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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hola Familia

VOY A MÉXICO! haha finally we get to go I thought that we would just end up serving here at the MTC. I can't wait to get there, it is going to be legit. I also can't wait for my first real taco!! I have been looking on google earth a little bit at Mexico City lately and I think they have either updated the picture or enhanced it cuz you can zoom in super far. You can see people out playing on the soccer fields. Mexico City is so big though! I think there are about 30 million people there, that means all the members of the church would only take up half of the city!! Ya that's crazy!

Ya I dunno what phone I will call on probably just the home phone, we have two don't we so at least two of you can listen at the same time, maybe hook up that old one of lacey's and there could be 3 phones. But ya I think that by the time we get through security and everything at the airport it should be around 8:30 and I should have an hour or so to call people. We are flying Delta, I dunno if that is good or bad, I just don't want my luggage to get lost haha.

Oh ya about the consolate. I seriously do not know why it takes them so long to get missionaries into there. All that we did there was go in and get a picture taken of us and they to our finger prints. Then after that we had to sign 3 papers and we were done. I dunno what there deal is maybe they are just lazy. The consolate was kinda cool though it was a building and when you walked in everything was in Spanish. All the signs and stuff on the walls, the bathroom signs, everything haha just a taste of Mexico.

I liked Conference too. It was the first time in my whole life that I have watched all of the sessions. And not only watched but learned and took notes haha. All of the talks were good and it all went by really fast. I also looked up President Monson's talk that he gave to the Relief Society or whatever a few weeks ago that was really good as well.

Well I don't know if there is much else to say. I wish that my flight had a layover in Texas, I have never been there before. Oh well it will be nice just to go straight there I guess. We leave at 10 AM here and arrive there at 3PM. I think that they are an hour ahead of us so the flight is really only about 4 hours so not to bad. Well, I'm excited to talk to everyone on Monday and I can't wait to see the smog of Mexico City haha! I love everyone thanks for all the support!!

Love Elder Chambers

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