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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hola Familia! Sept 2, 2010

This week has been quite the week! I have been super tired every day, you never catch up on sleep here! How is the Family? Did Dad and Whitney get my Birthday Cards? I hope Whitney has a good birthday today!! Happy Birthday Whit!! I am jealous that you get to go to Golden Corral!

Well our District has been going crazy this week three or 4 days ago Elder Haskell in our room, woke up and his back was hurting so bad he could hardly walk. He had surgery on it 4 months before he came out for a herniated disk. Me and My companion gave him a blessing and by afternoon he was able to come out and play soccer with us. But as the days went on the pain came back and yesterday he went to the Doctor. They told him that the disk was reherniated and he would need surgery again and he would be going home today. It was a shock to us all. Our District is like family now and it was hard to think that he would be leaving us. Last night our whole District gave him a blessing and today we have been fasting for him. We also put his name on the prayer roll today when we went to the Temple. We have done everything that we can to help him. When we got back from the Temple he was sitting on a bench in front of the MTC. We went and asked him what was up and when he was leaving. He said that he had been in meetings all day and the surgeon had called today. The surgeon had said that the doctor read the MRI wrong and his disk wasn't protruding again it was just scar tissue from the last surgery! He has to get a cortizone shot tomorrow and he will be able to stay and leave for Mexico as long as his Visa is here on time! It has been a crazy week but a big testimony builder. The Priesthood Power is real and it can work miracles! It is so cool to hold that power and be worthy to exercise it when called upon! You feel especially in tune with the Spirit as a missionary, it is an incredible blessing for me to hold the priesthood.

Anyways more about the week! The can tower is almost all the way up the window it is awesome! We took a bunch of pictures with it last night since we thought Elder Haskell was leaving. O and my Spanish week went good but I only made it to Sunday but that was still a long time. So no Taco Bell for me. Que triste!

This coming Tuesday we have to teach lesson 2 in Spanish, it is alot harder than lesson one. Lesson one is now fairly easy for us haha. But lesson 2 will turn out good if we just practice alot before Tuesday.

O Mom, I would like you to send me a few things if you get the chance. Before I left Chad and Teresa gave me a sweet oil vial! I'm pretty sure I forgot it in my room somewhere, can you see if you can find it and send it? If you can't find it I have one on my keys if you will just send me that one. I would also like some black ice car air freshners for our room it is stinky haha. And anything else you would like to send. I can't wait to see this poodle. It is probably ugly!

I haven't had to give a talk yet in Sacrament but the last three weeks I have been assigned to give the opening prayer for Sacrament en Espanol of course, I dunno why they keep choosing me but I'm fine with it because that means they won't call on me to talk haha. You will have to send me a monthly pic of the cows every month so I can see how big they are getting. Work sounds rough, that sounds no fun! Just remember even though you are exhausted some nights, read something in the scriptures and give thanks to our Heavenly Father for all our blessings!! If you do the small stuff you I know that you will be blessed and you will have the strength you need to wrestle them kids on the bus!! haha I love you guys! Thanks for all that you do! You are all examples to me!

Love Elder Cole Beanz Chambers

P.S. tell kenz on facebook or something he is a pastel de fruta for not writing me yet!

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