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Monday, August 29, 2011

What's up Family???

Hey Family, how is everything going this week? The weeks sure are passing by!! I can't believe that this week September is already going to start. This week has been another normal week here in the mission not much new to tell everyone. It sounds pretty normal back home as well.

Well we were going to have a baptism yesterday, but Julio didn't come to Church so who knows what is going on with him right now. This week we were able to find various new investigators but for some reason or another not many made it to church on Sunday. I am really trying to find ways to love my area but it gets harder and harder as we continue to not have success. But I know that there is something to learn here in Anahuac. In fact almost all the mission is really struggling right now, I don't know what is up.

This week we were able to teach this 93 year old lady named Juana. She is really funny! She forgets stuff after about five minutes, I think we have told her that her baptismal date will be the 11th but she never remembers haha. When we ask her and she doesn't remember she hits herself in the head haha. She is a really nice old lady, but when we went to pick her up for Church she wasn't there.

My comp is going home in December. I can see that everyday he starts thinking more and more about home haha it kind of makes me start thinkin too, but I still have quite awhile to go. We're pretty sure that we will have changes this next cycle, hopefully I don't have a comp that will be going home soon.

The weather here is good. I think it still reaches up to about 80 degrees here, it rains about every evening but not as hard as it used to. I'm pretty sure that in the next months it will be around 70ish and sunny everyday. Haha The weather is actually really nice here in Mexico.

Well be sure to keep me updated on everything new going on back home. Haha I can't believe Kelly broke his hand golfing hahaha! But I gotta run! Love you guys!! Peace!

Elder Chambers

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