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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hola Familia!!!

Well I'm still here at the MTC. I have not seen the consolate yet, that is what is retarded about it is we just have to wait for them to call. I don't understand why they don't set up appointments and stuff. All it is, is going to Salt Lake and signing some papers and putting down your thumbprint or somethin. They said it could be tomorrow or it could be the end of next week or longer. So we don't really know. But, most likely I will be flying with Elders Haskell, Anderson and Solheim when we do end up going.

It is really hard to stay focused now that we are on our own with no schedule and no teacher. Our teacher Hermano Angus was the best, I learned a lot from him. But basketball is legit for the most part we play to 7 and winner doesn't stay. You have to shoot for teams after you are done but it is still pretty fun I'd forgotten how much fun b-ball is.

I can't believe Dallas lost to the Bears!!! That about broke my heart, what is going on?? I hope they can pull together and play good against the Texans!! How is Dez Bryant doing?? That is sick that he returned a kick off for a touchdown!! I hope they start rotating him into the offense more and more.

Well I got the package today, the voice recorder is awesome!! How much did it cost?? I played with it all day today, you can speed your voice up like a chipmunk or you can slow it down and it makes your voice all low and stuff. It is really cool I hope I can get it to work with the computers in Mexico, here at the MTC it won't work on these computers, I think they have blocked stuff like that from working here.

Our District is down to just the four of us going to Mexico City East. Three Elders left Monday and another 3 left today it is wierd. I am ready to go to Mexico I have liked the MTC but after 9 weeks I am ready to go. You can only teach so many fake lessons! haha I hope that we get to go soon I don't know how much longer I can keep my sanity here haha but basketball is helping!!

Last night was so awesome! There is an Elder here named Elder Stone he knows how to do magic and he is legit at it!! I think he will be the next Chris Angel or David Blaine!! He did this trick last night and he had me be his little helper person!!! It was so crazy after he did it we all ran around screaming like little school girls!! I will try to record the trick on the voice recorder and send it to you when I get to Mexico!! All I can say was that it was ridiculous!

That is cool that Layne got his call!!! Alaska would be sick!! And it is good to hear that Kayd is doing good!! I hope that he makes it to Mexico soon!! Well I gotta go sorry I didn't have much to say this week, but not much has changed here. I hope everything is going good back at home I love you all!!

Elder Cole Beanz

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