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Monday, November 22, 2010

Hola Familia,

Well another week down in the mission haha it really is going faster and faster, it seems like we just had P-Day. But it sounds and looks like winter is startin up in Benson, hope it isn't too cold for ya. The weather here has actually warmed up a little from the previous weeks. Every day this week I was in a short sleeve shirt haha it was nice.

I'm going to miss Thanksgiving, I have to say it is probably my favorite Holiday! I'm sure there is gonna be football games on and a bunch of food haha!! Eat a few bacon water chesnuts for me! But this week I got your first package, I also got a Dear Elder from Mom and a letter from Grandma Chambers. Be sure to let her know that it got to me. But thanks for all the candies! I miss the American candies! Especially the laffy taffys, I think I have Elder Castro hooked on them already. He also likes the Mike N Ikes, haha they have candy like laffy taffy and mike n ikes here but they aren't very good. So I expect to get your other packages the next pouch which will most likely be in 3 weeks, so fairly close to Christmas.

The other week in Church I passed a bulliten board with a bunch of missionary pictures on it. And I found a picture with someone that I thought looked familiar. So I pulled the picture off and looked on back and sure enough it was Elder Beorchia. Ace from the soccer team, I think he is serving in Monteray or somewhere like that so I dunno why that picture was in our Church haha.

Also the other week we had to go to Migration services or somethin like that to finish up my visa. So we got to go into the City. It is so huge! We had to go on the Subway!! Hahaha that was the first time in my life that I had been on a Subway, so that was kind of cool. When we got there all the missionaries that arrived the same day I did were there, so I got to talk with Elder Anderson and Solheim again! I guess Elder Haskell had back problems again and had to go home, but it was nice to talk to them!

So ya I got your letters that talk about Duke getting ran over by Dad hahaha! By now I'm sure he's all healed up! After all the stuff that has happened I can't believe he still chases the 4 wheelers! He definatley is a lucky dog to be alive! He's been shot, deathly sick, hit by a car, and now ran over by the 4 wheeler haha.

So the work is still going slow, if we were going to baptized a new family before transfers they had to be in church yesterday and once again nobody showed up! Pretty sure that transfers are in 3 weeks or so. So there's a chance that I will be in a different area with a new companion for Christmas. But the good news is that last Monday we went to visit Azucena and her family, I guess she didn't get the job, it was a 3 day test or whatever to see who would get the job and she didn't. So she is still jobless, and Friday her brother in law died so they were out of town this Sunday. But we visited them last night and Azucena and her two daughters said that they know that the Book of Mormon is true and that everythings alright for them to be baptized this coming Sunday. So they will have an interview this week with our District Leader. If everything goes right we will be able to baptize them Sunday but not much goes exactly to plan here in Mexico so we'll see what happens. We are hoping for the best.

I don't know how to explain where we are any better than I have. Simply we live in La Providencia, Fraccionemento San Angel, Calle del Angel. Another street kindof close to us is calle de los santos. I guess we are fairly close to the freeway.

And no they don't have siestas in the middle of the day here. But the big meal is lunch around 2 or 3 o'clock everyday. After I always feel like having a siesta but we gotta work haha. Oh be sure to tell Grandma Chambers happy birthday for me when you see her this week! And tell everybody else in the family Hi and that everything is good! I'm hoping to have a small letter for every family in the family in the package that I send. It is alot of letters to write!! haha well gotta run but I love all of you! Talk to you again next week! Oh and I dunno how it all works for calling on Christmas, we'll see when it gets closer!

Con Amor - Elder Beanz

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