Investigator from Haiti

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hola Familia,

Hey everyone how are you, thanks for all of the emails, i read them all, it nice to hear from you all, I don't have time this week to reply to everyone sorry, maybe next week. But it sounds like everything is nice and dandy back in Cache Valley. It has been actually really cold here this last week, It has been sunny but with a cold wind. So when the sun goes down it get really cold, I am going to have to buy me a sueter today.

Well Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting, there was a bunch of changes just barely so are zone is almost all new people, and we have new zone leaders but they are chill I like them. But I got Dear Elders from you guys on Tuesday at the zone meeting, two from mom and one from Grandma. So whenever you guys sent them that is about how long it takes. I am hoping to get my package for you guys sent off today, we'll see what happens, I need to buy more stuff to put in it today.

This week has been a little more successful than last week. We had about 12 investigators tell us that they would be going to Church with us on Sunday, but only 5 were there haha. This next Sunday is the baptisms of the Family Carillo Jimenez, this is that family I have been talking about! They are pretty excited haha. We have one other family we are teaching, there son is a member but that is it, but they didn't show up to Church so we'll see how it goes. Our other investigators are all solos, like one person here and one person there. Hopefully we start having a flood of baptisms haha, it is really hard opening up an area. But its cool.

Last week I had my first experience with Tiangies! They are crazy, they are just a whole street of tents with people running around selling stuff! It is really cheap but you have to be careful cuz a lot of the stuff that they sell is fake or doesn't work haha. But its awesome their is just a bunch of people running around yelling prices for stuff!

The food continues to be great haha. The thing that I am eating is called a Torta. It is something that you buy off the street, but it is huge and cheap! It costs 40 pesos for the biggest one called the Cubana. So that is like 4 bucks and me and Elder Castro have to split it to finish it haha. They are my favorite thing here. This week we also tried out a street vendor taco shop haha. They were super cheap like 2.5 pesos for one taco, they weren't the best tasting though haha. A member also fed us enchiladas this week they were pretty spicy. The hottest thing i've eaten here yet, haha my nose was running. But they were delicious. The only thing i don't like is sometimes for a side they give you a mountain of lettuce with big ole slices of tomatos on it. It is a challenge for me to get all of that down but somehow i do it haha.

If there is one thing that i wished that i had done before my mission, it is learn how to play the piano!! Most of the time here we have to sing ocapela and it sounds awful. Even in Sacrament only like one person knows how to play so if they aren't there, no piano! I am sending some more pictures the one of Elder Castro with his hand on his head is right after the incident haha. But ya there is quite a lot of people in la providencia, it is about the same size as benson or smaller only with so much more people haha.

Sounds like everything is good back home, I got the pictures. The cows don't look like they have grown that much haha. Hope they aren't too big of a burden. I am also sending you guys letters today so we'll see how long they take. Gotta run but love you guys!! Talk to you next monday!

Elder Chambers

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