Investigator from Haiti

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hola Familia,

Hey everybody, what's up!? Sounds like everything back home is going good! That is crazy that you guys are redoing all the flooring! Que bueno que the insurance company paid for it all haha. I can't wait to see what it all looks like!! New hardwood, new paint, new carpet!! You need to send me some pictures, I want some pics of the calves and the house!

I can't believe that you guys already had a Christmas party!! It only is December 6th!! Here there is a few lights on some houses for Christmas but not nearly as much as back home. I liked the pictures of Santa! I wouldn't have been able to tell if you hadn't have told me haha. Most all of his face is covered, and with the glasses you really can't see very much haha! That's awesome!

This week we didn't have success! We went to the house of the little girl that was supposed to get baptized Sunday morning before church. We went and the Mom was really mad about something. So we started talking and she doesn't think that the girl is ready to be baptized so she didn't give us permission to do it. The little girl is 12 years old and she really wants to be baptized!! The thing I don't understand is why the Mom is resisting! The mom is a member! Oh well, when we went there the girl was crying and we had a lesson with them and the mom and the girl were yelling at each other and crying all in front of us! To be honest it was a little bit awkward! So we didn't baptized this week. We also had none of our investigators show up to church yesterday! So, we are back to square one, changes are next Tuesday we'll see what happens. I think the people have a hard time getting to church here because it is a little far away. About 30 minutes in a bus, and most people have to take the bus cuz they don't have there own cars.

This week we also had a cool experience. We were knocking doors and we came to this house that had a big dirt driveway, so we walked in and as we approached the house we seen that there was about 7 big dogs haha and they all started barking at us. My comp is a little scared of dogs so he didn't want to go any farther. But we went anyways haha then the lady came out and we talked with her, while we were talking all the dogs calmed down. She didn't want to hear our message so we turned around to leave. Then as we were walking my comp grabs my arm and pulls me a little and says watch out. Hahaha then a dog went flying by me!! Hahaha one of the dogs tried to bite me!! Then he was comin back for round two, but the lady that lived there grabbed piece of a hose or something and came in and hit the dog! hahaha then she started throwing rocks in the other direction and the dogs went away chasing the rocks haha!! So that is my experience for the week. For some reason I don't have any fear of dogs down here, but my comp sure does haha so he doesn't like to go to houses with dogs.

Today we also had a zone activity, we went to a church and played basketball and soccer. Then after we got to eat pizza!! It was pretty fun. But all of the basketball hoops down here are super ghetto!! None of them have nets!! It really bugs me for some reason! There are a few with nets but it looks like a dog chewed em all up so they are just barely hanging onto the rim.

I think we get to go to the Temple the 21st and 22 of this month. I'm pretty sure we have a mission conference then too so I will most likely see Kayd there too. Mom, the only thing that we have to cook is a little portable stove, the only thing that we cook has been eggs haha. The seasons are also all the same but a little warmer, and in the summers it rains alot.

I can't really think of anything that I need for my birthday or anything. I heard on ebay there are some pretty legit ties for cheap, I need a paisley tie, I don't care what color but it needs to be legit! Other than that I pretty much have everything I need here. Well gotta go, but thanks for the emails and updates!! Love you guys so much! Good luck with the rest of the floor this week! Hope the weather isn't too cold!! Peace out!

Elder Beanz

P.S. Cowboys rule!

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