 4 hours so not to bad. Well, I'm excited to talk to everyone on Monday and I can't wait to see the smog of Mexico City haha! I love everyone thanks for all the support!!

Love Elder Chambers

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

He's got his visa!!!

Cole was able to meet with the Mexican consolate on Tuesday and is going to Mexico on Monday. He leaves the MTC at 6:00 A.M. and will depart at around 9:55 A.M. from the Salt Lake airport on a one way flight to Mexico. Wish him luck and keep him in your prayers that day.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hola Familia!!

Well I am still here at the MTC, another week down haha we are now starting our 11th week here!! The last week has been so hard to stay focused but we have done better lately. With all this down time I have gotten alot of scripture study in. I have finished the Book of Mormon since I got here and am now pretty far into the New Testament. That is one thing that I have really gained here is a love for the scriptures. They are amazing I should have read more before I came out haha.

Today we went and talked to travel services (we do everyday) to see if the consolate has called. They said no but they did hear some news. I guess the lady who does all the stuff had to go to Mexico for a family emergency or something but she is now back. So they said she told them that she will possibly have some ready for tomorrow or the first of next week. I hope tomorrow that would be so cool. If we do go tomorrow then we would leave for Mexico Tuesday or Wednesday and if we see them Monday we would probably leave Thursday or Friday. So we are excited to see what happens.

Everything else is still pretty much the same here. They haven't assigned us to the referral center or anything so it is up to us how much we study. But you can only sit in a quiet room studying for so long haha. We go a little bit crazy sometimes haha. Basketball is good, you are only allowed to play 3 v 3 to 7 so the games go really quick.

That is good to hear that jr. is growing! I hope he gets somewhat big before the cold winter hits haha. And it sounds like the kittens are doing well too. What is everyone going to be for Halloween!? I'm being a missionary!!! haha It was also awesome to here that Dallas won! Its about time they should be one of the best teams this year! Dez Bryant should be amazing by the time I get back home!! haha

But ya, we will be watching conference here. I really wanted to be in Mexico for it but o well it's not that big of a deal. Have you heard anymore about how Kayd's Visa is coming along? When does Brent come into the MTC?? Oh ya and tell Kelly that I haven't gotten anything from him. Tell him that if he is using Dear Elder to make sure he is sending it to Provo MTC not Mexico City. Hahah if he is sending it to Provo then I don't know what to tell him, but I haven't been getting them.

I wrote the family all letters yesterday so you should be getting them tomorrow or the next day. Haha I still haven't gotten that letter from Jesse! You wil have to get on his back about it haha. Not much has changed except I have been trading ties alot still haha I only have 3 of the ones that I came with haha! And one is an old one of Kelly's that he gave to me I think he said he had it on his mission but I'm not sure it is pretty old hahaha!!! But anyways I now have a tie of every color so my collection is pretty legit and they are all quality ties!! Some people are just plain dumb and trade good stuff for crap haha! Its pretty fun to see what you can get.

Well I gotta get goin I hope everything at home is doing good!! Good luck with school and work this coming week!! Love you guys!!

Elder Cole Chambers

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hola Familia!!!

Well I'm still here at the MTC. I have not seen the consolate yet, that is what is retarded about it is we just have to wait for them to call. I don't understand why they don't set up appointments and stuff. All it is, is going to Salt Lake and signing some papers and putting down your thumbprint or somethin. They said it could be tomorrow or it could be the end of next week or longer. So we don't really know. But, most likely I will be flying with Elders Haskell, Anderson and Solheim when we do end up going.

It is really hard to stay focused now that we are on our own with no schedule and no teacher. Our teacher Hermano Angus was the best, I learned a lot from him. But basketball is legit for the most part we play to 7 and winner doesn't stay. You have to shoot for teams after you are done but it is still pretty fun I'd forgotten how much fun b-ball is.

I can't believe Dallas lost to the Bears!!! That about broke my heart, what is going on?? I hope they can pull together and play good against the Texans!! How is Dez Bryant doing?? That is sick that he returned a kick off for a touchdown!! I hope they start rotating him into the offense more and more.

Well I got the package today, the voice recorder is awesome!! How much did it cost?? I played with it all day today, you can speed your voice up like a chipmunk or you can slow it down and it makes your voice all low and stuff. It is really cool I hope I can get it to work with the computers in Mexico, here at the MTC it won't work on these computers, I think they have blocked stuff like that from working here.

Our District is down to just the four of us going to Mexico City East. Three Elders left Monday and another 3 left today it is wierd. I am ready to go to Mexico I have liked the MTC but after 9 weeks I am ready to go. You can only teach so many fake lessons! haha I hope that we get to go soon I don't know how much longer I can keep my sanity here haha but basketball is helping!!

Last night was so awesome! There is an Elder here named Elder Stone he knows how to do magic and he is legit at it!! I think he will be the next Chris Angel or David Blaine!! He did this trick last night and he had me be his little helper person!!! It was so crazy after he did it we all ran around screaming like little school girls!! I will try to record the trick on the voice recorder and send it to you when I get to Mexico!! All I can say was that it was ridiculous!

That is cool that Layne got his call!!! Alaska would be sick!! And it is good to hear that Kayd is doing good!! I hope that he makes it to Mexico soon!! Well I gotta go sorry I didn't have much to say this week, but not much has changed here. I hope everything is going good back at home I love you all!!

Elder Cole Beanz

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hola Familia!

How is everyone doing! This week has went by fairly fast here in Provo. I got the cow pictures yesterday, I thought they would be bigger than they looked haha. Jr. still looks newborn haha, Yoda looks like he is pregnant! Napoleon looks like he is pretty big and Biff looks normal haha. Everyone thinks I'm the biggest hick haha because I was so excited for those cow pictures haha I loved them tho! Especially the one of Napoleon eatin corn!! I definatley need a real one of that!! haha

Well so here is the deal with Visas! You know how I told you 44 had Permiso's, well Me and the 3 other Elders going to East have our Permisos, all of Mexico City East does. Has Kayd gotten to Mexico yet? Anyways, so us 4 will not be getting reassigned, they will hold us here until the consolate in Salt Lake calls for us to meet with them, we don't know when this will be. The other 6 Elders in our District going to West do not have permisos and are getting reassigned. They haven't gotten their reassignments yet though. Anyways I'm pretty excited that I at least have my Permiso, hopefully the Consolate calls within the next week so I can get my Visa and leave.

Anyways about the voice recording thing, they are about 30 bucks here so I dunno if you could find a cheaper one at home. It would be cool but I don't want to spend 30 bucks haha. That is cool that Layne got his call be sure to dear elder me as soon as you find out where he is going. My companion is off of crutches so we get around a little better now. I hated having to carry his food in the cafeteria it was the worst carrying mine and his through a million people! It is better now.

I heard that Dallas got owned by the refs Sunday! Be sure to send me Dear Elders right after their games so I know if they won or not. I had to wait until Tuesday to find out haha. But it sounds like the Redskins had the luckiest game of their lives! A fumble return and then they needed a last play penalty to win. Lame!! It sounds like Romo did good tho, did Dez Bryant play? How did he do?

We had our last TRC this week it was pretty easy it was on lesson two again. They only teach you lessons 1 and 2 here in the MTC and Lessons 3,4,5, are on your own in the mission field. So maybe I will get some time to study those lessons since I will probably be delayed a bit. I don't know what we will do after Monday because our Teachers will have different jobs so we will be on our own. And if we get a new District on Wednesday they will probably need our classroom so I dunno where we will go after Wednesday.

Not to brag or anything but I've been tearin it up at MTC soccer!! There are so many people playing every time! Me and Elder Green own everyone but he left today for the Dominican Repulic so I dunno if it will be as fun now. We kindof got sick of volleyball too. The Gym is supposed to open back up on Wednesday so we will see if we can finally play Basketball. Everyone talks themselves up like they are amazing at everything here so we will see if everyone is as good at Basketball as they claim to be. haha

I Don't know what else to tell you. I didn't get to go to the real world last week because another Elder needed to go to the bone doctor too so they put him on exchanges with my companion. I was pretty bummed but it's alright! Hopefully they have a Taco Bell in Mexico!! haha O I bought a CD of pics that I need to send home and you guys can develop whatever ones you want. I will try to send that today. Also tell Grandpa and Grandma Spackman thanks for all their letters they write me at least twice a week, I will try to get them a letter today. Well I feel ready for Mexico my Espanol isn't perfect but I would probably survive. . . . I thinks anyways. I'm excited to see what this week brings. Gotta Run! Thanks for all the letters and stuff. You guys are the best! Let me know about the Dallas games haha. I love all of you.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hola Familia!

Mom thanks for the email it was really long this week haha! Sounds like things at work are getting better that is nice to hear that all is well back home! Haha I'm glad the 3 day weekend was good for you guys. As a missionary there are no weekends or Holidays, all they mean is that you don't get mail hahaha!

Well so much has happened this week! I'll start with the main thing that has happened! Me and Elder Anderson are no longer companions!! That is crazy because they hardly ever swith up the companionships in the MTC. I am now with Elder Solheim! Since Elder Haskell hurt his back they have been missing a lot of class and they were already struggling a lot with Spanish before his back problem. So they separted them so they could attend more class, and hopefully have us help them out. So Elder Anderson is now with E Haskell.

Anyways I felt like me and Elder Anderson were finally starting to teach pretty well together then they split us up. And let me tell you Elders Solheim and Haskell really struggle with their Spanish. This week we taught the Plan of Salvation and the Word of Wisdom in TRC. I had to talk most of the time, Elder Solheim said a few sentences. But I felt like I did a good job. Haha, maybe this is a blessing in disguise because now I have to talk a lot more and so I have to learn more Spanish.

Then, two days ago playing soccer outside, Elder Solheim broke his leg! Some kid kicked his leg instead of the ball! Ya, MTC soccer is crazy! His fibula has a piece broken off and the rest is cracked in half haha! So he is on crutches all the time now so we are late to pretty much everything! It is really really really annoying! Tomorrow we have to go to a bone speacialist in Orem! Haha Real world here I come haha i'm pretty excited to get out of the MTC for a few hours tho! Maybe I will get to go to Taco Bell!!! Because he broke his leg he will have to be here another 6 weeks!!! That would not be fun!

Did you get the receipt for my shots that I sent home!? I haven't gotten your package yet hopefully I will get it later today! O and ya I found my vial in my first aid thing! Thanks for the package anyways! O the DL just came in the room and gave me a package slip! Ya! That must mean that I got it! Thanks.

We still don't know about Visa's! They say that you receive flight plans 10 days from your departure date so that means that if they think we will get our Visas we should get flight plans tomorrow! But even if you get flight plans you still don't know for sure if your visa has came! They said that you really find out about 3 days before you are scheduled to leave! So who knows, there is a possibility I will get reassigned. I am supposed to leave the 20th which is a Monday I think.

It has almost been two months since I left, that means that I am due for another pic of the calves soon so I can see how they are growing haha! How are they doing with the cold weather!!? I hope good!

We got to host new Elders yesterday! It was a pretty cool experience we get to do it again next Wednesday! I hosted Brian Williams he used to go to Sky View but then moved like Jr. year or something to California. It was cool to host someone that I new tho.

Hahah Lacey's text must have worked cuz kenz finally wrote me! It was good to hear from him! He is two for two on this years football season with his field goals! And I guess he moved up to the number 1 kicker. I will try to get my pictures developed today or tomorrow and send them home. There's some pretty good ones on my camera right now.

We had to take the can tower down, once the Branch Presidency found out they put an end to it real quick haha. We had one last night where a bunch of people came and got pictures with it and stuff then we went crazy and tore it all down!! Haha

Well I gotta go Yo espero que todo esta bien! I love all you guys and all your letters are awesome! Have fun at the State Fair!

P.S. I am not pro at the double r but I can do it for the most part!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hola Familia! Sept 2, 2010

This week has been quite the week! I have been super tired every day, you never catch up on sleep here! How is the Family? Did Dad and Whitney get my Birthday Cards? I hope Whitney has a good birthday today!! Happy Birthday Whit!! I am jealous that you get to go to Golden Corral!

Well our District has been going crazy this week three or 4 days ago Elder Haskell in our room, woke up and his back was hurting so bad he could hardly walk. He had surgery on it 4 months before he came out for a herniated disk. Me and My companion gave him a blessing and by afternoon he was able to come out and play soccer with us. But as the days went on the pain came back and yesterday he went to the Doctor. They told him that the disk was reherniated and he would need surgery again and he would be going home today. It was a shock to us all. Our District is like family now and it was hard to think that he would be leaving us. Last night our whole District gave him a blessing and today we have been fasting for him. We also put his name on the prayer roll today when we went to the Temple. We have done everything that we can to help him. When we got back from the Temple he was sitting on a bench in front of the MTC. We went and asked him what was up and when he was leaving. He said that he had been in meetings all day and the surgeon had called today. The surgeon had said that the doctor read the MRI wrong and his disk wasn't protruding again it was just scar tissue from the last surgery! He has to get a cortizone shot tomorrow and he will be able to stay and leave for Mexico as long as his Visa is here on time! It has been a crazy week but a big testimony builder. The Priesthood Power is real and it can work miracles! It is so cool to hold that power and be worthy to exercise it when called upon! You feel especially in tune with the Spirit as a missionary, it is an incredible blessing for me to hold the priesthood.

Anyways more about the week! The can tower is almost all the way up the window it is awesome! We took a bunch of pictures with it last night since we thought Elder Haskell was leaving. O and my Spanish week went good but I only made it to Sunday but that was still a long time. So no Taco Bell for me. Que triste!

This coming Tuesday we have to teach lesson 2 in Spanish, it is alot harder than lesson one. Lesson one is now fairly easy for us haha. But lesson 2 will turn out good if we just practice alot before Tuesday.

O Mom, I would like you to send me a few things if you get the chance. Before I left Chad and Teresa gave me a sweet oil vial! I'm pretty sure I forgot it in my room somewhere, can you see if you can find it and send it? If you can't find it I have one on my keys if you will just send me that one. I would also like some black ice car air freshners for our room it is stinky haha. And anything else you would like to send. I can't wait to see this poodle. It is probably ugly!

I haven't had to give a talk yet in Sacrament but the last three weeks I have been assigned to give the opening prayer for Sacrament en Espanol of course, I dunno why they keep choosing me but I'm fine with it because that means they won't call on me to talk haha. You will have to send me a monthly pic of the cows every month so I can see how big they are getting. Work sounds rough, that sounds no fun! Just remember even though you are exhausted some nights, read something in the scriptures and give thanks to our Heavenly Father for all our blessings!! If you do the small stuff you I know that you will be blessed and you will have the strength you need to wrestle them kids on the bus!! haha I love you guys! Thanks for all that you do! You are all examples to me!

Love Elder Cole Beanz Chambers

P.S. tell kenz on facebook or something he is a pastel de fruta for not writing me yet!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hola Familia!

Este semana fue muy rapido! haha Mi y Elder Anderson tenemos un meta para hablar Español todos dias este semana! Es muy dificíl no!? Haha Thanks for the email it is great to hear about home. The Chambers news thing was also nice to read, I loved the pictures of the cows I was taking them everywhere showing them to people! I even have my teacher convinced that he wants a cow now haha! It look like they have definatley grown I can tell by how much bigger their heads look! Jr. still looks small but the other are doing really good! I hope they get quite a bit bigger before the cold winter comes!

Time is flying by! It seems like we just got new Elders and then in came more yesterday! I haven't heard from Kayd, I would like his address if you can get it, and also Ethan Cody and Braydons. And also my own Mexico City Address! It will be neat to see how they are all doing and if it is what they thought it would be.

I had to get a haircut yesterday. It looks good haha I usually don't like haircuts but this one seems ok. O the highlight of the week was Tuesday night. We had Elder Holland come and speak to the MTC! I was about 7 rows back! It was amazing, I have never been that close to an Apostle, he inspired us all to be better missionaries. I wish I could have shook his hand but he boot scooted and boogied out of here after he was done!

The first lesson in Espanol went good but we pretty much sound like cavemen when we talk haha but we get the point across. It just takes alot of practice and time. I know the first vision really good that is about the only thing I can say as fast as a native probably can. hahaha it feels cool just to ramble off words like that.

I somehow got a copy of the 2010 Ensign conference talks and I was ready in Boyd K. Packers about Gideon and his army of three hundred found in Judges chapter 7. It is a really cool story I liked how Elder Packer incorporated it into his talk. We always have to be on the look out for the adversary!! It is probably one of my favorite stories.

Anyways this week we are only speaking spanish! My teacher said he would bring Taco Bell to whoever made it the whole week without saying a word of English, haah I am the only one still going and we started just yesterday haha. Yo quiero Taco Bell!

I will try to write a bunch of letters today. Tell Grandma Chambers I haven't forgotten about her. She has now sent me two letters and I have yet to reply to both. So let her know she is first on my list of people to write today haha. Feeding the kittens sounds like an awful job!! Sounds like one I would make Lacey and Whitney do haha! Once again I loved the pictures of the cows you should send me a pic every month so I can see how they are growing!

O and the Elder that is really short is Elder Jacobs he claims he is 19 hahaha he is sometimes a little wierd tho! Anyways I got to go I will try to write alot of letters today, I gotta go buy me some stamps first tho. I hope you all have a good week. I miss Odis a lot! haha I know thats wierd but I miss him sneezing on me all disgusting like! haha I love you all! PAZ

Elder Chambers

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hola Familia,

How is everyone, it sounds like everyone is doing good. How are all the animals, are the calves getting bigger?? I can't believe it has already been a month! haha just 23 left to go! But ya, it feels like it has went really fast so far. It seems like it was forever ago since i left but a week ago that I got here. MTC time is a wierd thing haha.

I got a notice in my mail yesterday that I have to get my Hep A and Hep B final shots today. It said the cost was $126 bucks, so I think I heard that you have to just pay it then send the receipt to the insurance company or something. I'm not sure how it works, but I will probably try to pay for it with my card, I have cash but I don't want to use it for stupid shots!! So that was kindof a bummer to my day.

Today we got to go to the Temple again. Elder Anderson and myself did Initiatories. It was cool to do them again and listen to all the blessings promised!! It is cool that we get to go every week. I don't know if I told you guys, but the Mexico City Temple is in my mission area. I don't think I would get to go every week tho but maybe once a month or something, so i'm excited for that!!

The food here is still for the most part really good, you get a bad meal in every once in a while but they always have the cereal option if you don't like it haha. As far as gaining weight I have gained 12 pounds!!! Hahaha jk! If I have gained any it is probably like a pound! I eat a lot but it comes right back out hahahahaha nasty!!! Sundays and Wednesdays are the best food days, they serve ice cream those days. My favorite is strawberry sunday crunch or something like that!

What is up with the Poodle?? Is it still around or did you figure out who's it was!? I'm sure odis would like to have a small friend! Haha that would be wierd if you guys had a poodle! Dad wrote me about his dirt bike ride! I miss it alot, there is an Elder in our zone that raced so we talk about ridin sometimes.

Spanish is going ok. We have to learn a lot still before Tuesday. Tuesday we teach the first lesson all in Spanish. No Bueno!! haha. My comp took four years of Spanish before the MTC so he is a little ahead of me but it's ok.

I got the pictures developed but I haven't sent them yet. I will try to later this week. Everyone still loves the picture of Odis with his face all up in the camera!! I laugh everytime I look at it. It rained yesterday it was good, we got to go play volleyball in the nice cool sand! Lately our zone has been tie trading a lot!! I have traded my purple one that I wore at my farewell and that awesome red tie away. But I think I got the better end of the deal haha. We also had a day where our zone all parted our hair, we looked ridiculous.

I don't know what else to say, everything is going well. Alot of people have wrote me, a few friends. I need to write back both grandmas and Tracy's kids, I will try to get them a letter soon. Let them know I haven't forgotten about them, I am workin on it.

O we also got into the pillow room!!! A huge room stacked halfway up with pillows!! It was awesome, I took pics but I haven't developed them yet. I will probably send another batch of pics before I leave the MTC. Anyways, thanks for all of you guys letters!! I love all of you!! Have fun at the meet and creek!!

Love, Elder Cole William Beanz Chambers

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hey how is everyone? I am still doing really good here. It has been super busy and tiring lately so I haven't wrote many letters. I will try today to write everyone back who has written me. I heard Lacey's quilt got the best ever award or something that is awesome for her congrats. So you guys have kittens again?? I'm guessing they will get to live for around 3 weeks before odis has his way with them haha.

We are now practicing lesson 2 in english we have been on it for the past week and a half, I like it better than lesson one. Me and my comp do a good job together teaching lesson two. In two tuesdays we start teaching the first lesson in Spanish haha crazy, I still have a lot to learn before that.

I got your package yesterday, thanks, I really needed the shirts. And the banana bread was good too! My whole District loves the picture of odis with his face all up in the camera and what not!! They were all laughing. 2 Elders that were in our district left for the Peru MTC yesterday, I will miss them they were really cool elders.

That is funny that Duke is still in the house!! It sounds like he is a spoiled dog now! I have so many pictures of him haha I think half of the pictures I have are of him. O by the way I also am printing out pictures, they will be done saturday and then I can send them home for y'all. It is funny, when we sings hymns I sing with a country voice in Spanish and it sounds really funny. The food here continues to be good, every morning I have scrambled eggs hash browns and sausage ahha.

Mom, that is good that you are striving to read the Book of Mormon everyday. We do that here but it is really easy to do it here haha. Just remember that you don't have to read a lot just read something! I just finished 3 Nephi, it is awesome I love Chapter 11 it is probably one of the best chapters in the Book of Mormon.

O I forgot to tell you Kayd or I mean Elder Falslev has been reassigned to Sacramento California for the time being, he leaves on Monday or Tuesday I think. I thought it was really cool, it is like a second mission call!!! It would kind of be cool if that happened to me as long as it wasn't permanent and I eventually made it to Mexico. If I ended up getting my mission call totally changed that would be awful, my heart is set on Mexico City. I can't wait to get there, I know I will love the people, the food, and the culture. I just hope I make it there!! Ben Lundberg also got reassigned to somewhere but I don't remember where. A few elders have got reassigned to Washington, Colorado, California, and Las Vegas.

Well I don't have much time left, I will do my best to get everyone a letter today!! Thanks for all your support, I pray for you guys at least 5 times a day!!! I love you all!

Elder Cole BEANZ

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hey Family!!!

This week has really flown by!!! It seems like we just got new elders here and more showed up yesterday!! I got your package today I just haven't went to pick it up yet. I also got another letter from Whitney today!! Tell Lacey she isn't as cool as me until she does a backflip off the bridge! Ya we get to go to the Temple every Thursday so we just got back!! I've almost got everything memorized! You guys and the Grandpa and Grandmas are the only ones who have wrote me so far. No friend letters yet those punks!!

The Visas have been a real big problem for Mexico lately, Kayd's district was already told that they won't leave on time and they don't know when they will be able to leave. So that is what I fasted for on Fast Sunday and I will also probably again next fast Sunday. If you get delayed usually you will get reassigned for a month or two until it is all clear. If that happens to me I hope I get to go east coast or somewhere like that before Mexico.

My companion and everyone in my room are all going to Mexico City East. I like my comp more now he doesn't seem as wierd anymore. The other Elders in my room are Elder Haskell and Elder Solheim. They are from Orem and Mesa Arizona. They are really chill, I like them, our room is probably the funnest in the District. Which helps take a little stress out after a long day of studying.

Dad, what a coincedence I too yesterday started to read through D&C, to be honest I have never really read it through. It is filled with great stuff, I liked those scripts you told me about. But, ya I like D&C I started yesterday and am now on Section 40 haha. You really learn to love the Scriptures here, sometimes thats all you want to do for hours! I definately was not that way before I came here. Spanish is also coming along, I haven't learned too much more so I don't think I will leave you with any this time. We have been working a lot on grammar and stuff like that.

In the next package you send I need you to send me like two more t shirts. I only have one right now! Other than that I can't think of anything else that I need. Keep sending me letters with Dear Elder they are definatley the easiest way to reach me. I only have 30 min on email and it goes by super fast, this is about all that I can write in that amount of time. I love you guys so much and your support keeps me going!! The MTC is definatley not as bad as everyone made it sound, it is actually pretty fun if you just make friends with your district and zone. PAZ!!

Love Elder Cole Beanz Chambers

P.S. that health week thing turned into a one day thing we couldn't resist the real food hahaha!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hola Familia,
This week has been really good, it was kind of hard to get adjusted to missionary life. But, I think I am pretty much adjusted by now. We got new missionaries yesterday so we aren't the Newbies anymore! Yay! Thanks for all of your letters it really brightens the day when I get to go back to the residency at night and read letters that I got. FYI I got everyone's letters telling me I was so blessed Duke didn't die way before Lacey's letter got to me explaining what had even happened, so I was really confused for about 3 days.
I got the package, thanks for all the goodies! We can't have gum here though so don't send gum. The food here is really good, contrary to popular belief, the eggs really aren't too bad either, I like them but it makes me fart alot!!! This week me and 3 other Elders are doing like a health week, haha, we don't want to gain too much weight! All we are eating is a bagel in the morning, this wrap thing for lunch, and a salad for dinner.
The second night we were here an Elder here had MAD DOG ghost pepper hot sauce. It is like a world record setting hot sauce, a bunch of us tried it, it was the hottest thing I have ever ate hands down. There was nothing that would help the heat!! I bought two ice creams to cool my mouth down haha. My Zone and District are super chill and cool! It is neat to see everyone growing so much already. The first days all we would talk about was Lebron and basketball and stuff haha. But now we talk about spiritual stuff all the time. My two teachers that I have are really good too. The guy teacher's name is Hermano Angus. He is awesome, I learn so much from him, our other teacher's name is Hermana Tymochenko. She is from Brazil, she is ok but not as good as Angus.
So far I have learned to Contact People, Pray, and Testify in Spanish. The language for some reason is much easier to learn here than in school. We teach and stuff in English for the first 4 weeks than after that everything is in Spanish haha. I can't wait to get to Mexico and learn real Spanish though haha. P-Day is nice, we got to got to the temple today, The Provo Temple is really neat but I still like Logan's better. They also had the older video in the Provo one.
Our Branch Presidency is way awesome! I like Brother Stone the best. He is an old guy that is really cool. He is kind of obsessed with shining shoes though haha. Sunday's, here at the MTC are crazy good. We go on a Temple Walk before Sacrament and take pictures and stuff. Then in the sacrament meetings they just call on random people to give five minute talks so everyone prepares one in case you get called on, Oh and it is all in Spanish. We also have devotionals on Sunday nights that are very, very good! I stay awake and am paying attention the whole time and usually I struggles with that.HaHa. Since Sunday the time has really flown by I can't believe it is Thursday already!!
I think it is best if you write with Dear Elder but still do emails too! Dear Elder gets here super fast so it would have been nice to tell me about Duke through that! That is terrible about Duke, I was tearing up as I read Lacey's letter about the whole story!! That dog has almost died a bunch of times with the gun accident and when he got sick and stuff, now this? How many lives can he have in him???haha Well take good care of him I want to see him in two years!!! I would like some pictures of the family and some pictures of me jumping my bike and stuff. And probably some of my street bike and some of wakeboarding and may others you want to send.
I will leave you with my testimony.
Yo testifico que la iglesia de Jesuscristo es verdaderay se que Jose Smith fue yn Proceta de Dios. Y tambien se que tenemosun profeta hoy, Thomas S. Monson. Se que El Libro de Mormon contiene la palabra de Dios. y se que las familias pueden vivir juntas para siempre yse que Jesucristo es nuestro redentor y nuestro salvador En el nobre de Jesucristo Amen.
I love you all, keep writing me!!! Tell Jesse to write me soon!
Love, Elder Cole Beanz Chambers

Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Letter

The MTC is all that I expected and much more!! You should see the Cafeteria, it is huge!!! And there are so many Elders here! The first day I felt very rushed, but it is slowing down now! My P-Day is on Thursdays I can email then, and I am only suppose to write letters n P-Day. I am in Kayd's Zone! He got made a Zone Leader yesterday so he is my Zone Leader! I am so glad that he is here! It is making it alot easier for me! Everyone is super friendly here and my district is pretty chill.
When I got here they gave me spanish everything, Spanish PMG(Preach My Gospel) Spanish scriptures, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish ha ha. They also gave me a water purifier! Will you guys please send me some pictures of family and friends, I want to hang them on my wall. I also forgot my Mexican Money, I think it is on my desk.
The mornings are the hardest part, I am not a morning person! I seen Ethan in the Cafeteria, and Ben Lundberg, I've seen a bunch of people that I know. My name tag is pretty sweet it is all in Spanish!
Anyways, more about P-Day since ours is on Thursday we don't have one this week since we are new! So we can't do laundry till next Thursday and we can't write and stuff.
My companion is Elder Anderson. He is from Laramie Wyoming. He is a quiet kid haha.
I am on the top bunk and have been sleeping really good. Everyone says to just make it until Sunday but I already know I'm not Leaving!! The Gym is closed for 2 months so not b-ball for us. We will have to use the field and practice our futbol!
So I'm not suppose to write letters till next Thursday,but I thought I would write you guys anyways. Tell everyone I will write next week. So far, so good! I love you guys!
Love, Elder Cole Beanz Chambers
P.S. I miss Mom's food and tickles haha.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Till we meet again

We took Elder Chambers down to the MTC yesterday. It was hard to let him go. He will be a great missionary. He has a firm testimony of the gospel and is ready to serve the Lord.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On March 11, 2010, Cole received his mission call to the Mexico City East, Mexico Mission. He was way excited!!!! How shocking to know this was the same mission his childhood and present friend Kayd Falslev was going to. Who knows maybe they will be mission companions. He will be leaving on July 21, 2010. Good luck son.