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Monday, October 25, 2010

hola familia

This email might be a little short. We just got back from a zone activity that we were at all day and I think that we have to be back by nine but oh well.

This week has been better than the first. Tuesday we got a call and we got told that we were going on splits with the zone leaders. I was nervous, but it was a really good experience. I was with Elder Walk for a day in his area. He is from Farmington Utah. I learned alot from him and it was nice just to talk english if we wanted haha.

Well yesterday was my second Sunday here and I had to give a talk. They told us to prepare seven minutes on missionary work. It was easy haha, I made a lot of mistakes but I took ten minutes haha. With hardly any notes. It was neat to speak in a real Spanish Ward.

This week we found a family of five. They don't have a dad and the moms name is Azucena. She has a 16 year old son, 12 year old daughter, 9 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. We have had a bunch of lessons with them already this week. We found them just knocking doors one night and they invited us back. Well they came to church with us yesterday, that is a huge step because if they don't come to church and aren't willing to change we can't waste our time with them. So that was good, i think that they all liked it.

For the Zone Activity today we went to a place called Los Primas. It was cool I got a bunch of neat pics but no time to upload any this week sorry haha. It is a place with a bunch of waterfalls and paths and stuff going down the mountain side, so that you can go down to the bottom of them. We got some good zone pics with everyone standing in the waterfall!!! We were all soaked!! It was fun, we also got to play some soccer finally haha. There were a few of the Mexican Elders that were pretty good, but most of the other Americans suck and a few of the Mexican Elders stink haha. But it was fun, then we ate tacos and they were super good as well. This week has been nothing but good once again as far as food goes. Everyday after la comida i am stuffed!!

That is awesome that Kayd got his visa finally. I am excited for him to get here, and experience all that Mexico has to offer for him. As far as water goes we have a water heater, but the first few days we didn{t have gas so yes our showers were cold. I haven't seen any buckets on the roof for warm water, and i havent been in any public restrooms.

Our area is Pachuquilla but we live in a pueblo called la providencia. on the street San Angel the last house on the road. It is ok, but when i stayed with elder walk i got to see a glimpse of the life of a zone leader. There house is amazing!! I hope i get to be a zone leader some day just for the house haha.

I still don't know how long a letter takes to get here, but our first day President said that a package takes about 2 months to get here. But ya Presidents house isn't even in our mission area, their house is in the west mission so we don't see him out here in Hidalgo. But tomorrow we have interviews so we get to see him tomorrow. We see our district leader once a week and he gets the mail from the zone leaders, so who knows how long it takes.

Well I gotta go sorry so short. Have a happy halloween!!!! Next week I will get you some pictures!! Love ya Bye!!

Elder Chambers

Oh ya Elder Castro is from Guerrero Mexico (don't know if that is spelled right or not)

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