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Monday, December 13, 2010

Hola Familia,

Hey everyone, how is everything! Looks like you guys got the house finished up, it looks really nice! Well before long Christmas will be here, it will be my first Christmas without snow, sounds like you guys might be without snow as well haha.

Well tomorrow is cambios or transfers. We got the call yesterday that both me and Elder Castro are going to be staying here in Pachuquilla for another cycle or 6 weeks. But we found out that we do have a change, Elder Castro is going to be the new District Leader. That means we get a cell phone haha, but really a cell phone will help us alot in the work. This also means a lot more meetings and travel. Tomorrow we have to go to el estado de Mexico, so he can get training. I don't know what i'm going to do while he is in his meeting haha. Oh well, I think him being District Leader will help us have a little more success in la obra.

But I think that pouch is tomorrow so I am hoping to get all your packages tomorrow. It will be hard not to open them till Christmas, haha we'll see what happens. Haha as well I am sending my package to you guys today, they said it takes three days to get there, so maybe lock up duke in the next few days because I am sending it to the house, not Cache Honda.

Well I got the pictures of the Jace! Hahaha sounds like a good Christmas present for Kelly and Heidi. He is going to be a lot bigger by the time I get to see him in real life haha.

Well this week we had a bunch of animals be our friend! Starting with two dogs, we were knocking at this door where we had an appointment and these two dogs were barking at us. The people at the house didn't answer the door, so I started calling the dogs over to us. After a little bit they finally came over to us and we were petting them and stuff, but then it was time to go back and work. So we went to leave but the dogs went with us haha. They followed us everywhere! Everywhere we went, even when we contacted people in the street they were there circling the people haha. After about 30 minutes they found a garbage bag and decided to have lunch so that was when they stopped following us. Haha this week we also found a lizard in the street, It tried to play dead and just lay there so we picked it up haha I sent pictures of it. We also found a cat this week. It is really really rare that you can catch a random cat in the streets here in Mexico! Because everyone is so mean to them they all run when you are about 20 feet away from them. But I was calling this one and it came runnin over, I am also sending pics of it. So that's what has happened this week with animals.

Yesterday was the 12th of December. I guess here in Mexico it is some celebration day because most people are Catholics and worship the Virgen Guadelupe. I guess the 12th of Dec, is her birthday so people were going nuts. I guess people walk from all over to see some big Virgen Statue in Mexico City. Ya that's right walk, from all over Mexico, I guess the streets are filled with people in the city! My comp told me that some people that last little bit of their walk go on their knees!! Ya Mexico is just a little bit different. Because of this we had a lot of people skip out on Sunday that told us they could go. But we had 4 investigators there so it wasn't too bad haha.

Well it is getting a little bit colder here but for the most part it is always sunny. I haven't seen rain in about a month and a half haha. The nights get pretty cold here because it is windy but I bought me a sweater so everything is alright. Well that is about it for this week! The house looks good I wish I could see it in real life!! Oh and the cows look like they are thicker especially Jr. his belly is ginormous!! Haha they need to get some height on em! Well gotta run but thanks for all the emails!! Look for my package in the mail! Peace out!

Love - Elder Chambers

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