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Monday, December 20, 2010

Hola Familia,

Hey everyone how is it going? I hope that everything is going good, I can't believe that it is already Christmas! What time are you guys going to be waking up to open presents? 4 in the morning? haha

Well this past week has went a little bit slower than all the others, it seemed to drag on a little bit, I'm not sure why. We ended up getting Pouch last week so I got letters from Mom, Stephanie and Grandma Chambers. They told us that they were going to hold on to our packages until we go to the temple so tomorrow I should get the packages. I can't wait to see the inside of the temple here, I heard it has a bunch of old aztec symbols inside and stuff. There are two dates to go to the Temple half the mission goes tomorrow and the other half on Wednesday. Well I go tomorrow and Kayd goes on Wednesday, we are on opposite sides of the mission. So I won't be seeing him for Christmas, who knows when I'll get to see him.

This week we had a bunch of meetings. Tuesday we had to go to the state of Mexico for transfers, because Elder Castro had to get training. Elder Anderson and Solheim were also there, so I got to talk a bunch with them, and Elder Solheim bought me Burger King! haha Boom! It was awesome I had a whopper. Haha I think my taste buds have changed here in the mission, there is nothing that I can't eat now. I didn't even have to pick the tomatoes off the burger haha. Then on Wednesday we had another meeting, Elder Tenorio of the 70 came to talk to us. It was pretty good.

Not much else happened this week, except I did get a hair cut. But the lady cut it super super short! It is like a buzz! I don't like it at all haha but it's alright. After she finished and we left me and Elder Castro just laughed the whole way home about how ridiculous it looks! Haha Today for P day we went to a bowling with some other Elders it was alright. The lanes here really suck so you can't spin the ball or anything and they don't have tvs to keep score for you you have to keep your own score on paper haha. But after we got to play ping pong!! Oh how I've missed ping pong! It was the highlight of the week, nobody could beat me haha. We also got to listen to real music while we were there, I heard some Lady Gaga, Jay Z, and Akon haha it was nice.

Well I gotta run, talk to you more on Saturday, hopefully everything works out good. Remember we only have 45 minutes to talk. Hope that you guys like the package and everything isn't broke into a million pieces!! Peace out!! Love ya!

Elder Beanz

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