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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hola Familia,

How is everyone, it sounds like everyone is doing good. How are all the animals, are the calves getting bigger?? I can't believe it has already been a month! haha just 23 left to go! But ya, it feels like it has went really fast so far. It seems like it was forever ago since i left but a week ago that I got here. MTC time is a wierd thing haha.

I got a notice in my mail yesterday that I have to get my Hep A and Hep B final shots today. It said the cost was $126 bucks, so I think I heard that you have to just pay it then send the receipt to the insurance company or something. I'm not sure how it works, but I will probably try to pay for it with my card, I have cash but I don't want to use it for stupid shots!! So that was kindof a bummer to my day.

Today we got to go to the Temple again. Elder Anderson and myself did Initiatories. It was cool to do them again and listen to all the blessings promised!! It is cool that we get to go every week. I don't know if I told you guys, but the Mexico City Temple is in my mission area. I don't think I would get to go every week tho but maybe once a month or something, so i'm excited for that!!

The food here is still for the most part really good, you get a bad meal in every once in a while but they always have the cereal option if you don't like it haha. As far as gaining weight I have gained 12 pounds!!! Hahaha jk! If I have gained any it is probably like a pound! I eat a lot but it comes right back out hahahahaha nasty!!! Sundays and Wednesdays are the best food days, they serve ice cream those days. My favorite is strawberry sunday crunch or something like that!

What is up with the Poodle?? Is it still around or did you figure out who's it was!? I'm sure odis would like to have a small friend! Haha that would be wierd if you guys had a poodle! Dad wrote me about his dirt bike ride! I miss it alot, there is an Elder in our zone that raced so we talk about ridin sometimes.

Spanish is going ok. We have to learn a lot still before Tuesday. Tuesday we teach the first lesson all in Spanish. No Bueno!! haha. My comp took four years of Spanish before the MTC so he is a little ahead of me but it's ok.

I got the pictures developed but I haven't sent them yet. I will try to later this week. Everyone still loves the picture of Odis with his face all up in the camera!! I laugh everytime I look at it. It rained yesterday it was good, we got to go play volleyball in the nice cool sand! Lately our zone has been tie trading a lot!! I have traded my purple one that I wore at my farewell and that awesome red tie away. But I think I got the better end of the deal haha. We also had a day where our zone all parted our hair, we looked ridiculous.

I don't know what else to say, everything is going well. Alot of people have wrote me, a few friends. I need to write back both grandmas and Tracy's kids, I will try to get them a letter soon. Let them know I haven't forgotten about them, I am workin on it.

O we also got into the pillow room!!! A huge room stacked halfway up with pillows!! It was awesome, I took pics but I haven't developed them yet. I will probably send another batch of pics before I leave the MTC. Anyways, thanks for all of you guys letters!! I love all of you!! Have fun at the meet and creek!!

Love, Elder Cole William Beanz Chambers

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