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Monday, November 15, 2010

Hola Familia!

Well another week down already haha. The time is going really fast here, before long it will be Christmas!! Haha my first Christmas without snow!!! It is going to be pretty weird!! Everyone here likes to hear about the snow, lots of the people have never seen it their whole lives!! Utah is an awesome place, we get the best of both worlds, the cold and the hot.

Spanish is coming along poco a poco. This week my ability to understand the people has really increased! I can't understand everything that they say but I can get the jist of it. As far as talking goes, I am improving but it's still gonna take another month or two. I can say alot in our lessons and stuff, but everyday stuff, i've got a lot of words to learn haha.

This week we seen the reality and power of Satan. He really is doing all that he can to stop the work from progressing. We didn't baptize the family this week! What do you know the Mom who has been looking for a job for months found one thursday. And it is on Sundays!! So we really don't know what we are going to do about that, she had to work this Sunday so we couldn't do the baptism. She is trying to ask for Sundays off, but down here Sundays are one of the busiest days of the week so not many get Sunday off! Other than that we have had to drop lots of our investigators because they are just simply lazy and won't come to church for 3 hours. It is frustrating at times. We found a lady that is less active and has a son that is 13 years old and needs to be baptized. So first he needs to come to church just two times. And yesterday she came but not her son, we asked her where her son was and she said that he was sleeping and he didn't want to wake up! What the freak! haha To be honest right now we are just simply not having success in our area. We are going to start working in a different way. We are going to be working with the less actives and the members alot more. Hardly any more contacting, we are going to find people through references, because the way we have been working just isn't working. So we will see how it goes this week but we don't really have any progressing investigators right now so who knows when I will get a baptism!!!

Anyways, my area is Pachuquilla, this covers a bunch of cities, one is La Providencia that is where we live. Hope that cleared things up, if not oh well haha. Kayd isn't in our zone, but his companion in the MTC is, his name is Elder Castillo. I've seen him a bunch already haha he was also my zone leader with kayd in the MTC. He told me that Kayd has gained a little weight especially in his cheeks hahahaah. I can't wait to see him! My comp is from Guerrero not Guerro. It is like 6 hours from where we are. My comp has been a member all his life, that is pretty rare here. Muchos are converts.

Last Monday I went to send my package and we got robbed and all the stuff got stolen!! Hahahaha no just kidding we didn't get robbed. But the people said that it would get to our house in 3 days! I am going through fed ex so I guess that is how fast it goes, they said that is their slowest speed is three days. So I guess that I am going to send it closer to Christmas. I am still going to put the letters in the package because I don't want them to get lost in the regular mail.

This week during la comida with one of the members we got talking about thanksgiving. They don't have thanksgiving here in Mexico. I told him that on thanksgiving I was going to buy a Cubana Torta. It is the biggest one with all sorts of different meats on it. haha it is the one in the picture that me and Elder Castro have to split. But this time I'm going for a whole one haha. And the Hermano was like I want to celebrate a Thanksgiving! I never have before haha so he is coming with us and is going to buy the Tortas hahahaha!

Not much else has happened this week, next week I will try to get a few more pictures sent. I hope Odis is doing better he's got to make it 2 more years!! I want to see him again haha. If he doesn't make it you have to wait till I get back to get a new puppy! haha well gotta go! Thanks for all the support! I love you guys!!

Elder Beanz

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  1. Fun to read and see Elder Chambers in action! We just dropped Layne off at the MTC. We hope he will continue to follow his great friends example! Thanks to Beanz for being so awesome!! Love you and keep up the great work! Love the Lawson's