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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hola Familia,
This week has been really good, it was kind of hard to get adjusted to missionary life. But, I think I am pretty much adjusted by now. We got new missionaries yesterday so we aren't the Newbies anymore! Yay! Thanks for all of your letters it really brightens the day when I get to go back to the residency at night and read letters that I got. FYI I got everyone's letters telling me I was so blessed Duke didn't die way before Lacey's letter got to me explaining what had even happened, so I was really confused for about 3 days.
I got the package, thanks for all the goodies! We can't have gum here though so don't send gum. The food here is really good, contrary to popular belief, the eggs really aren't too bad either, I like them but it makes me fart alot!!! This week me and 3 other Elders are doing like a health week, haha, we don't want to gain too much weight! All we are eating is a bagel in the morning, this wrap thing for lunch, and a salad for dinner.
The second night we were here an Elder here had MAD DOG ghost pepper hot sauce. It is like a world record setting hot sauce, a bunch of us tried it, it was the hottest thing I have ever ate hands down. There was nothing that would help the heat!! I bought two ice creams to cool my mouth down haha. My Zone and District are super chill and cool! It is neat to see everyone growing so much already. The first days all we would talk about was Lebron and basketball and stuff haha. But now we talk about spiritual stuff all the time. My two teachers that I have are really good too. The guy teacher's name is Hermano Angus. He is awesome, I learn so much from him, our other teacher's name is Hermana Tymochenko. She is from Brazil, she is ok but not as good as Angus.
So far I have learned to Contact People, Pray, and Testify in Spanish. The language for some reason is much easier to learn here than in school. We teach and stuff in English for the first 4 weeks than after that everything is in Spanish haha. I can't wait to get to Mexico and learn real Spanish though haha. P-Day is nice, we got to got to the temple today, The Provo Temple is really neat but I still like Logan's better. They also had the older video in the Provo one.
Our Branch Presidency is way awesome! I like Brother Stone the best. He is an old guy that is really cool. He is kind of obsessed with shining shoes though haha. Sunday's, here at the MTC are crazy good. We go on a Temple Walk before Sacrament and take pictures and stuff. Then in the sacrament meetings they just call on random people to give five minute talks so everyone prepares one in case you get called on, Oh and it is all in Spanish. We also have devotionals on Sunday nights that are very, very good! I stay awake and am paying attention the whole time and usually I struggles with that.HaHa. Since Sunday the time has really flown by I can't believe it is Thursday already!!
I think it is best if you write with Dear Elder but still do emails too! Dear Elder gets here super fast so it would have been nice to tell me about Duke through that! That is terrible about Duke, I was tearing up as I read Lacey's letter about the whole story!! That dog has almost died a bunch of times with the gun accident and when he got sick and stuff, now this? How many lives can he have in him???haha Well take good care of him I want to see him in two years!!! I would like some pictures of the family and some pictures of me jumping my bike and stuff. And probably some of my street bike and some of wakeboarding and may others you want to send.
I will leave you with my testimony.
Yo testifico que la iglesia de Jesuscristo es verdaderay se que Jose Smith fue yn Proceta de Dios. Y tambien se que tenemosun profeta hoy, Thomas S. Monson. Se que El Libro de Mormon contiene la palabra de Dios. y se que las familias pueden vivir juntas para siempre yse que Jesucristo es nuestro redentor y nuestro salvador En el nobre de Jesucristo Amen.
I love you all, keep writing me!!! Tell Jesse to write me soon!
Love, Elder Cole Beanz Chambers

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