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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hey how is everyone? I am still doing really good here. It has been super busy and tiring lately so I haven't wrote many letters. I will try today to write everyone back who has written me. I heard Lacey's quilt got the best ever award or something that is awesome for her congrats. So you guys have kittens again?? I'm guessing they will get to live for around 3 weeks before odis has his way with them haha.

We are now practicing lesson 2 in english we have been on it for the past week and a half, I like it better than lesson one. Me and my comp do a good job together teaching lesson two. In two tuesdays we start teaching the first lesson in Spanish haha crazy, I still have a lot to learn before that.

I got your package yesterday, thanks, I really needed the shirts. And the banana bread was good too! My whole District loves the picture of odis with his face all up in the camera and what not!! They were all laughing. 2 Elders that were in our district left for the Peru MTC yesterday, I will miss them they were really cool elders.

That is funny that Duke is still in the house!! It sounds like he is a spoiled dog now! I have so many pictures of him haha I think half of the pictures I have are of him. O by the way I also am printing out pictures, they will be done saturday and then I can send them home for y'all. It is funny, when we sings hymns I sing with a country voice in Spanish and it sounds really funny. The food here continues to be good, every morning I have scrambled eggs hash browns and sausage ahha.

Mom, that is good that you are striving to read the Book of Mormon everyday. We do that here but it is really easy to do it here haha. Just remember that you don't have to read a lot just read something! I just finished 3 Nephi, it is awesome I love Chapter 11 it is probably one of the best chapters in the Book of Mormon.

O I forgot to tell you Kayd or I mean Elder Falslev has been reassigned to Sacramento California for the time being, he leaves on Monday or Tuesday I think. I thought it was really cool, it is like a second mission call!!! It would kind of be cool if that happened to me as long as it wasn't permanent and I eventually made it to Mexico. If I ended up getting my mission call totally changed that would be awful, my heart is set on Mexico City. I can't wait to get there, I know I will love the people, the food, and the culture. I just hope I make it there!! Ben Lundberg also got reassigned to somewhere but I don't remember where. A few elders have got reassigned to Washington, Colorado, California, and Las Vegas.

Well I don't have much time left, I will do my best to get everyone a letter today!! Thanks for all your support, I pray for you guys at least 5 times a day!!! I love you all!

Elder Cole BEANZ

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