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Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Letter

The MTC is all that I expected and much more!! You should see the Cafeteria, it is huge!!! And there are so many Elders here! The first day I felt very rushed, but it is slowing down now! My P-Day is on Thursdays I can email then, and I am only suppose to write letters n P-Day. I am in Kayd's Zone! He got made a Zone Leader yesterday so he is my Zone Leader! I am so glad that he is here! It is making it alot easier for me! Everyone is super friendly here and my district is pretty chill.
When I got here they gave me spanish everything, Spanish PMG(Preach My Gospel) Spanish scriptures, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish ha ha. They also gave me a water purifier! Will you guys please send me some pictures of family and friends, I want to hang them on my wall. I also forgot my Mexican Money, I think it is on my desk.
The mornings are the hardest part, I am not a morning person! I seen Ethan in the Cafeteria, and Ben Lundberg, I've seen a bunch of people that I know. My name tag is pretty sweet it is all in Spanish!
Anyways, more about P-Day since ours is on Thursday we don't have one this week since we are new! So we can't do laundry till next Thursday and we can't write and stuff.
My companion is Elder Anderson. He is from Laramie Wyoming. He is a quiet kid haha.
I am on the top bunk and have been sleeping really good. Everyone says to just make it until Sunday but I already know I'm not Leaving!! The Gym is closed for 2 months so not b-ball for us. We will have to use the field and practice our futbol!
So I'm not suppose to write letters till next Thursday,but I thought I would write you guys anyways. Tell everyone I will write next week. So far, so good! I love you guys!
Love, Elder Cole Beanz Chambers
P.S. I miss Mom's food and tickles haha.

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