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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hola Familia!!

Well I am still here at the MTC, another week down haha we are now starting our 11th week here!! The last week has been so hard to stay focused but we have done better lately. With all this down time I have gotten alot of scripture study in. I have finished the Book of Mormon since I got here and am now pretty far into the New Testament. That is one thing that I have really gained here is a love for the scriptures. They are amazing I should have read more before I came out haha.

Today we went and talked to travel services (we do everyday) to see if the consolate has called. They said no but they did hear some news. I guess the lady who does all the stuff had to go to Mexico for a family emergency or something but she is now back. So they said she told them that she will possibly have some ready for tomorrow or the first of next week. I hope tomorrow that would be so cool. If we do go tomorrow then we would leave for Mexico Tuesday or Wednesday and if we see them Monday we would probably leave Thursday or Friday. So we are excited to see what happens.

Everything else is still pretty much the same here. They haven't assigned us to the referral center or anything so it is up to us how much we study. But you can only sit in a quiet room studying for so long haha. We go a little bit crazy sometimes haha. Basketball is good, you are only allowed to play 3 v 3 to 7 so the games go really quick.

That is good to hear that jr. is growing! I hope he gets somewhat big before the cold winter hits haha. And it sounds like the kittens are doing well too. What is everyone going to be for Halloween!? I'm being a missionary!!! haha It was also awesome to here that Dallas won! Its about time they should be one of the best teams this year! Dez Bryant should be amazing by the time I get back home!! haha

But ya, we will be watching conference here. I really wanted to be in Mexico for it but o well it's not that big of a deal. Have you heard anymore about how Kayd's Visa is coming along? When does Brent come into the MTC?? Oh ya and tell Kelly that I haven't gotten anything from him. Tell him that if he is using Dear Elder to make sure he is sending it to Provo MTC not Mexico City. Hahah if he is sending it to Provo then I don't know what to tell him, but I haven't been getting them.

I wrote the family all letters yesterday so you should be getting them tomorrow or the next day. Haha I still haven't gotten that letter from Jesse! You wil have to get on his back about it haha. Not much has changed except I have been trading ties alot still haha I only have 3 of the ones that I came with haha! And one is an old one of Kelly's that he gave to me I think he said he had it on his mission but I'm not sure it is pretty old hahaha!!! But anyways I now have a tie of every color so my collection is pretty legit and they are all quality ties!! Some people are just plain dumb and trade good stuff for crap haha! Its pretty fun to see what you can get.

Well I gotta get goin I hope everything at home is doing good!! Good luck with school and work this coming week!! Love you guys!!

Elder Cole Chambers

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