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Monday, November 1, 2010

Hola Familia!!

I have a lot to say this week!! I hope everything is going good!! Thanks for all of the emails. I also am working on a Christmas Package, I just don't know where to take it so that all the stuff doesn't get jacked. In the package I have a letter for each of the four of you!! I am just going to throw them in the package instead of mailing them. But all is well here in Mexico.

I had an interview with President Hicken on Tuesday. It went really really good he is a stud. It was good because I told him that Kayd is my cousin and that he is finally coming here. He said oh really, I'll have to make a note of that and when you both get some more experience, we'll see if we can't make you companions!!!!! That would be so tight!! So that is the good news this week is that there is a good chance that sometime in the mish me and kayd will be comps!

The other day a funny/wierd thing happened. Me and Elder Castro were tracting, actually trying to get to some appointments and he said he needed to go to the bathroom! Only a number 1 so i wasn't too worried we just kept on going! He kept saying Fetch Fetch cuz he needed to go pretty bad haha. Then all the sudden he leans over and in English with the biggest Mexican Accent says Oh Fetch I'm peeing my pants!! It feels so good!! hahahahaha and that is what happened, he peed his pants, so we had to go back to the house so he could change and shower!!

I hear alot of American music here. It is about 50% American so every once in a while I hear some songs. The other day I heard Justin Beiber haha it made me think of Whit. Oh last week I didn't give you the full address of our house. It is in Hidalgo, The Providencia, San Angel, Calle del Angel, the last house on the street.

Stuff in Mexico is a little different! The Circus came to town this week so there is a huge tent set up in the middle of town for that. Also this week we seen this parade type thing where one truck was in front with a Band playing music in the back and behind them was about 50 dudes on Horses!! Just trottin along some random street. The funny part was that all the stray dogs come out to run by them so there was like 30 dogs too!! haha it was kinda cool.

The other day I ate so much that I seriously thought i was going to ralph in the members house. They gave us a huge bowl of soup, heaping bowl of soup and I ate it all, then they asked if I wanted more, I should have said no, but I said sure. Then they brought out another huge heaping bowl of soup. I made it through it but I was hitting my companions leg underneath the table trying to tell him that we needed to go soon or I was gonna ralph in their house. But i held it in and we made it out. Also the other day we ate a different soup, it was chicken and a bunch of jalapenos haha it was kinda spicy but not to bad, my nose was runnin a little bit.

This Tuesday, I got Heidi and Kellys dear elder, so whenever they sent it that is about how long it takes, a month or so i think. Probably the same with pouch so no I haven´t gotten anything yet but that dear elder. That is awful about the Cowboys!! Oh well they just need to continue to suck this year and get a good draft pick!! They will be good again when I get back!

Well, if you could figure out some of my friends emails and send them to me that would be appreciated. Especially Dillon, I have been trying to email him, for a long time but no response, maybe his email got changed or something, see if you can figure out what's going on. The family that we were teaching couldn't come to church this week they are having problems the mom has no job and the brother pays for everything, they had to go somewhere to sort stuff out. We are going to ask permission to still baptize them this week, because we feel that they are ready!!

Dad, here the church is run just the same, but all the leaders are really young because there isn't that many members. The second counseler in the Bishop ric is only 23 years old haha. It's cool though it is practically the same only in Spanish. The hymns though are awful sometimes there is nobody that knows how to play the piano so we sing occapela or however you spell it, and with not to many members it is weird. But its chill.

WEll that is all for this week. I think the best way to get me pics is through an attachment. Thanks for all your support and love. I love all of you so much. Con Amor


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