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Monday, November 29, 2010

Hola Familia,

Hey Everyone, sounds like it is nice and cold back in Benson. How much snow is on the ground? It sounds like there is 4 feet haha, seems like it snowed every day this week! Here the weather hasn't changed hardly at all, it is still pretty warm haha. Well sounds like Thanksgiving was an ok day haha, i wish I could have been there to see all the crazy stuff go down, haha what was odis doing during all that!?

Well I finally feel like a missionary!! Yesterday we had 3 baptisms!! My first baptisms!! Haha It was Azucena and her two daughters. It was really cool I got to baptize all three of them, but it was all in Spanish haha! Their confirmation is next Sunday, I think Elder Castro is going to confirm them all. This week we also had a little more luck with investigators. We had 4 new investigators in Church yesterday, we are hoping to baptize a little girl named Fernanda this coming Sunday. Then another guy named Lasaro, the following Sunday! So the work has picked up, I'm glad that I got to baptized with Elder Castro, we don't know if we will be staying here or if one of us will be leaving on the 13th. Who knows! I sent a picture of us and the family, The oldest girl is named Brisa and the younger Abril, and the little boy is David.

Other than that not much else has happened this week. Spanish is coming along more and more every day, at first I would get so frustrated because I couldn't understand anything!! But now it is alot better! I still have a long way to go before perfection but little by little. This week in Church there was only about 20 people or so in Sacrament meeting, and for some reason here they don't give the sacrament to the foyer, so after the sacrament we opened the doors and about 40 more people came in!! It was wierd, everyone gets to Church late here, including the piano player so we sing the opening and sacrament hymns occapella. No me gusta haha.

Oh ya this week was Thanksgiving! It was just another normal day here, we did work as usual, but then around 9 at night we went for the Tortas!! I sent a bunch of pics of my progress with my torta!! I also ate a piece of pan with it. It was alot of food!! But I got it all down in memory of Thanksgiving! Castro only finished half of his hahaha!! In the pictures is my progress of the Torta, the pic of me and the ceiling is me needing the bathroom after the Torta haha! Then the pic on the couch is how I felt after the bathroom haha. It was a lot of food but definately not the same as the Thanksgiving dinners back home!! I missed them.

Well, Oh ya we had a really wierd lesson this week!! We went in and it was some older dude, we talked a little bit then it was time to go. Then he started pulling out all these religious books that he has read! He had a Libro de Mormon, Biblia, Un libro de los Testigos de Jehovah, and others. He told us he was addicted to reading religious stuff. Then we stood up to leave and he kept looking at me all wierd and stuff. Then he told me I had un noble corazon!! Hahahaha I don't know why!! He didn't say anything to my companion! Then he continued to tell me I had un noble corazon about 5 more times!! hahahaha alright dude!! It was kind of awkward, I didn't know what to say back to him except Thanks! Haha then after that we left.

This week we also had a wierd experience, we were contacting a street knocking all the doors. Then we knocked on a door and the guy that lived there wasn't all there mentally, you could tell he had some problems, so we moved on and knocked on the next door, out came this lady that could barely walk, I think she had fake legs! She didn't like us very much, she was telling all about how our Church is wrong, alright whatever, so we knocked on the next door, and out comes another guy that could barely walk and had a mental disability! 3 houses in a row!! We named the street the calle de problemas. When we meet people like that I always feel really sorry for them but it was a little funny that we contacted 3 in a row!

Well, I think that is all for this week I sent un buen de fotos para ustedes! Espero que les gusten. I'm still working on my package for you guys, I hope the mail people at fed ex told the truth and it can get to you guys in 3 days! I'm trying to have a small letter for every family in the fam on both sides, in the package, I still have to write more haha! Well gotta go have a good week!! Love you guys!

Elder Chambers

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