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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hola Familia!

Este semana fue muy rapido! haha Mi y Elder Anderson tenemos un meta para hablar Español todos dias este semana! Es muy dificíl no!? Haha Thanks for the email it is great to hear about home. The Chambers news thing was also nice to read, I loved the pictures of the cows I was taking them everywhere showing them to people! I even have my teacher convinced that he wants a cow now haha! It look like they have definatley grown I can tell by how much bigger their heads look! Jr. still looks small but the other are doing really good! I hope they get quite a bit bigger before the cold winter comes!

Time is flying by! It seems like we just got new Elders and then in came more yesterday! I haven't heard from Kayd, I would like his address if you can get it, and also Ethan Cody and Braydons. And also my own Mexico City Address! It will be neat to see how they are all doing and if it is what they thought it would be.

I had to get a haircut yesterday. It looks good haha I usually don't like haircuts but this one seems ok. O the highlight of the week was Tuesday night. We had Elder Holland come and speak to the MTC! I was about 7 rows back! It was amazing, I have never been that close to an Apostle, he inspired us all to be better missionaries. I wish I could have shook his hand but he boot scooted and boogied out of here after he was done!

The first lesson in Espanol went good but we pretty much sound like cavemen when we talk haha but we get the point across. It just takes alot of practice and time. I know the first vision really good that is about the only thing I can say as fast as a native probably can. hahaha it feels cool just to ramble off words like that.

I somehow got a copy of the 2010 Ensign conference talks and I was ready in Boyd K. Packers about Gideon and his army of three hundred found in Judges chapter 7. It is a really cool story I liked how Elder Packer incorporated it into his talk. We always have to be on the look out for the adversary!! It is probably one of my favorite stories.

Anyways this week we are only speaking spanish! My teacher said he would bring Taco Bell to whoever made it the whole week without saying a word of English, haah I am the only one still going and we started just yesterday haha. Yo quiero Taco Bell!

I will try to write a bunch of letters today. Tell Grandma Chambers I haven't forgotten about her. She has now sent me two letters and I have yet to reply to both. So let her know she is first on my list of people to write today haha. Feeding the kittens sounds like an awful job!! Sounds like one I would make Lacey and Whitney do haha! Once again I loved the pictures of the cows you should send me a pic every month so I can see how they are growing!

O and the Elder that is really short is Elder Jacobs he claims he is 19 hahaha he is sometimes a little wierd tho! Anyways I got to go I will try to write alot of letters today, I gotta go buy me some stamps first tho. I hope you all have a good week. I miss Odis a lot! haha I know thats wierd but I miss him sneezing on me all disgusting like! haha I love you all! PAZ

Elder Chambers

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