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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hey Family!!!

This week has really flown by!!! It seems like we just got new elders here and more showed up yesterday!! I got your package today I just haven't went to pick it up yet. I also got another letter from Whitney today!! Tell Lacey she isn't as cool as me until she does a backflip off the bridge! Ya we get to go to the Temple every Thursday so we just got back!! I've almost got everything memorized! You guys and the Grandpa and Grandmas are the only ones who have wrote me so far. No friend letters yet those punks!!

The Visas have been a real big problem for Mexico lately, Kayd's district was already told that they won't leave on time and they don't know when they will be able to leave. So that is what I fasted for on Fast Sunday and I will also probably again next fast Sunday. If you get delayed usually you will get reassigned for a month or two until it is all clear. If that happens to me I hope I get to go east coast or somewhere like that before Mexico.

My companion and everyone in my room are all going to Mexico City East. I like my comp more now he doesn't seem as wierd anymore. The other Elders in my room are Elder Haskell and Elder Solheim. They are from Orem and Mesa Arizona. They are really chill, I like them, our room is probably the funnest in the District. Which helps take a little stress out after a long day of studying.

Dad, what a coincedence I too yesterday started to read through D&C, to be honest I have never really read it through. It is filled with great stuff, I liked those scripts you told me about. But, ya I like D&C I started yesterday and am now on Section 40 haha. You really learn to love the Scriptures here, sometimes thats all you want to do for hours! I definately was not that way before I came here. Spanish is also coming along, I haven't learned too much more so I don't think I will leave you with any this time. We have been working a lot on grammar and stuff like that.

In the next package you send I need you to send me like two more t shirts. I only have one right now! Other than that I can't think of anything else that I need. Keep sending me letters with Dear Elder they are definatley the easiest way to reach me. I only have 30 min on email and it goes by super fast, this is about all that I can write in that amount of time. I love you guys so much and your support keeps me going!! The MTC is definatley not as bad as everyone made it sound, it is actually pretty fun if you just make friends with your district and zone. PAZ!!

Love Elder Cole Beanz Chambers

P.S. that health week thing turned into a one day thing we couldn't resist the real food hahaha!!!

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